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    This explanation has not satisfied any player. Unfortunately,

    Odin has never played high-level Travian in his life.

    He has no idea how to doing attack operate.

    He doesn't know what kind of defense to do.

    He thinks he can hit 8 levels wall in 1 second. Yes 1 second.

    We are playing this game despite Odin and his team.

    Q: How do I join the Travian Team Turkey?

    A: Say, "Odin, you're too big." or I dont want to say. Yet.

    Travian Games must end this misery.

    The administration that punishes people when they want. It should stop.

    Aren't you a little too forgetful?

    Last year the Russians had taken over your territory.

    You have only one village left. And, Animals defended that village.

    Animals gave you a 2 BP from NE.

    U said: ...Animals are just pro deffenders...

    Animals aren't just pro deffenders. We're new here. This is our second final. And we didn't have enough tickets. None of us have any loot accounts. We're not masters of software like the Russians. We're fighting in three fronts. Hype&Winter&Bad - NPL - Dacia. What do you really want us to do? 100 lvl WW? :)

    Finally, If you want to fight one-on-one with us, just tell me time and place.

    Animals will never be like Dacia. We won't lie to anyone for a game. Honor is more valuable than the game. I hope you understand that in time.

    How can you talk about quality and winning when you, turkish players, dont have any lvl100 on the finals and you are just numbers? :D you are just tourists here, you pay every time and leave with nothing, just useless memories. Dacia every time is playing for win(every game is finishing with ww lvl 100, no? ) you just play to dont let others win because you never can't win. You show here "amusament" but is a big frustation.. Taking WW from - 100/100 is a example about your mentality, work hard with feeding 1 mil troops in this moment and for what? :))) you celebrate this move few days, i think.. This is your turkish power, feeding and grow up NW's WW and congratulations, you do this alone:))) I'm curious how can you explain that to your players.. When this work was just for ambition. Why "turkish power" didn't resist in bp's area? :)) Animals are just pro deffenders and rest of turkish players are very low, stop talking about quality.

    such hate :)))

    I am sure that Mersin İdman Yurdu footballers have a heart and they put it in the utterly mean to mock them.

    Plus at barcelona there are only spoiled brats who are so rich that they also feel the need to evade taxes. Get your facts straight :)

    No taxes in Turkey League's. Yeah, that's just an interesting piece of information. :)

    show other logs where you lose. capital with 16 lvl crop fields against two hummers - yeah it's moment to be proud of yourself)
    P.S. also you forgot to write that in this operation you went with romanians. dream team)

    It's not that important. If you have a village with 1 million troops in the gray area, we attacked it. I think, you haven't.

    There are rumors that Animals surrendered to Dacia.
    The real dream team. To be a satellite of Romanians.

    It's funny. This is funny. For you, only the Russians can do diplomacy. Other teams must be left alone. :D

    Yes, if you are wondering, we have a non-aggression pact with Dacia.


    Have a problem..? We are the best. We came here with 10% of our power. Wait for next year.

    You'd like to say you have no coordination with them?) no scouting for Dacia, no spam cover for Müfreze, no attacks at the same time with them both. yeah sure
    you suddenly became active 20 days till BP drop, only when Winters lost millions of def under Dacia's attacks,in cooperation with Dacia and NE meta and you proud of it, really?

    yes, you are absolutely animals - chickens :thumbsup:

    Crying of the Russians...
    Why did you react so much for just one report? Really, its funny.