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    EDITED zero gold ... You used some and you know it .. It might not have been much but you still used it.

    And is a 300k hammer supposed to impress people over here. The benchmark is atleast 500k. 300k hammers wouldn't do jack even on a arti steal run, if you play on a good server that is.

    And really .. You went teuts and still decided to make cats instead of rams? Not smart imo

    I haven't heard from him for a long time either. I left a year back and no idea where the people are. Its sad to see people using SPQR all the time in plenty of servers and this really confuses me.

    Shame tho .. RR has been memed so much on every server he goes lol ... The times are changing

    I was wondering if we could have a middle group between 600 pack and 1600 pack. The cost difference is too huge. Is it possible to add like 1000 pack or a 1100 pack?

    Not everyone can fork out the money that's required for 1600 pack ...

    They still haven't added the biggest feature that the travian community desperately needs.

    The Confed rule. (Can only send res and troops to ally members or confeds)

    Come on Travian .... This is getting ridiculous. That is the one change that was actually huge and impactful.

    Hey... By every means I respect an alliance that bring in good solid players and can hold their own in the server. That is a respectable feat and for that kudos to Salados.

    But merging shouldn't be looked down on. That is what weaker alliances have to do in order to survive. Cheers was a good alliance in the beginning. We had a solid team. But some of our members didn't have any experience playing in populated server. All they knew was that the major fighting only happened like after 40 days. They couldn't handle the pressure SC put on them by raiding them constantly.

    These so called 'veterans' couldn't take a few raids. Do you know how many MM's I sent telling them to cranny up and spend down. But no.. They think it's the leaderships responsibility to wipe their diapers for them.

    And so they left. This is a 200 day server and they left so early.

    To all the people who believed in the alliance and stayed till now, Bravo! That's loyalty. Many of our members quit. Hell even I had to quit because I had so many IRL problems.

    So we did what we had to do to survive.

    We merged with Tag, Joker(Kebabs), and another alliance. Bots and Tag (Cheers) knew it was a mistake to join hands with Kebabs after a few days of the confed. But we told each other, we'll try to make it happen. We'll go along and bite our tongue.

    But it was a shitty relationship and I'm glad that the leaders got out it.

    I'm giving everyone a jist of what happened in our alliance. Hate DSC all you want, but they came here to win and that's exactly what they'll do.

    Hmm .. You do realize that almost every serious player put their hard earned money into this game to gain an advantage or to level the playing field.

    Once an alliance see that they cannot win the server alone, they look for diplomacy.

    You do realize that final target is to win right? Only if you win will all that money and time poured into this game be justified. I applaud Salados for their tenacity. But just because people merge doesn't make it BS.

    As a leader, if you find that your alliance is finding it hard to win alone, then it is your job to find a way to win, because if you don't, then your members hard work and money has gone to crap.

    So, don't give me a sob story about how Salados is the only alliance that hasn't merged and is still so "righteous".

    I will merge with the whole goddamn server if I have to in order to win. It's my duty as a leader to lead my members to victory. It's not a hug fest, it's diplomacy. Try googling war and understand it.

    [P.S I don't play here anymore.]