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    78kk deff pts and 36kk off pts

    Probably your account doesn't even get to the median stats of any of RHS, so you can say whatever you think that you can't do and use all of that you are saying too.

    Path is having fun, not winning the server, and we are all doing here, I just hope that all your acumulated anger don't prevent you of doing the same.

    If you expected a quality server like a .COM, this is not the server. I thought you were so pro to understand that.

    woah this is a sea of tears, opening a new topic just to cry about the existence of RHS

    we grouped the best alliances and we fought everyone on the server, now obviously we got attacked back...but we don't come here crying, indeed we keep fighting against everyone no matter what...I prefer the challenge to fight against everyone

    winning is not the important, the path we already had fun raiding and conquering farms, obviuosly we can't get them all... you are too many (probably this is the reason you survived)...

    don't be mad, enjoy the server, there won't be anymore x10 soon

    I consulted MH from .cl domain and he confirmed me that it is legal to send reinforcements to do that strategy (consume enemy crop and send back trops when crop goes to 0). But he also confirmed me that this strategy is baneable in .net domain!!

    Didn't know there where different rules for different domains xDDDDDD

    I know parking sections of a hammer in varius places with consent it is no banneable.

    But I talk about none consented parking. For example:

    Imagine there are huge ammounts of deffs protecting a hammer, surrounded by a lot of enemies. These enemies, send reinforcements to that enemy protected hammers to consume the amounts of crop and when these enemies start to see that their troops start to die, they call back their troops. Finally you have a protected hammer, with 0 crop, and all enemies reinforces protecting that hammer dieying of starvation. Do I explain myself?

    Anyway...I've been 1000% sure I've been banned due to ilegal parking (many years ago). So I'm not inventing anything new. It just want to know if anybody knows if there is a written rules about this.

    I remember being banned for parking my troops on someone's village just to consume their crop and make their troops die. Then take back the troops when the crop was to 0(I knew the crop left by spying every 5 minutes).

    I believe some years ago parking of troops without consent was ilegal and baneable. Is it still? If so, where does that appear on the rules? Or where have travian noticed this change?

    Thank you for your time and answers!

    We don't know if the haeduan says or not eh truth, but we know that the druid is always lying. So no, this is not the place Shu is looking for.