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    No. After you started building first level you don't need them. Upgrades in smithy and research in academy will also stay, but you will not be able to do new once, make sure your researched all you wanted.

    Inactive are people with 0 growth, little growth can be tricky, but sending a scout would not hurt, unless player looks somehow scary to you. For inactive accounts it is reasonable to make a test farm list and send 2 clubs instead of sending scouts manually - if not troops they will pass, just make sure the list does not go on regular basis.

    For fat farm search - generally yes, but you need to learn by your own trials and errors. As I said it can be someone else tech and be defended. Watch if account is in alliance that can send defend, distance from his other villages etc. I would only send ALL clubs if you are 100% sure you will get it, risk might be greater than reward.

    Tech (technical or support) is a nick name an account ran by a friend with solo purpose to boost main account. If you see regular large raids on active (growing) account that are not defended this is them :) Most likely if you try to raid the same account it will defended. To be legal (under current rules) the account must be played by an independent owner, multi-accounting is illegal. Ethics/honor of such game style has been discussed in length, no desire to go there.

    Teches aside, to have a fat farm you first need to find it. There are variety of tools that help you to find inactive people. Tools, of course, are used by many and it is unlikely that you will be the first one to abandoned account. You still can try to find a victim between account with slow growth (assuming low activity) or even fast growing neighbors if they don't have defense. For that you need scout intensely, keeping in mind that some active players will see scouting as sign of hostility. If you find an account/village that can potentially be a farm but has some defense, use in-game simulator or to see if it is profitable.

    Good luck ;)

    I think (might be wrong) the 3 regions are what is available for settling for everyone from the start, regardless of population, and to demonstrate faction starting center, nothing else. I would be shocked if servers are limited to 1500 accounts.

    Phalanx sure. Clarification is needed.

    Here is said that server will win 1 ALLIANCE who have most VP in Faction with most VP - but we do not see that clearly in server statistic...

    The introduction says it is FACTION that wins in the first place, an alliance mentioned in "we have two rankings". IMHO, it the new set up will be welcomed more if there is only one winner - an alliance that is leading in winning faction.

    In any case, only factions are shown on victory tab which suggests that actual winner is a faction and alliances just have ranking. I have not followed beta statistics much so far and it seems very wrong that you actually need to do so in order to understand which entity gets what. Is that the only top alliance in the faction that holds region who gets any VP? Imho, if the faction is the winning entity and alliance is just ranking, points should be divided proportionally, maybe that is the case, I can't figure that out from a few glances I have at statistics. Clear explanation needed.

    The spawning mechanic does not work as we expected, the spiral is limited to the first starting region till the region is full. Is this as intended?


    In the beginning, new players of a specific faction will start in the same region. Once it’s filled, newer players will start appearing in another region nearby, and so on. It doesn’t depend on quarters or distance from the map center anymore.

    From the answers and confirmed by support. I am wondering if developers understand how big of a difference does it creates between factions, to the point there only two, maybe three worth considering as a starting location for any ambitious alliance. I would really really like to hear reasoning for limiting spawning to the first region till it full. "Hey guys! We want to give you room for more starting strategies! Actually no, we don't. Three is the charm."

    Would you want an alliance holding a regions for you that lack a confusion or the activity/coordination to defend?

    That is why I said leadership work will increase several folds. I don't have enough free time to sign up for this.

    Oh and I forgot DRAMA. My crystal ball shows a lot of drama......

    Good thing you find it interesting. I hope many people do, it is just me :)

    I think thats an interesting concept/dynamic, dont you?

    No, I don't.

    I guess we heard everything by now at least for beta as it was announced. I have played all annual special servers except the first one and I want to continue even though I say, as many of us, "this is my last one" every year :) The reason I always come back to special servers is I want something different and I don't like playing for zergs. Please prove me wrong, I really, honestly want to be proven wrong but here is how I see it:

    "Something different" is fulfilled. Playing without zerg - not so much. I don't even want to touch teches subject.

    On the previous versions, if you had a wing or a friendly alliance, you had to be careful about their population in the regions you held. Much less now, just need to make sure they are smaller than you, but 50% you are getting together.

    In theory I can come up with gazillion exciting scenarios, in reality I played travian long enough to know that most likely scenario is to zerg a faction and there is no way to fight it. Even if your faction will not zerg there will be another one that will and guess who wins? Assuming more or less equal skills, if there is no equal skills on the opposite side what is the point anyway?

    Regardless of the scenario, I feel that leadership work will increase several folds either on diplomacy front or to run a zerg

    I still have a couple questions which, I thought, would be answered before server starts but now I am not sure.

    How confederacy system fits in all this? Can we confed with any alliance in any faction (with current limitations) and defend other factions if we want? Can we defend own faction or only those of them who we allied?

    Will map be 800 everywhere or local servers will be 400? Will there be local servers or it will be similar to 10x and summer special - all on com?

    How exactly alliance contribution to the win will be calculated? Who contributes most - an alliance that fighting all round and only hold the power of a few regions so it can stay lean or good fancy simming crowd that is sent to majority of the regions with no battle value? What are the criteria?

    No advanced start is disappointment, just want to mention it.

    I have seen serious players using vacation mode for intended reasons: from uninterrupted family dinner on Thanksgiving to a week of hiking vacation. I have used it myself on last year qualifications at the end of the server when I could not keep up with the neighbors.

    It seems that major problem (maybe only, I don't remember anything else from the top of my head) is stealing oases. It was suggested already - add cooldown from oasis takeover to the conditions. Easy fix.

    Did I get it right - you may be in the same alliance but different factions? Or alliances can only be formed within faction?

    Edited: Never mind, can't be from different faction. So if we are premade group we must spawn same location.

    Pretty sure shipments via market trade were always excluded. Text was also different so I bet on undocumented change, not a bug or mistake.