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    On behalf of all the ants, I come to thank and congratulate all participants from this server, allies and opponents!!!

    all RP were great, showed great commitment, dedication and competence, it was an honor and pride to belong to this group!!!

    felicitate RémÁLOM, LTeam, ETeam, TNR, TGC, IDTS! and all other alliances, for quality, commitment and fair play!! great players on this server!!

    This was my last comx, I wish happiness, emotions and joys to all in the next servers!!

    Abraços, saludos & best regards


    I come this way and in the name of all the ants congratulate Italians for the tremendous victory on this server.

    They were better at defense, attack, organization, strategy and planning!!!

    It is a well deserved victory and with all merit, Once again, congratulations.

    Best Regards


    To SHINI account players, I will not waste any more time, I do not discuss virtual realities, do not hit one truth, are in the wrong cinema with the wrong movie.

    Speaking of the real server, I congratulate the SW and KoB, ANT lauch the last shots and we could not get down enough, we are left with the consolation of having been the only ones able to lower your WW, was our second server COMX and ANT came this 2º server to win, but it was not possible, we made some mistakes and we had great adversaries, my congratulations to them.

    Abraços, saludos & regards


    hehehehehe say before that you hate us hahahaha not the others!!!

    I am ANT R player and cleaned 2 artifacts :D you realize now why they say " catch easier a one liar than a one lame"

    You came to ANT to try to create divisions and conflicts ... but you faill ... That's why you're so angry.

    We were planning attacks against sw be4 u pushed uss to our limits with other international accs from ant all because u guys didnt make any offensive plans entire server, all server the final solution if u will of our acc and def team was to chief whph54 and thewalkingdead to impact their ww def, which would have been really easy for uss to do dueu to wws and locations of uss and our def team. Only reason we didnt do it was because of u guys being complete idiots and abusing everyone in ant coalition who dosent speak portugese, despite all ur most active and competent accounts being non portugese ones and then u steal their arties and abuse them. We wanted to fight against sw and not jump on the winning ship, but it wouldnt have been moral to help ant r to win. Pretty sure canelle hasnt even talked with sw at all, she just sent hero to take it after our att and it was my dual who collaborated with sw on this operation to have uss do our and their atts same time. It was just uss and canelle who took ur architect on a whim, not some elaborate plan of an alliance. We were just getting bored of 0 popping ur def villages and needed to do something little different in between.

    the ants realized at the beginning what type of account and people are, are people who at ANT would hardly have place but ... we tried to give it a chance. Notes the difference .. ANT exists for more than 9 years, always with this name and players loyal to our way of playing, more and more players!!!

    The SHINI account has changed in one server 4 or 5 of allys, always with complaints and disagreements, I think do not need say anything else, right?

    It reminds the soldier who marches in a platoon, the one with the step changed, but he keeps on saying that he is doing well, the all others are going all wrong :whistling:

    PS: We knew at the begin that you had privileged relationships with SW, and the server confirm us this fact!!!

    So ant r just had their architect stolen by their own members : D This is what u geat when u treat ur most active accounts like poo and let idiots like lendarios 6k pop def player have large storage for 6 days, or steal trainer artis from ur members and give it to ur own inactive core members who cant play nor type even remotely understandable english.

    Its like i have been saying for several weeks, Belui is the mvp of sw. Great job belui u did it, you accomplished the unimaginable and got uss to help sw : D

    "So ant r just had their architect stolen by their own members" - architect is stolen by SW, official and unofficial players, and I have to congratulate the SW on a very strong and well-planned offensive.

    everything else is talk of duck to alligator :thumbsup:

    You dont have time to waste on uss, except you made several mms about uss and splashed several hammers on uss when we havent even attacked anyone in ants once yet lol.

    who continues to repeatedly throw fakes into the artys of their own family or allies ... now no longer a problem of ours.
    now you are Istambul! :)