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    You forgot that it was your third settled village that you had a L20 WS in after 30 days. My L20 workshop after 27 days was in my second village...

    If memory serves me well I have the highest siege per day in the UK records, when adjusted to catas. I think Muppet might be next, with you not far behind. Pulse have a few around 20k that are super quick too. But ones like Batfink (around 350 days if memory serves), are not as competitive as CR.

    Pulse should jump on and correct me if any of there's are better, I'd would be interested to know.

    Very nice armies indeed, although it's a bit unfair to call something not as competitive when it's built under different conditions i.e. server length/increased resource production.

    Being in the same quad as SWM the the alliance that won how many uk2s is actually an easy quad? :o why didn't anyone else jump in this easy quadrant?

    ask mcsheep befor u say anything wrong and check the map lol his spawn is rite next to my cropper i mean we know u guys r noobs but come on u can check map can u?

    How many times have you lost your troops with a Spawn vs Cropper. I say no more to that comment.

    did you not read his comment? with a brewery you cannot select a target, so how then can he do a croplock?

    facepalm much?

    Clearly I don't understand what a brewery does

    lol and im a teut acc im sure salient never heard of brewery.let me explain to u guys:) if u r teut tribe and u have a festival running u cannot choose the target:)

    i'll explain something else, anyone with brain aims for a crop lock, you on the other hand destroy forges, town halls, random stuff... well done?

    Of that dude we have no doubt, and if they cat you we wont just abandon you at the side of the road like they did with theirs

    yeah you just ask for resources and then abandon those that don't send any defence, explains what happened to most of the furies...

    I think narra's point is simple, from what I know of last round, Salients gameplan was to hit the small targets all the time, day after day and not actually ever taking the risky attacks. I think he would like a world where the big accys fight the big accys, and the small ones dont have to pay the price for the wars between the rest of us. However there is no arguing it is a valid strategy for them, and it works, at the end of the day to each their own i suppose.

    Also, It's not fair to say they want them to hit only the guys they were defending as its only the big guys they defend, last time i was in the know a whole range of players had alliance defence, large to small.

    Quite funny one of the targets that 'salient' hit is bigger than Fury's target. The other target wasn't much smaller so I don't get quite how anyone can moan about hitting small guys. You said it yourself, 'salient' hit day after day (all size targets got hit) compared to weekly DT hits and hitting day after day you start to run out of targets? except for those with defence. Similar story here but on a smaller scale.

    waste of 10k cats really.. imo

    The question you should really ask is why salient sent a 10k cata army at this stage. If they can afford to use armies like that, i'd hate to see what else they have. Then again same for DT, if they can afford to throw hammers like the gaul one in the defence report section, then i'm looking forward in seeing what else they have.

    This sitter didnot send any troops back, apart from the useless clubs, swords, imps, and the most expensive troops that weren't needed to be fed.

    They are the reason the best troops starve.. send 10,000 clubs to any WW and they'll get the 1M Phalanx to starve... and the 1M Phals wont stop starving till they reach 10,000... plus, when u already have 5x more deff (prets/phals/druids/pals/spears) waiting to be shipped to the WW, then doesn't makes any sense to feed clubs/axes/TKs.

    If u call that sending troops back.. then yes.. ;)

    But if people who send them feed them then what's the issue? sure some don't feed but still.

    They maybe useless yes but when 100 is that close why wouldn't you want all you can get? Those useless units as you call them can be sent home if the WW fails to reach 100...

    You are also telling me that there is 5x more defence to be shipped in AFTER the WW has been hit.... one must think why this wasn't there when 99/100 was queued?

    We worked so hard setting that and the WW attacks up, I should have brought it back to the NE, as us in the NE cleared it. My mistake for letting someone else not competent enough hold it.(Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I dont care what the attack looks like, you move a plan.)

    If you call that incompetent then the defy WW holder is even worse, during the final stages especially when 99/100 is queued. You'd call for everything but no they decide to send troops home cause they can't feed it... for that reason that meta does not deserve to win.

    hmm I don't believe it is really that effective to force plans to move, you can time the plans to activate for when the 2 queued WW levels have finished building and then just move them again. Just depends on how much effort you want to go to :P