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    so first OP on gunners Ten lost some big hammers , 2nd OP Gow lost some big ones ...

    Are goats going for risky targets on 3rd OP :popcorn: or will they keep hitting feeders not to mention they have more trainers to recover hammer then Ten/Gow ::|

    it was probably a strategic decision to give ML the architect

    ye Correct when other alliance passes arti to cow meta booo they're playing together ... when ILS passes it becomes a " Strategic Decision " ....

    in return for not getting any attacks from them to their WW.

    Does Sharing Arti / not attacking each other doesn't mean nap sort of thing :mmm: or you will be counted as an ally only if you shared private farms / bot accounts :mirror:

    Although; funny thing is even if you include ILS to Arab&Turkish meta, Cows still have the numbers for Off points, Population and WWK numbers. That's how huge the Cow meta was.

    Talking about huge meta

    Player Count Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 486

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 581

    ILS: 191

    ILS+ML 581 + 191 = 772

    Cow 486 even we add DN n TLL 486 + 22+ 48 = 556

    That's still 216 extra accounts ::| without counting the deleted accounts (1k approx) ....

    Nice Analysis but you started with the word biased n in the end you are doing the same thing :wall:

    taking artefacts from so called "friends" behind doors.

    So did mh gave 3x to ml ? or was it ILS ? if you are adding all other meta in Cows due to arti sharing , coordinated attacks will you please explain why you're not counting ILS n ML together :popcorn:

    I m not using it or anything just had a conversation last night in a spam room so thought to use forum to confirm :P

    Is it illegal if no one knows you are using it? :/

    there is a thing called fair play ... oh wait it's 2020 :wall: fair play doesn't exist these days

    My understanding is it is legal as long as you do the manual data input

    yup exactly what I thought too but guess have to wait for RET team

    So I heard a rumor that the someone used Spies n splatted rank 1 Anvil on WW ?

    can anyone who is playing this server confirm? :popcorn: or server is just as dead as forum n no one noticed :wall:

    So you want all advantages

    Nobody says you would keep trapper then lol.

    i think he clearly said no need for trapper :popcorn: if tg implement +1 speed for cata ....

    n about that cranny bonus it's well balanced considering gaul is a defensive tribe n that's not a unique building every tribe gets something .... roman have a stronger hero (100 fs pr/points instead of 80) , Teut hero gets a plunder bonus while attacking with army ( although it's pretty useless ) ...

    A Roman EC WWK needs 75 mil resources to train on all buildings on trainers for a week without considering the troop upkeep.

    You really need to work on the calculation part It's takes 57.3m n not 75m ?(

    Vices strategy was to bore the anvils, making them delete, do 1 OP after 150 days and call themselves the best attackers. It is a valid strategy, it worked, alot of anvils deleted or starved troops, and people got careless and just started other servers wanting to stop this one.

    mate we did like 4-5 alliance wide and 4-5 small ones with with a small group of players ... so if i calculate by your logic i.e 1 op/150 day this server would have lasted for 3+ years ? you really need to work on your calculation skills :/

    The amount of ghosting was impressive; however it is because of 3 main factors:
    Friendly backstabbing...Cheeeeeeeers !

    So you are saying tiberius and Geko was spy ? or like always you will blame poor Ten's boys ;(...

    People got careless and lazy. I am not defending them, but that is a fact

    Just an advice learn to praise someone efforts instead of finding random excuses :|....

    I need to give a special thanks for TEN leaders. Without you, Vices wouldn't have won THAT easily. Their only aim this server was to slow SGR down and did a great job at it. After lots of rants and begs from tonz for SGR not to go after their quad artis, they lost all to Vices.

    Your statement and your team statement contradict themselves :wall: at start you guys said it's not a premade meta you guys joined hands after artifact based on server situation ... now you're saying SGR didn't tried for SE arti bcoz tonz asked you to do so will you do the same with sw/nw artis if someone from Vices /lowlands asked ? Please stick to one thing ....

    And after all, they just left like they had nothing to do with the mess they created. I won't go into all the details and all the lying and selfish decisions

    Classic Sgr blaming everyone else but not accepting there own mistakes :mirror: ....

    Is that why you stored catas and rams at the secondary WW with no support villages around it and you needed to supply it with approximately 400k crop/hr by merchants? Yes, we have scouting of that 2nd WW and afterwards. You removed the troops before writing that lame forum post that means nothing.

    As I said Please stick to one thing stop hopping around in 2 boat, you will end up sinking both ... there is like 8-9 big account nearby gz and 3 top 10 raiders Ericsucks,Raskolnikov,Tasmanian devil .. how hard is to supply 25% crop ? (ud+ww) ... or you meant to say it's very tough then is that mean you had external help too(other than the 2 account you mentioned ) in order feed n que your 1m hammer without diet or anything ... bcoz if 3 account can feed that much y can't 8-9 account + couple of raiders feed with all those effects please explain :popcorn:

    For a group that has ADMITTED spikings, hacking, foul play and backstabbing, you expect the whole community to believe that you were -3mil per hour

    Did you forget to mention mind control , kidnapping , torture etc ? these words really looks cool in a big useless post like yours :thumbsup:

    A 0 pop WWK. Since vices never attempted at that task, we had to do it ourselves.

    Why on earth we will ever try to do it ? you can't chief it , can't 0 pop it ... Sgr oc sure likes to pick useless targets but sorry we ain't like them :sleeping:

    I do not know how SGR made the WWk hit plans but seemed haphazard to me.

    Let me give you a simple HINT: someone in there wanted to reach 1m before landing ... hope you guess correctly 8o

    good job on losing all your recruits which at the start of the server looked very promising.

    losing recruit ? We started with n Vices still have 204 accounts where's Supermeta no. reduced to 404 account from 577 account clearly shows who is loosing their player base on facts n numbers instead of spreading some random rumors then again after reading your post looks like numbers was never your stronghold .... tbh accept n learn from mistake instead of being a sore loser might help you in future servers :yy:

    I'm not playing this server.

    First of All you Should avoid commenting on something like this if you are not playing n don't know the full Story ...

    OPs conducted on TEN says nothing about the SGR DC team,

    Secondly , let's just believe for a second that Op's on ten doesn't say anything about SGR DC but what about the attacks on Sgr?

    Pre Arti -

    KS cap 0 pop

    Sarasvati 15c chiefed n 0 pop

    Bg_team villa chiefed , Firebird was forced to change his cap from gz to deep ne

    After Arti -

    Ub gone , Ua gone , Ue gone

    Should we blame TEN DC for all of this too?

    I just hope to see a full-scale OP on SGR, just so each side (new OC of Villains, and SGR DCs) will be put to the test, regardless of the outcome (if Villains absolutely smash it, I will happily applaud them).That, to me, would be way more interesting than all of Villains garaged WWKs, continous bashing of TEN who have proven incapable of defending themselves

    lastly , Why Should we switch to Sgr n stop Bashing Ten if it's increase the Chances of Our winning ? Spermeta player numbers decreased to 450 from 700 .....

    If your DC's are so Skilled maybe they Should try to help their Supermeta instead of Asking us to Make an Full-scale Op against SGR.... I mean When you face a problem you look for solution you don't ask your Opponent to change the problem as per your comfort zone ?

    How hard is to Share Dc Details in a team which already share there MM,OC , GETTER, ARTIFACTS ...