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    oh he was talking about those factories

    well... they are always worth it - if you don´t need space for something else :D
    in capitol obviously you do want more warehouses / granaries
    but if you have c15 as non-cap, non-hammer village then why not build those buildings anyway ? they will pay for themselves

    Right now, a 15c, the standard is to not build the res bonus buildings (except crop) as it does not add enough to be worthwhile

    WHAT ?!

    have you done the math for return of resources invested ? I bet you did not
    even without sawmill / iron foundry / brickyard - those fields are definitely worth it and you should build them, altough on lower levels than crops obviously .
    on average 2 levels lower W/C/I fields are about as effective as crops with 150% oases

    Hi there,

    I am not sure if this is already requested or already in the game.
    I would like to see if you can set any hot keys to do certain actions.
    For example a hot key to go to the report menu or a hot key to go to the next village.
    It would make a game a lot nicer to play.

    hot keys exists !
    almost nobody uses them bcs almost nobody knows they exist bcs almost nobody bother to actually read manual :D
    but they do exist.

    next village = alt +n
    previous village = alt+b
    reports = alt + 5

    here´s the list :
    Travian Answers

    if you have non-english keyboard layout with accent letters instead of numbers in top row - you have to switch it to EN layout to make it work.

    the most useful is next / previous village for me, never used the others.

    what would be great is to have more access keys available and better yet have option to customize them.
    i personally would like to have option to bind hotkey to specific link in PLUS links list.

    having c12 ( 2-2-2-12) sounds like good idea to me.
    also having c18 (0-0-0-18) would be great :D

    but adding a lot more variations to village types... seems kinda irrelevant. having one field swap to another in cropper just doesn´t matter since the reason you are taking cropper is ... well CROP