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    Seems like you're the only one here with an ability to read a complex situation in a critical manner and reach the correct conclusion.

    ILS played practically solo this entire server, we started as a small group from Israel of 45 players and then continued to recruit.

    An 80% recruited ally was able to be in a leading position in the WW race, it took 3 Cow allies, StayHome, LoL, VR, RoTeam1+2, NewOrder and BK to fight that, we stayed true to ourselves and continued as ILS without any help from other allies.

    If it took 486 players together to beat us, I'd say that's a bit embarrassing for you cows.

    ML-ILS-IST-TRAVIAN GAMES-REAL MADRID-PABLO ESCOBAR(RIP)-NASA-USA-CORONAVIRUS and some little groups like motorcycle gangs.

    As leader of ILS I would just like to recommend everyone to not believe childish gossip.

    We've been upfront with our allies since day 1, haven't had any "friends" in other allies who hand over artifacts at will.

    pretty sure we attacked more than you guys, but we are not used to get walled, if you know what i mean :D

    Haven't seen a single report from you guys yet

    Except for the reports from your new meta op last night, you now have 550 players against my 240, nice man!

    i think you misunderstand me. we don't need them to fight 300. i think 20 vs 3 alliances is fair enough.

    Our communication only consists of memes and a ILS report every once in a while. So don't worry

    But we can give 300/FL coalition some breathing room if you would like? You know, so you guys can get settled in all right, and have some tea parties and get to know each other.

    would be nice to see some of your hammer reports if you'd actually attack for a change :)

    God you're slow man, let me try to spell this out for you.

    We didn't "rent" any boots, this isn't real estate. Our friends let us use it and then we gave it back to them. There was no gold transaction, that whole conversation was a joke on you. Think it through man, if he has 250 gold in my account even after I give back the boots he can still do a chargeback, so why on earth would I do such a bad deal?

    Now that we've graduated first grade and we've learned to use our thinking skills, shall we practice our reading and writing?

    Shall we all read the conversation you had with Plague where you offered 1600 gold and then told Mesiba that you wanted to offer him as well but Plague told you to EDITED off?

    And then when you offered Ganador&Lydd the gold for the large boots, we have that conversation as well that we can share.

    Btw, did we also buy the def that just walled your joke of a hammer?

    my friend potato, i can easy demostrate who where the first that tied buy accounts and artifacts (not only dark gold) :P

    Says the guy that offered 600 gold for large boots, 3200 for 2 small diets and 1600 for small boots?

    Oh well. We have all seen these dark-gold-pms. We have seen your techs. We saw small boots.

    The uni fool was a nice move. Low risk, some dilligence and team play (assumed) and you got your reward. Cheers for that.

    Yet, the bottom line is: The play style shown by all those metas is poor. And unfortunately ILS fits perfectly into their pattern. Maybe more skilled (but thats not a huge difficulty, is it?) and still can't shine.

    Congratz to the NAP with ISTanbul btw. Birds of a feather flock together, uh?

    I'll try addressing all things mentioned as the leader of ILS.

    Dark Gold can speak for himself however I can say in general- we don't believe in buying accounts, resources, artefacts or anything.

    My account has no techs, no res pushes since the beginning and no external help, as do most of our accounts.

    The quote of me offering to buy the small boots from TLL was a fake quote that was made to laugh at Lee Sin for his ridiculous offers to buy our artifacts.

    Regarding the op- This was carefully planned out and we watched exactly how frequently they move the artifact and planned perfectly when to hit.

    It was a good op, low risk-high reward and definitely payed off with the res pushes there.

    No accounts were bought in the process so no need to slander.