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    and you achieve 1 lvl down better results if only the first teuton used rams and other used catas :D

    when did it increase?

    This isn't very good advice.
    However what @cris@ said are all good suggestions. Once you do those, you can also try and find friends. Players working together are always more powerful than an they would be on their own.

    Good luck to you @Niilonius, I hope you can get the situation under control.

    that works just well, you can create a new account and just play better. what can you do with zero resources

    my experience with building crannies and army is that those players who used to farm started catapulting all of my buildings. now how do you stop that

    Reason is simple more good MC15 +150%/125% stacked at one place. Ofc if you are lucky it´s better to be only close to grey zone not really inside it.

    do they take them later from others or settle later? Ive literally seen people settled in the edge of gray area holding MC9 with only a single 25 % wheat oasis in 7x7

    There wasn't? I know my memory is quite foggy about the old ones I played, but somehow can't shake the feeling it was indeed there...

    okay there were artefacts introduced in T3.5 which came shortly after I was properly playing last time. gray zone probably came in T4. I need to catch up with "new" stuff lol

    but is there an actual advantage of being inside gray area compared to being 1 tile next to it from outside? I saw a lot of players being on edges

    cris@ wrote:

    There was not GZ in T3.6, center map was just... the center of the map. MH village was in 0|0 while natar cap was in 400|400

    Yea thats what I am talking about, MH at 0|0 and there were probably no artifacts too I think there were only those materials for WW. also good old initial quests with that rat :D

    While I would certainly appreciate having access to such oasis (I don't settle grey), it is doubtful we would see such a change without some other alteration to the game.

    The 50% for W C or I is intended to be difficult to get, as well as being a benefit for settling in an area where you can't generate CP. I think most players would see this as a diminishing of the value of settling Grey, upsetting the balance of the game.

    Of course there may be a multi-change way to accomplish this that retains the value to the Grey but that would of course be more complex, which also reduces its chances of being implemented.

    what is the actual reason for setting in grey area? I saw people taking for example MC9 there with just 25 % wheat oasis bonus and it was on the edge of the area and they could probably take something else outside

    I would like to get back into this game like I used to play long time ago and I need some help or opinions :D I play only speed servers and use a little bit of gold

    how hard and profitable is farming in T4.4?

    I used to be top farmer in 3.6 and it was very easy to farm back then. 1 day protection on speed, no heroes, no animals only annoying gauls after a certain point. I know the farming basics of new version with farm lists and same principles apply as back then so not sending whole army at once and trying to avoid loses obviously.

    but production sucked back then. now you produce at least 5x more resources after first day and I dont know when is it a good time to start producing troops and farming instead of investing in production for a while.

    I like to play at least somehow for offense so gauls are not a good choice for me.

    I am thinking of teutons and taking early MC9 with best oases available(not heavy gold user), spears should be more self sufficient and convenient than praets for early defense right? When do you think is a good time to start farming if I am not active 24/7 although for few clicks I can do any time of the day like every 5-10 minutes but not for constant clicking. so the decision between 3 or 6 days of protection or later

    I know I should just try but I would like to hear some opinions :D

    Anyone still finding this helpful? I have an updated version of this guide with some maths and shortened the settle time by few hours. Should I post it here or make a new thread?

    if you are willing to share then I would like to read it :) I have tried to come up with calculation before even doing computer program automation but I didnt really get that good results