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    Language is a problem. I bet these 400 account on Japanese server is completely lost market if they remove the domain. Reducing frequency of servers may not be a big issue with veteran players but hard to attract newbies to a server a month away.

    So calling someone slow thinker and suggesting that we are incapable to adapt is a complement? :) You want it faster, I don't. Both options have one server a year with slow one traditionally coming first. You have just finished the server, people who prefer slow speed are already waiting 5 months. So your turn to wait, just wait.

    Ignorant to the fact that there are people with different desires :) I have no obligation to adapt for faster game, at all. Please stop trying to insult. I am maybe not as "fast" as you but I can come up with insult just as easy if I decide to.

    You are the ignorant one. There are many people who does not want to speed it up and did not go on 2x PtP after the snail one. Imagine.

    2x server will be launched after snail one if over. At least this is how it was all last years.

    cvrrao Small celebration gives you the amount that village produces with 500 maximum. Large one gives the amount on account with 2000 maximum.

    Stonewall i am not using my account as example, we have settled 4th already without getting l7, ROI for fields 7 does not make sense to do them in order to get the quest for 500 CP, imho. It is cheaper to get CP by other means. The system does not work as starting quest, even if it was bugs free and clear on wording.

    Can we please have clarification if new village tasks can be done in any settled villages or only in second? It seems that at least some of them only triggered if completed in village 2 which sucks for these who trained settlers or build fields in village 3. I am not sure about it and I believe I saw somewhere on forum a statement 'in any". The published list does not clarify it.

    If that is the case and village 2 is the "main" quest village that needs to be reworked. It kills good portion of settling strategies.


    you all got all the rewards


    Is not on the tasks list. Over all count of tasks in game does not match the list.

    I guess what you are writing is not for this post, for all of those who got a key from our Raffles, they should know quite good where do we expect them to report bugs, as it was clearly written in the raffle announcement. Now I guess you did not read it, and for this I forgive you.

    Making a huge mess around the fact that you do not like the Closed Beta and it does not fit your expectation, which were well different from the purpose of the gameworld, does not help our developers to improve things
    On top of that, we are actively collecting feedbacks, if we were not doing it I was not here writing things and asking for additional information, isn't it?

    Can't deny it took me a few minutes to calm down. You should get out of the bubble you live in if you want to save the game and actually take a few lessons somewhere how to communicate with people if you are in charge of the forum.

    1. I have not asked for forgiveness and this is quite rude to offer one especially to your client.

    2. There was no raffle. If you mean the keys you sent out to all test servers players, I guarantee you if I did not read your email most of the people did not either. Note "if" because I never said I don't know how to report a bug. Still most people did not read it. "should know quite good" is the phrase you should forget. People who plays the game and even more these who came to test beta owe you nothing. Your job is to make sure they got the information if you want feedback. Note "your job" not mine.

    3. I am not creating a mess, I am giving you feedback. I am also well aware that I am, by far, the most vocal fan of annual special servers, who you alienated. You just told me my opinion and expectations do not matter and has no value for developers. This is unacceptable statement for any PR professional. BTW, I have not seen anyone stepping up and defending Closed Beta because it is awesome experience/great purpose.

    4. You are collecting random feed back from self-selected group of people who posts on forums. Which is as good as nothing if not worse.

    Bottom line is I am seriously offended by your last comment. I am not gonna ask to delete my forum account as I have a few good memories stored on it which will most likely bring me back, and there is a good chance I will still be playing as I have people around I want to hang out with. If I don't though there is a person single-handedly responsible for that. Sleep well.