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    Everything that you said its true. You guys had tons of deff and u were using them perfectly. Walling us in more than one case. Also the fact of using well ur artefacts (small confusion+big arquitect) when we were expending a lot of time on sending fakes and so on, most of you had any of this 2 aartefacts that made so hard to do a proper operation against u guys.

    The fact that u guys had unique boots made you win the server. Deff calls sometimes were fine but deff was not arriving in time( we did not even had 1.5 big boots either) and you guys were sending fakes really good.

    In my opinion I just need it a more active deff coordinator that could help me out, because for me at some point was really hard to have control of everything as a 'solo leader' . Because when I was offline you guys were doing whatever u want hehehe and thats a fact.

    Idk if spanish team will play Next server. In my opinion server leenght should be 100 days(more than enough) and I would love to see x3 speed. The production and the queue of troops would be higher and could help to compensate the speed of the troops.(also I am used to play x3 and I rather prefer that speed than x2)

    All I can say is that if we come back I will plan it bettet to get revenge on u guys. Idc about cheating abuse that much as Frozen Angel. I knew all your multiaccs, your friendly farm players and more and more. I got scout reports on most of that accs. Stephe & genghis accs just made a huge different on the server. Stephe almost solo took 5-6 regions? Emporiae, Lepcis, (Caralis from Mad mi I think) he also had presence on ammon settling next to me xD, really a beast as account. And when genghis destroyed Osiris acc.. Uff that was sick. I knew something like that was going to happen but I wasnt expecting that hammer size to be incorporated.

    Overall congratulations for the win. As I said, if we decide to play next server I will let u guys know it through forum. Now enjoy beach & holidays if u can 🤓💪

    Gl to everyone


    Ask TM leaders to share reports. If it were my operations, you wouldn't need to ask, they would have been shared already. I agree, more fun if you can see the battle reports.

    U can post all of them Ice hehehe

    I usually post them on Hispano servers, so go ahead too hehehe

    I will send an MM tonight with more reports and u can post all of them

    Btw whoever thinks TM will lose I hate losing, mad is playing well. Thats a fact, but they just have 3-4 players that incorporates troops with gold, rest are common players as anyone on the server. So its fair enough ;)

    Lets keep the fun up!!

    Good luck


    A little birdie told me that TM is already starting to search for the panic button. Reassessing its server strategy, looking for friends...little too late amigos.

    Panicking at having lost Ammon region, despite knowing what was coming.

    MAD for some reason has slowed down and TM has had time to build up too. At most I give this server another month to remain competitive.

    Panic mode? Naaah

    We know what was happening on ammon since beginning, dont worry hehehe

    Server its still 90+ days. This just started :D

    One piece+MAd+MAd Z+MAd F+ Two Piece+Aow and u call me 'panic mode' for making a few recruitments? XDD

    Funny to see it this way, but what I can see is that we didnt give up and we wont ;)

    As I said is good to have some competition, but numbers are numbers.... and some 'extra help' sometimes is good just to put the balance on equal terms for everyone :D

    Regarding 'TM' I dont care if ally was famous or not, we voted for that name and I dont see the point of changing name now :D

    Good luck everyone


    MAD will fall, same as SYN did but not that easily xD

    How's the sever doing? Kamikaze Enric_ES

    Shame in SYN for leaving the server crying <X


    Regarding the name 'TM' we just decided the name a couple of days before joining the server...

    We usually choose a topic (Mithology this one) and we are using a new name on every new server. We didnt know that 'TM' was famous xD

    My team and I won several Hispano servers(netx mostly) and also a couple of com domains such as comx3 and some ptp x3 too

    We are mostly used to x3 speed not x2 but we are giving our best ;)

    I settle on girba = LSDG settle a village next to me

    I settle Ammon= Stephencurry settle a village next to me & Genghis khan nearby too

    It seems I am giving u guys a lot of atention, thats good ;)

    Server is going great, nice competition guys. All I can say is thank you. If server is easy... makes no fun to play at all :D

    Good luck to everyone :D


    stephencurry Nice village On Alalie HEHE

    Poor MI guys... Seems Alalie is coming for mad soon, nice movement.

    5 Villages on ammon

    A few more on Girba

    Nice chiefs on Athens(alredy winning the region)

    And also Delphi

    We are 1620 vs 1620 Points, u will keep higher and u might drop us down some regions hehehe

    I am so excited

    I am smiling every time I look at the map HUEHUEHUE

    Let's keep the show!!!

    Good luck to everyone


    Nice post Maimai ;)

    Delphi wont be enough for win :D

    I just hope u guys fight till the end. It will be soon day 40 and its 140 days Server. So we will have 100 days of pure war from now on.

    I will just ask one thing:

    Do not give up

    I want to fight till last day of server :D

    Good luck to everyone ;)


    Leader of TM

    I'm pretty sure mad will go after tm when syn is gone so you all can breath easy

    Let them come

    U cant imagine how excited I am to see that

    If MAD is reading this, I wont put u things easy ;)

    If server is easy gets boring, server is fun when there's actually a good competition

    Let's go for ir ;D

    And I NEVER give Up ;)

    Gl on the server



    You're doing your best - which is doing nothing but simming.

    Sarah I am not the one losing a 15cc 150% crop in Tarsus

    Mad got Cartago (Unique boots), u as SYN dont have any other region with SB and u are not sending more players to Tarsus and even losing ur best crop there... GG

    X2 speed as boots its SO important on this type of servers

    You are geting outplayed by MAD, thats obvious

    Maybe we are simming but we are not giving out regions by free that easy ;)

    Iconium 200 vp...

    Salona 200vp....

    Next one will be Delphi?

    I know u guys CAN do it MUCH BETTER, I encorage u to not give up ;)



    You and your members are suck at making excuses and lies, like your skill.

    Are you MAD trying to say it is ok for using bots and multis since TM or other NW alliances are doing it too?

    On TM we dont have Multis

    Tell me a single acc if u find it :D

    We are a Single alliance and most of us premade

    Just a few recruitment this last days

    So if u can show me proves about TM I will be so glad to know them ;)

    We will do our best to win :D


    Hi to everyone!

    1st post on this forum jejeje

    I wish you all a great game

    It seems SYN are doing a great job so far, nice movements and crops 150-125% in the last hours

    I am so excited for this server

    For sure we will have a lot of fun!!

    Good luck to everyone :D

    Enric, Leader of TM

    You can find me in game in Zeus acc :D

    Correct, it is no joke but didnt he only make one hammer all round and Usual Suspect made the rammer?
    What enti is saying is also correct. He made huge hammer, but he also didnt do anything but sim said hammer. Sitting back doing nothing all round then coming to the forums to brag about how easy it was is kinda silly. Of course it was easy, he is in the middle of nowhere with the large spy arti surrounded by his peeps who fed his beast for him.

    Hopefully this and more show up but as usual it probably wont happen. Tough guy alliances always seem to back down when other good alliances say they are coming. OR if they do show up they make a "stronghold" (hide) at 300/300 .... We will dominate the area!!! lol
    I wonder if TurkC is gonna call the grey again. I hope he does. That was some good fun.

    Actually I made 2 hammers and if u check stadistics I have 1.4kk+ off points. I cleaned around 100k natar day+750k on wwk, so rest was made with the other oppopphammer hammer.

    I am not coming forum to prove anything. Since I do not need to prove anything to anyone. All I want is motivate players for next round since we will crush them all.

    If u wanna try beat us

    +/+ & Grey area

    Go for it;) I wont hide :p

    Have fun
    See you all next round & gratz for Dacia seems winning embassy this round :D

    I invite you to come next round and try to beat my team & me ;)

    Last round Suicide Squad acc leader of AT
    This round The Godfather, leader of spanish team ;)

    We built that big hammers just for fun as we never went for wwk & wwr seriously as travian players.

    Next round I am bringing full team & I bet noone will be able to win us ;)

    Have fun!

    & Congratulations to the winning side :D

    Good luck