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    I have to admit that this joke did not go well. If Web is willing to do the same I will call the MM off.

    Finally we can observe tangible results from the only alliance that we have a NAP with. Good job!

    Sure, you don't need a NAP to defend other alliances, you need confederacy :)

    WEB is the only pre-set team that CAME to the server with a wing.

    they deleted the logs and forgot to show another attacker, but I'll help my friends from bedlam :

    You guys are getting mindfreaked. There was no magic, the owner accidentally clicked "delete" instead of "archive" and B0nkers posted their own report, not result of the op. Do you have anything else to say besides expressing your dislikes to our way of posting our logs?

    With that being said, we have not signed any gentlemen's convention to post full reports when the opposite side did not see defense. Would be nice to see a report from you on which you show defense we did not see as well, till then it is just blah-blah on your side.

    4000 catas will be missed for sure, RCs don't grow on trees either though.

    forum is made to comment things that are obvious from the things that are posted here....

    This is exactly what I did, commented on what you posted. Your comments however based on your pure imagination and not on what was posted here. Propaganda is powerful thing but sometimes gets to the point of being ridiculous.

    Back to logs

    Small victory in iconium, plus, some smaller count from several players and over 1000 catas. And yes, we are fully aware that Faceless just settled in the middle of out cluster. Third merged hammer expected soon. That was the second, did some damage to ponies village before it died.

    Web is running out of mid-size hammers even though they have a couple of accounts capable of training big and fast, tons of defense and significant VP led, not something that can't be overcome in the remaining half of the server. They had luxury of holding several regions by single digit in villages count way too long.

    TH sits quiet, with NAP with Web, confederacy with half of the server, daily VP lead and needs just another region or two to catch up with Web if the rest stays unchanged.

    Now your turn to post ;)

    Of course we all have limit. 3 villages with a trainer is not the limit though. To put it into perspective - it is less than running GB/GS with trainer which is not unheard-of. And yes, this server is great for raiding, at least so far.

    even for yours with tech farm.

    I am not gonna ask you stop believing, it is healthy habit, keeps self-esteem up. Please look at the mirror though next time you bitch about people bringing up cheating subjects. And for the record - we don't have teches.

    kinda top 2 on the server for rss

    Kinda is the key word.

    who need it at this stage? it almost useless for now.

    it will take 2 months to heal those losses.

    Faceless has 3 Hunic villages. Assuming troops are being trained in all of them with helmets and trainer, hospital provides roughly 13-15% additional troops at any given period of time. Far from useless imho and with large storage available space it takes in the village is not that critical either. What am I missing?

    your hero dead . It's because your kill isn't enough to level up or hero revived when level up is a bug and now fixed ?


    [COM] Travian Legends Changelog

    Ability to take all resources from one village and carry it to another, no capacity limit, as the speed that the village would normally give him.

    Heathens fought fair and square against 2 solid alliances that had a NAP and coordinated attacks on them. They are equal partner in our confederacy, we are glad they accepted the offer.