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    Once upon the time, when grass was greener and trees were taller, there was an account called Pink Elephant. It was not my very first account but nothing too serious before that. I gave account away on one server, com5 I think, to a guy named Matt, who took good care of it, was top raider and all that jazz, till he got in a hospital, in critical condition, in medically induced coma and I said there will be no more Pink Elephant. Pink Ele stuck in chats though, when got reduced to ELE and someone suggested chameleon for the name. Since then I play under ChamELEon and use ELE for forum and chat.

    I heard recently that Matt is well and back in the game. Life is good                                                                                                                                                                                                                           raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa:ca443f4786.jpg

    Some people are unable to logging into any travian related websites, including other games and forums. Cache and cookies cleared, browsers changed. Network (home) does not have any restrictions.

    Any idea what is happening and was anyone able to fix it?

    May I ask why this section was renamed to PtP 2x? Slow servers have not ended yet and even if they did it is not obvious place to look for the slow PtP thread with 2x in section title.

    From what youu write here most probably you are barbarian,gaul,and the player that has more then you is roman ,the starvation work on villages not on account,so if you speak about troops on account,you really don t know how work starvation ,about stupid,don t know who really are ....

    Just curious, how did you conclude that he is talking about troops from the account, not from villages?

    I lost 58% of my troops on the WoWs, yet I do not have the largest packages of troops

    I am not sure why Heathens to be blamed for recruiting quality players? Recruiting is part of the game and respectable part. I understand when people are shamed for recruiting everything with pulse (never works anyway) but what a pre-set group of 15 players suppose to do to win a server? Or they are not allowed to win a server?

    Nonetheless, English (not sure why calling it angloshpere is an issue) server was more competitive and it is clear from numbers. Heathens finishing with 3x off points, more than 2x defpoints and VP lead which second place can't overcome even if Heathens drop down to 0 VP a month before the end. TM is, sadly, losing on every single category (we will probably get on top in population as KWG is deleting en mass) except the one that counts.

    xBasher_COM The level of your activity can't define level of competition, it takes two to tango. Happy to hear your team enjoyed the server. This is not a small challenge for any leadership to keep team engaged when there is no competition. Congrats :)

    What does this mean? what language is it?

    cry (someone) a river

    Said sarcastically to someone whose whining, complaints, or tears fall on unsympathetic ears. Most often said as "cry me a river." You can cry me a river, but you're still not going to that party tonight! A: "It's so unfair, I work so hard, but I only get a raise every two years!" B: "Oh, cry me a river, I haven't gotten a raise since I first started working!"

    Exactly, it requires a lot of strategy and teamwork to do so, and it did happen in finals 2016.

    Prior to 2016 finals, one well known russian team figured out that plans are landing on the same location and took 8 put of 13, yeah, not all. The team had 144 accounts at that time if i remember correctly, played competitive slow server on ru domain and ended up loosing. They never ever set a foot on the tournament. A few months later Ru tournament team applied the strategy on finals, with great success, but they were not the team who discovered the set up.

    A year later, when the knowledge reached all TT metas it was indeed fun to watch something fresh and never done in game before. Turned out it was not the best team who got the best results as the plans don't actually spawn at exact location but by some unannounced algorithm and popped up in different spots.

    So much for your example of superior team and the value of strategy.

    Tournament meta will indeed destroy any regular server by sheer numbers. There is equal amount of skills and knowledge on either type of server, maybe some more dedication on tournament side and leadership willing and capable of spending enormous amount of time and coordinate thousands players. There is also annoying level of arrogance which your post clearly demonstrated. Funny that out of all people you told fnx that he does not know BP locations.

    PWF, this is the same matter as last finals and, in smaller numbers of course, was seen in other servers. The issues was brought up in Munich last LOT, I did not fully understand the answer we were given to be honest but bottom line was - we found the problem, it is fixed now. There is absolutely no point to waste time and go to MH or game support in this case, this is well above MH head, already known etc. Please bring it as high up as you can.

    I only found explanation that we were given on ru forums

    Мюнхен. Поехали.

    In short - the algorithm can't handle such big numbers and at some points plus becomes minus (sorry above my pay-grade to understand) but WE FIXED IT.

    Can't hide it was disappointing morning :) I went to bed with double votes as second place and it was not at the last minute, the lead was building up over last 2 days. I know a few people did not bother to dig out their forum passes because they saw the lead. Maybe you should find a way to reject "suspicious" votes before they are cast, i.e. don't allow same ip in the poll in the first place.

    I usually don’t care that much about location but on PrP it is a nightmare because of new buildings design, unique for each race. Still takes me time to find townhall.

    Important that this feature if added as paid is not pay-to-win, it does not effect your game directly. Yet, many will be willing to pay for it, myself included.