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    1. Please bring back the rep system. Don't want this forum to turn out like Facebook.

    2. Balanced distribution of croppers 125% and 150% in all quads. Last few rounds I've played, most of the aforementioned cropper bonuses were all compacted in a single quad while the other quad had only 75%'s and 100%'s (Anglosphere X for example. NW had like 2 125% and 150% while NE had like over 10 125% and 150%)

    3. Get a damn black or fluid black theme for the forums! It's high time and TG needs to keep up with the cool kids.

    I'll add more when I think of it.

    I really have no idea on what criteria you guys select these but this is just ridiculous

    The 2nd and 5th ones are just dumb lol ... Step up your game TG...

    Umm.. Whats this right here? Hero is in home village but I just send the dude on an attack? UMMMMMMMM..................... Excusez moi? :S

    EDIT: Oh and yes ... I have cleared my cache and cookies :rolleyes:

    Thank you very much. I never knew I could do that. I just tried it and it worked.

    So thank you. :)

    The info box changes for your option time anyways so i don't see any reason for a countdown.

    It doesnt seem to change for me. I dont know if Anglosphere and the other servers behave in a different way but I used to remember years back when you used to be able to change the timezone and the top left clock would change as well ..

    I haven’t calculated anything, change the clock to your time zone and the notification updates

    Funny story about this ..

    So the top left time will never change. If you change the timezone in the settings only the times on the reports would change.

    And yeah ... Its stupid


    It starts at noon, what's not to get?

    Its annoying to calculate is what I'm getting at. A countdown is fair to every player playing in the server.

    And sure you can retort and say "Well, how about we change everything just because it's 'annoying'?"

    And Im not going to reply to that. I've had my fair share of trolling this past month and Im tired to indulge it again now.

    People seem to like my idea. And thats all that matters.

    I think it will be a good idea to have a countdown for truce like how we have for artifacts. This timezone issue can be a real problem and with the new merged servers it only going to get worse. A countdown would be a lot easier on players who aren't playing on server time.


    No amount of protection time is going to help newbies when vets can get like 35k hammers by day 25 (talking about speed)... There is no hope for new players other than seeking refuge in a strong alliance in the vicinity and grow alongside them.

    It was a "not so smart" decision in the first place.

    This was the agenda. Everything in here is supposed to be discussed by the entire player base and not just the alliance leaders of a single domain. Many of these questions are not limited to the UK domain alone. And Ameno has very little say in anything going to be discussed.

    Now if this discussion was with the R&D team of Travian, it would have made more sense. But this was a failed attempt by players who didn't think this all the way through.

    Is this Rich?

    Dark Theme is a pretty new thing, I've had it in Discord, Twitch and Youtube so far, and I _absolutely_ love it. I like this idea! :D Pretty please, CM's?

    I dont think there's a light version of discord .. It only has a dark theme

    I'm tired.

    You took the old forum from me. It was perfect but you still took it.

    Then the new one came along. I didn't like it. But I thought I could bring myself to like it. And just as I was warming up to the idea of liking it. You changed it again.

    This time it's hideous. But I'm not going to complain. It's become pretty evident that forum suggestions never get taken seriously.

    I only have one request. Something to make this mess of a forum less hideous.

    Please add a dark theme. Please. That's all I ask for. I can't take all these bright lights all time or at 2 AM. Please ... A dark theme is all I ask for.

    You lovely CM's please add this in your report. Let's make this happen people.