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    Now that is a post I can agree with. I like the attitude and well written part.

    Respect your opponent while shooting each other into nothing is my favorite thing to do ^^ Like I still know AuroraB. killed 2 of my nice Athens villas 3 servers back. No grudges for that(I swear!!).

    The way as to how to you want to achieve victory might be different for everyone. Some will go further then others in that regard. It's smart to use other alliances like web does. Doesn't have to mean I agree with the tactic.

    For now Web seems to be on the winning side(VP wise), and THC is the silent sleeper.

    Pretty sure more blood will flow. I'm looking forward to the next weeks to see what is going to happen.

    P.s. Thank you for not mentioning my biggest fuck up of the server so far.. and making us splat off of it :saint:

    Says I don't play this server yet still manages to open reports from GFU :D

    But why would we give them more information then needed?

    Honestly , in this past two weeks Bedlam has been working and playing like hell to close in the gap of VP production. Impressive. Only by looking at top 10 attackers of this week.

    This is a very interesting server.

    I'm glad we can have comments like this still.

    We still have a long way to go, but it's looking a bit brighter at the moment

    Mostly been small stuff like this :)

    As for not showing the hammer, I'm sure a full report of it will be on here in some time

    If that, posting log from one attack and then dropping another random log, makes your banned.. oops... bottom happy then yeah. Be my guest.

    I like how you keep falling back on that. Was a false positive.. but hey no convincing you it seems.

    Still waiting you for to post anything that is not accusing someone or EDITED (might be nice, I don't know).

    Show me any single msg from me, where i do preach about anything? Its u or bedlam players crying around about everything, with 0 logs posted in the logs topic:)

    I think there's more then 0, for example I did post one but that wasn't good enough to our overlords cause it was on a small alliance... Beer Hunters posted one and no one said anything about it :)

    So stop crying about us attacking different alliances(cause well look at the amount of pop we need to get rid of for our regions). Why would we post anything if all we gonna hear is complaints about us cheating or picking small targets.

    Lets try it again tho, hope it's good enough:

    Cleaning up some small def in the neighbourhood

    OK sorry, put too much hopes to see some quallity... Appears it's just "woah we hammered some random guy" reports.

    Well, still waiting for quality from you. The only quality you seem to have is spamming on the forum.

    As for the report, it was a 9h trip. So they had time to gather def. Is it random? Not really if you check the region where he got hit. And since we don't use 1000 multies to unlock regions you sometimes hit these "random" players