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    Its funny how this helps the crew a lot but never the players. It hasn't helped me. I followed your instructions and it's still lagging.

    Hey Eric are you going to quit on this server too? Asking for a friend.

    The battle for victory will be between SC and IDTS from the way it looks at the moment. VC seems to know what they're doing too, Cheers is focusing on the wrong things imo.

    Probably Jovan ... I plan on staying but it will depend on my IRL. Just finished college so I'm currently looking for a job. Once I get it, I might not have the time. But let's see.

    That's probably it. In my side of the world, I haven't experienced this in a long time, at least not since 2010. Im using crap talk because of the lack of a better term lol .. If I use FLUFFY PINK UNICORN! talk then, pwf comes running to warn me.

    Ummm this thread is named 'Battle of Epi'It is supposed to be a thread where OPs and their battlereps are posted.
    Not to mention ive seen countless posts from your side when uk20 was in session... regarding how "great" you guys were, when it was pretty much a dead server. This is at least interesting.
    Dont be this salty.

    Outsiders should stay outside. In Uk20 all we did was crap talk, we didn't post every single wall, attack and chief and say we were great. We just did a lot of crap talk unlike here.

    What about you guys? Will you continue?

    I mean I want to continue. I don't know about my team. We Bots came in to this server to have fun and check out this new server. But then the merge happened and we thought we might as well compete for the win. So, it's hard to answer that question. I'll stay as long as my team stays, if not, I delete. No fun in playing without friends.

    Encourage a discussion about what? How SC is better than Cheers!? Every post you make is either of how you catted us or how we retaliated and point out we lost more than you.

    We get it. You are better than us. There you go. A Cheers! Leader said that right now. Now, quote and put it as your signature, screenshot it and put is as your profile and show to the whole world that you are better than us.

    So much pettiness man ...

    Wonderful defense by SC (Ankhsi) walling off Sam Vimes. Can't post the report because the format is not supportive.

    They were so close to getting that village too .. Damn it lol

    The only question I have is was the deff hidden in Ankhsi's oasis or did it come from elsewhere?

    Who is blaming you for merging troops lol? Anyone can do that.

    Have you thought of why we are not defending against your cat attacks? We have so far defended only one which you guys managed to kill. There is something called a strategic retreat. You don't fight a battle you can't win. So we will wait till we can win it. A few resources fields can be easily rebuilt with a small push. We do have the numbers ;)

    So, continue with your attacks. And wait for the day we wall you ;)

    Trust me. I have see even worse gold abusers on dex. I think only one of my members spent over 100k to get the glad helm... The rest settled for helms below 100k. Less than 100 or 200 gold. In a slow server, this isn't all that amazing. In a speed server it is ridiculous, in a slow server this is normal.

    Let me get this straight - we used Gold to merge troops that might be true. But actually other alliances *cough* Bots *cough* used even more Gold to purchase on d*mned helmet that my account used the whole round yet. And we still managed to de- resource some bots. So do your judgement but think about it twice.

    We're rich *synonym for female dog*!!

    The B-word for you kids

    Ho ho ... First I've seen of this lad thread. The battle seems to be going good. SC seems to justify their reason for attacking us by saying that they never meant to go to war this early on but had to because of the merge.

    You don't need a reason to justify your attacks. This is a war game .. Getting catted is part of the game.

    Plus if you're making changes, let the players know about them. This closed beta is a joint effort. All the 3000 players that joined knew that this was a test server and was prepared for it. So you have to let them know when you're making changes because we're the ones testing them and giving you data.

    I think it was because of the artifacts but I'm not entirely sure about it anymore... Feature was introduced in RoA, maybe you can find something about it in these old threads.
    As a player leaves the alliance it's instant by the way, only if you kick him it's 24h waiting

    I know .. That was the question. Why the 24hr rule for kicks?