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    We recently were unable to log in and are receiving the below message:

    -I've been the one watching the account for the last several hours, and use/was using Travile which has always been legal. Is this not the case anymore? We send out our farm list fairly consistently every 3 minutes day in and out is this just bot detection? I've never had an issue like this before. Can anyone shed some light on what this might be?


    I'm currently looking to dual on a speed server, preferably an account focused around defense although tribe doesn't matter too much. I've been playing Travian off and on since about 2008 with taking some rounds off here and there and am looking to get back into it. I'm a very efficient raider and enjoy building and optimizing farm lists more then just about anything. I'm from the US and my coverage is mostly in the day/afternoon. Send me DM or reply to this if you are interested!


    I'm looking to dual on an either an existing server or an upcoming one. I mainly have experience with speed servers, I've played normal servers but generally I get bored with them and just end playing until I find a suitable speed server. I've been playing on and off since about 2010 however the people that I used to play with do not do so anymore. I have some experience with every tribe however most of my experience is playing as an offensive Teuton or Roman. I live in the US and my availability to play generally falls within the day to afternoon. Send me a PM if interested, I'm willing to play any tribe as long as its a speed server.


    "We are sorry to tell you that comx will restart Monday, the 5th of Feburary, instead of today, due to our really competent Tech Crew, who hasn't been able to fix the bug in 24 hours."

    They'll let us scramble to get a good start for a few hours first :p

    you are so noob, guys))
    good luck in discussing of you GREAT problem, club defenders

    Club swingers are obviously not used for defense on purpose but they're a product of the same situation. Of the basic, most cost effective defense units there is a semblance of balance. With the Egyptians that balance is broken.

    If I provide someone with 10k slaves I don't deserve twice the defense points as the guy providing 5k praets.

    actually this is Blaze who insisted on equal proportions of def units, not me:

    and sure I've made my own calculations, but my opponent is rude to continue any constructive dialogue with him.

    I was talking about game realities such as def types proportions in battle or amount of units used for comparin

    this isn't a discussion wether or not spears are better then praets, but here are the simulations with EI and rams like you wanted.

    Travian :: logger

    Travian :: logger

    As you can see with 5k spears and 15k praets 70.2% of the defense dies, with 15k spears and 5k praets 68.8% dies. Roman wall, hero with cav weapon, 20% hero bonus. This is completely irrelevant. The difference between praets spears and phalanx is very marginal. Slave militia are a different story, if I supply someone with 5k slaves and you supply someone with 5k praets I don't deserve half of the defense points as you contributed two thirds total defense, I should really just get a third. This is what is being brought up, not wether spears or praets are better.