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    First, I apologize for the late answer. We didn't want to give a rash answer before deeply examining the issue with our technical team.

    A player had been able to level up his/her wall between the waves of attacks and this brought the starvation bug to minds. After thorough examination, our technical team has found that this had nothing to do with the starvation bug but only a game mechanic which may seem weird at first glance. According to our logs, defending player was able to level up his/her walls using instant complete and of course in a really fast manner.

    We will reconsider the instant complete mechanism since it might seem confusing in such situations.

    Speaking of the starvation bug, we take the starvation bug seriously and has been working on it hard. This was also one of the big topics during the event in Munich with our choosen players. We also made a great deal of efforts to fix and believe we are really close to the end of this fix.

    We have been testing the fix on a very active server for a quite while and so far the results looks really promising. Player were not able to create the issue despite having sent thounds of fakes to the wow.


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