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    So far, it has only been the case on the servers with the new tribes. I've seen some guesses that TG probably didn't include Egyptians and Huns in their calculations for the artefact defense... And I think it's a valid guess. As you said yourself, the defense is far below anything you'd see anywhere else.

    It has been weird indeed. That actually might be it, it makes sense. The top 100 has a massive amount of egyptian players that are playing sims (to be productive defenders in later times with a huge production) which in some case might mean that they drop the average. Interesting.

    I was wondering if they changed the system that the server itself uses to calculate the amount of troops that appear in each artifact. In the Ts29.Net we had 45k natar troops in a unique artifact which is the same amount I encountered in a small one in a former server 2. That difference is impressive, so I was wondering if its due to some "unknown" changes in the calculations the server uses?