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    It is never too early for snow! (well, ok, August would be probably too early :D )

    In my country we almost had a "tropical night" (that's when the temperatures during the night don't go below 20 °C), unfortunately at 6:30 in the morning the temperature dropped to 19.8 °C. So no tropical night.

    The highest temperature during that night was at 01:00: 21.4 °C. At the end of October. Like.. weather, are you kidding us?
    Previous record for highest night temperature was 18.9 °C .. but at the beginning of October. Average day temperatures in October are 13-18 °C, night temperatures 4-9 °C. Just to give you an idea how crazy this was.

    I didn't capture the weather today. But I captured construction of a new platform on a train station and you can at least see the blue sky there :-)
    (for Rail Nation fans: upgrading station concourse from lvl 2 to lvl 3)

    I took a picture of a plant yesterday as well, when I was visiting my mother. I think in English it's called marigold.

    And I have absolutely no idea how it can live and prosper, because it's not even in soil, just in some mix of gravel and crushed limestone.
    Plus there was basically no proper rain for last several .. months? Just a few drops here and there. The grass isn't grass anymore, just hay with rootlets. It's so bad that we even had to put my bunny back inside - she's normally outside in her summer residence from late April/early May until mid October. It was always "two birds with one stone" - she mowed and fertilized the grass. Now there is nothing to eat. And 30+ degrees. She'll be better inside.