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    Thats how Travian makes a fortune. When we exchange gold for silver. Exchanging silver for Gold is stupid.

    Travian is private business, making a fortune is their goal which they achieved somewhat 10 years ago and nowhere near that level now. If you are privy to TG finances and have different data please share with us :)

    the thing you proved in the game is that you have more money, not more skill.

    It does not proof you have less skills either though.

    People kept promising this version is so much better, and 4 ptp servers now and all I saw was ridiculous amounts of gold spent, more botting and multi accounting, and scripting than I ever saw on a wonder server. Like everything that was wrong with wonder server,s people are invited to do even more of on region servers.

    Just for the record - ptp is last year set up, unless you played both com and anglosphere, you could not see 4 ptp servers. Maybe you have not played or watch regular WW servers, I am not sure. Because gold spending is higher for sure, but amount of multies an scripts/bots was less on regional map servers than on classic ones in my experience.

    I assume you are relatively new, pardon me if you already know everything below.

    If you want to catch up waiting for resources not gonna help you. There are always inactive players to raid. You can start your search here This is one thing to do. Unoccupied oases do not require cages, it is good option to level up your hero. Check in-game simulator or this simulator to see if it is profitable.

    Second and more important - this is team game, you will not be able to achieve anything without friends. So start socializing, find an alliance to play with, start looking (learning) for responsibilities beyond your account. As an alliance leader I can tell you, there is no such thing as nothing to do. Trust me :) Main reason for a player to check account often is not to build something but to see incoming attacks as soon as possible so you (your alliance) have more time to prepare.

    Timer for hero adventures will not improve your experience or performance.

    Never said it was on a x5

    So there were no server with confed system and 40M defense at WW?

    let me doubt any legitimacy

    Be my guest.

    I don't expect much from someone who is thinking a solid good account would have 200k troops at plans release anyway

    Be my guest take 2. It does not take much to understand that I downplayed the numbers replying to Natars will win statement. For those who is interested in reality, not in arguing for the sake of arguing of course.

    On previous TT Union can collect 50kk+ def from 239 account 12 hours after BP activation time

    Not 85kk as we have after one of restart on the same time but 50kk+ very good def too or not?

    Egypt can up this def count too.

    Now we are talking. Conclusion: neither it will be that low to let natars win, nor it will have "no effect" on defense numbers. Slaves will mess all counts sadly.

    40M on 5x server is not equal 40M on 2x server ;) Neither on 3x.

    This is the only fact you countered, to some extend at least. They are straight.

    Even if it is possible (maybe it is not that random after all, maybe someone manage to find pattern) any additional coordination of such magnitude is a big deal. You never coordinated anything if you believe it.

    I still think this is a good idea. would like to know when my next adventure will show

    Why? The only reason I see is you want to login at certain time. This does not give any advantages to the game, they want you to log often and give advantages to players who logs often.

    For several rounds the def in WW have been up to 95KK (Dacia record), plans and artefacts not counted. With the limit of confeds the victory will not be decided at level 20. A more interesting endgame probably. With enough of decent hammers it for sure will be prolonged.

    And this is good, right?

    You just have to stack the def players in the confed that’s already 240 players. On other server some ww reach 40M+ def. Final is a higher level so it shouldn’t be a problem. Plus confed keep the def for 12 hours once it is broken, so we will mostly see a rotation of confed evey 12 hours so it will be more than 240 players anyway.

    Hammers will probably be bigger with egyptians tech but wait u think only off players play with tech ? Juste look at the top raiding of last year there was def player in it. So yeah hammers will be bigger but so the def will be.

    So far there was no server with confederacy system besides pandora and there is no WW on pandora. 40M did not come from 240 account confed.

    There will be no rotation: a) troops return at some point within 12 hours, random, not in 12 hours. b) in such rotation metallurgy and commerce bonuses will be lost which is not negligible.

    Most definitely winning confed will consist of 240 defensive accounts at the end (with unofficial alliance to on or several used_to_be offensive confeds). We will not see 92KK record again but so what?

    It is easier to deal with someone's multies if someone can't defend them :) so we will see about that as well.

    The tournament suppose to gather elite player. A solid good, not elite even account should have 200K defense on 2x with no sweat. 4 alliances is 240 account. half of them defense - here is your 20+m defense. Will WW be zeroed beyond level 20? Sure. If natars win that would mean travian does not have elite anymore ;)

    For now it is 4 alliances in a confederacy. As far as I understood that may change if qualification rounds demonstrate that TT Finals need bigger confederacy.

    As for Egyptians, Finals crowd is very conservative but even such crowd wants something new every now and then.

    The are also faster than druids with hero which makes them fastest defensive unit and they carry a lot, so there is a niche maybe.

    I tried to use huns for defense. Early game mercs are really useful, we had several instances when an offensive player saved the day using mercs for defense.

    Later game they really on the same level with huns wall :)

    Markmen rival druids but they don't have slow (standing, WW) defensive unit to match this so overall losing to gauls imho.

    I think roman's hamanvil is still better overall.

    New punishment system

    I like the option to accept punishment immediately. It will save a lot of nerves and time on both side. Certain % of cases will be resolved in no time. Win-win.

    Other details are not that obvious.

    the offered penalty is executed after 48 hours from the moment the ban is issued.

    Who you (TG) think is winning from this? I understand 48h punishment applies if there is no response from the player. But even if the player refuses, the punishment is still executed. Don't you think it is too extreme?

    Even if a punishment is applied, you can still reach out to the Customer Service team to get your case reviewed and receive additional information.

    Does that mean the player can still appeal the case and you will have reasonable system to reverse the punishment? Is there any time frame for an appeal?

    Destroying palace will not change your capital so fields will stay as is as long as you don't build a palace in another village and change the capital.

    Your settlers will not die unless someone kills them :) You will be able to settle without palace. Have you settled a village from the capital already?

    Destroying palace will not free an expansion slot. You need CP for the next village and there is no way around it.

    There are a lot of wording issues and real mistakes in travian answers. I would be seriously upset if they spend time on gendering heroes before they fix them.

    Fresh fat farms are not only early days of a server though. Far from it. It is unwritten gentleman code is most good alliances - if I clear a farm none of my teammate will farm it for a couple of days to let me recover losses AND get profit. Finding and clearing farm is extra effort and lost troops meaning lost training time. Why would I do it if as result I only return cost of killed troops? You will have to coordinate with teammates to take it all out before enemies do. Maybe good thing maybe not. Raider in me does not like the change at all.