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    I have been told that is being looked into. But that is all the information I have .

    Hmm, there is a few wrongs in here. First, There is a big Turkish community all over the Europe and almost all kebab places are owned by Turkish people and staff are Turkish as well. But still, the food is somewhat tailored for the local cuisine that it is very different. So, contrary to popular belief, in Turkey, kebab is often a high-end meal eaten in proper restaurants and not be mixed in weird sauces - unlike in most EU countries where it is used as “drunk food” or mixing in a pizza and stuff (even if both are run by Turkish).

    There is historical precedent for this. What most Americans think of as Chinese food is really what has been tailored to suit the American palate. When they are given authentic Chinese food, they are very much surprised.

    And I am very aware that kebabs are normally a high end food eaten in fine dining.

    btw- photos of the meet up between you two.

    How can you call that a pizza, looks more like a 1 layer lasagna ?(

    There is something called deep dish pizza in the US. I think it is also known as Chicago style. It is meant to be eaten with a fork and knife. That is probably what this one is.

    Interestingly, there is no kebab pizza in Turkey at all btw.

    This surprises you how? It is like me going into a place and them telling me that their gazpacho is true Spanish style when it isn't or their Cuban food is true Cuban food and made by a Cuban. (It really isn't Cuban food and unless you are in a Cuban owned and staff place, the odds are it is a Salvadorian in the back cooking it from a recipe someone found on the interwebs.) And I think kebab pizza is strictly a Swedish thing. They should not export it.

    No swedes here to back me up on kebabpizza?
    Preferable not from Stockholm since they dont have the proper sause.

    You are a picky eater. And I have heard there is a major shortage of your white sauce and it will not be resolved until you have seen reason.

    I have been looking to find a place where I can try it locally. But it seems to be a Swedish thing. And the other Swedes do not agree on kebab pizza at all.

    Next question - thin crust or thick? And yes, you shall have to resolve that in game and cata each other to fight it out.

    2puggles I have known you on the forums a long time but I have to say that I am ashamed to have known you with the mashed potatoes on pizza comment. Cauliflower crust pizza is an abomination but mashed potatoes is worse.

    The only acceptable pizza is Neapolitan cooked in the traditional way eaten in Naples. Anything is questionable.

    Now go cata someone off the server. (Even it is your own villa.)

    Gentlemen, I had better be seeing money being added to my wine fund or several good bottles of wine added to my wine cellar. You are the ones causing it to be depleted. And since I seem to be starting off my mornings needing the wine, perhaps, I need someone delivering me tea daily.

    The information was given to you so you are aware that it is fixed. Support staff sometimes isn't aware of the issue until it is fixed. They can only pass on the information to Tech Support. Most of us are not techies, we are players like you who happen to like the game.

    GostodeVc and Aria13 English is the language of the .com servers. I do believe the thread for Anglosphere is still open for keys. The link to it is in my previous post. But the requests must be made in English there since English is the official language of Anglosphere.