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    I have not seen the statistics, but how did you determine the cause? Even if so, are you sure these players (or accounts?) were not bot users or multies who became less profitable under new rules?

    Entirely possible ... I don't disagree ... Just saying that the player base is reducing with each year which says something ... It could be bots or players, but from TG's point of view it's still a loss I would say

    Classic was more fun and challenging for teamwork is how I opine. The evolution of TG has basically been a run for the gold...

    Just my 2 bits.

    We can't blame TG completely because at the end of the day they are a business, they got people pay.

    And let's face it, browser games popularity is decreasing every year. I don't like how TG keeps expanding and keep taking on more projects (games) when a lot of their games are not fixed yet.

    Because, I'm sure TG knows about the rampant cheating that happens in Travian and I'm sure they know exactly what part of their system is being taken advantage of by cheaters. But they cannot/will not do anything about it is because all that is revenue. BB had a statistic somewhere where within one year, Travian lost around 200k players, because of their new bot detection program and also maybe the confed rule. They should just keep the game simple as a throwback because in a few years, browser games will become non-existent in the gaming community except for a select few who cannot or do not handle the rest of the gaming world that well.

    TG should honestly stop trying to evolve and instead provide a small space for browser game enthusiasts to come here to relax and enjoy and get away from the noise of Triple AAA titles or in the near future, VR.

    Under the Automatization section for the celebration queue feature. According to the picture shown it seems like you can only queue celebrations if you have enough resources at that particular moment as seen in the pic that you can queue the small party but not the large one.

    Lets assume that we do have enough resources at the moment to queue the large party but what if at the moment its time for the large party to activate from its queue? Will it activate, will it be disabled, will it switch to the small party, or any other scenario?

    wait what its not against the game rules? I got banned on the 5x server for having 2 friends create me 2 personal farms and i would just farm them once the village was established. Multihunter claimed it was against game rules and deleted both personal farms. im confused are you guys trolling farzeer as in the same way that people say making a multi account for the start of server to clear oasis is not against game rules or are you actually being serious?

    In hindsight, the rule does say that it cannot be for personal benefit

    Sending res and deff to the WW is for the alliance and not for oneself

    But yes.. I'm caught in a loop whether sending res to arti holders is justified ...

    It all comes down to nuances imo ...

    Rule 1.1 is a tricky little sob and I don't think travian really put much thought into it by comparing rules to game mechanics ..

    EDIT: I'd also like to add that you probably got in trouble for farming them ... If they were sending you res via the marketplace of their own volition, then I dont think a rule would have been broken ... But we would need a staff to confirm this lest you get banned again

    shut up cavallera you troll

    • § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.

    Attention ladies and gentlemen, class is in session.

    We have a scenario here that many have only heard about but have never encountered.

    This my young heroes is called "Digging your own grave"

    The moral of this scenario being "Think twice before you speak, or should I say, type .. huehuehue :D"

    Class dismissed.

    EDITED zero gold ... You used some and you know it .. It might not have been much but you still used it.

    And is a 300k hammer supposed to impress people over here. The benchmark is atleast 500k. 300k hammers wouldn't do jack even on a arti steal run, if you play on a good server that is.

    And really .. You went teuts and still decided to make cats instead of rams? Not smart imo

    I haven't heard from him for a long time either. I left a year back and no idea where the people are. Its sad to see people using SPQR all the time in plenty of servers and this really confuses me.

    Shame tho .. RR has been memed so much on every server he goes lol ... The times are changing

    I was wondering if we could have a middle group between 600 pack and 1600 pack. The cost difference is too huge. Is it possible to add like 1000 pack or a 1100 pack?

    Not everyone can fork out the money that's required for 1600 pack ...