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    i lost few minutes for you

    You actually lost days buddy(that you never realised) when trying to fight for a 150% cropper and wasting your good time for a game which you arent going to win

    you smell all at frustration

    I'm not frustrated but kinda amused how can one ask for pushes for useless attempts(of thinking to take a cropper using non cropper).... you say you haven't lost but why settling a cropper that far away? Isn't that some plan B once you take hits there as you hope?

    One thing here you failing to check is you are trying to hit a 15c using normal vill, its much like thinking to plan a op using spears on attack as main clearer, its not that its not possible but not wise same time...

    You don`t deserve my answer,

    You wrote that and right in 30 seconds max of writing that, you post the message so were you even knowing meaning of what you were typing?:/

    i have 3 village there and he have only one,that means he accept his defeat

    until the time your merchants can deliver res to hammer or anvil in right amount of time settling anywhere is fine, making a feeder next to enemy hammer is complete foolishness, I think you know what i mean there though I'm not pointing to anyone but just normal things how it all goes:S

    And regarding my life I'm defense this round though if Im even half online as I used to be before its more than enough, so don't worry about me..:)

    Looks like Verde accepted his defeat too early and started base B in far far away place about 175 fields from mid so no one can bother him.... but going for straight 75% cropper from trying to get hold of 150% cropper is too much difference that too that far away:|

    I hope he wont need push for that cropper's field, but he started late so this could be new reason for another future push8o

    Then again its good to see someone realized that 150% cropper is a 150% cropper, a normal feeder cap can stand for a while but not in long run without being a pain in your ...... only^^

    f you guys seriously believe that you cant get 10k clubs and 1,5k gk without huge pushes, then we will have the easiest round of our lifes.

    IF one thinks making clubs is prob then he never saw account with even 250k clubs, making them is easy but feeding isnt without being in raiders, verde wasnt seen in raiders ever despite having good number of troops

    There is a reason why you see catter guys as romans mostly whereas they can also do teut catter making cheaper clubs faster and cheap, but most probably this would have went above your head

    At present if you look closely Del SW is inviting just anyone in quad to survive that too without much retaliations from GoT, so in order to have easiest round one needs to hold the ground first, A wing of del SW is already 80% dead if you check and people moved to main wing

    My first server. Abuse me while you can. I'm sure there's lots of stupid mistakes to be made and tough lessons left to learn.

    well its just funny thing that two times hammers splat on you when you had some small zoo with offense but when you attacked enemy had def.... else your hammer was actually nice if it wasn't just a bit that much unlucky

    Until the time your hammer hadnt took any hit I was sure you will hit down atleast two players on our side but you lost a lot with time

    I think biggest reason why no one beleives verde did it by himself is he was never in top raiders so source of those resources are debatable for others, that without level 10+ fields and cropper how was he managing negative while queueing hammer same time, and even having some standing def with him

    either he had some 19th field on level 20 or he received help:/

    I know GoT like nothing better than piling on him in the forum but, the fact remains, if Jon Snow didn't have an enormous, premade meta to hide behind, Verde would have eaten him alive by now in the odd one v one situation that developed between them.

    I think its actually useless to speak on if verde or amer used Ally as Amer has a lot of def from ally while verde is running a pushed account since start to get some advantage against amer having 15c.... Both have used ally in different manners to their needs, only thing to check is who will survive longest:)

    until the time verde used to act solo in attacking it was going good but well using other guy in attack just once got him in prob, so now question arises was that new guy also spy of GoT because there was a lot of def on boss whle less defenders being close to him, that too after taking a hit from verde few days or week ago?8o

    Time for Del SW to search for spies, i know they like "Search The Spy" game too much^^

    no clearer follow up ( so far ) anyone want to comment what's going on here ?

    if you wanna know what actually happened then at first verde sent proper waves then saw it was in wrong sequence and he started cancelling but poor guy noticed it late and wasnt able to cancel all and thats how one wave still landed^^

    As leader of WM, I would like to officially leak our plan to win this server. It would have come out eventually, so I figured I'd get ahead of the news coverage.

    but seriously which leader will post even some attack plan on forums that too with screenshots?:D

    If someone from my ally does it either he would be getting long lecture from me or straight away kick, but well this is first time I saw some leader doing it so think nothing is in options^^

    Tcristi keeps looking for spy when he himself leaks info here, with even proofs8o

    i like the stats given at the foot of the report, allowing you to see if attack or raid was a resource success.

    If you lose more troops than the booty gained can buy it's a loss, yes?

    apart from troops costs even the infra thats taken down matters a lot like what if i lose 1k clubs but defender loses all fields, would that be taken as me in loss of 250k res? or the defence lost more?;)

    I don`t know what you heard in your life or not ,i know that i have told you something,i don`t know why you think everybody is a lier,i have no reason to lie,i don`t even know who you are and i don`t even care,i told you how it was and i thank you for your help,believe what you want and do what you want man ! good luck !

    that pic showed your ally were asking(or at-least thinking about) other allies to help, then you say you don't tell wrong stuff to your ally people, so now point is do you keep giving false stories to people in chatroom or PM whatever it was? Either you can be the person who always doesn't lie or the person who does so? what if there was no one to send these images out today?

    So at-least today did you tell other peoples in that room that it was just a fake comment to find some "spy" as you claim or they are still under delusion that server is backing them in war?:/

    .many of you will get destroy soon,hahaha,have fun as you wish !

    and I'm tired of telling people every other day, destroy the caps if you can, else just hitting feeder and partying over that never helps when you talk of actual war.... spawns are only good source of CPs thats bit far away from cap :)

    Truth is Del Sw knew they cant fight war thus was looking for quick Naps, if SWR had done Nap with Got(though we didnt needed), then what were their chances of winning? they just needed Nap with either SWR or GOT before those two create one

    Everyone knows Naps or confed are done in first 10 days of server, only by wings of same ally, or the allies too scared looking for a roof;)

    It seems that some think it a dreadful stain on our character that we have confeded with the excellent SWR. The whinging over this confuses me, are we to say equally that GoT's even earlier confed with The Hood (this despite arriving in massive numbers in their own right) was also an act of treachery? No, it was just good diplomatic sense. I don't see the problem.

    confed with ally and so is diplomacy thing, but you seriously think the Hood is different group of players than Got group? If yes then teach me how to fit 80-90 people in one ally so from next servers we create only one ally with each person inside ;)

    Rumor is...mm777 was a GoT snitch (another multi from GoT...?) and was "invited" to leave. Also, rumor says, there's a spy inside GoT - Missandei?!

    kinda weird that this is your very first post on forum(and you registered just same day) and that too(just to put blame on other who did nothing), all full of only rumors.... but that mm777 wasnt our guy as he even attacked few of our players with catas :|

    its the other side to be blamed for not able to control or work with a top raider of server

    I sincerely hope you arent in Del Sw else everyone knows what you been trying....:D