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    Cormoran Strike did not make this post.

    1. Not his forum ID.

    2. C, unlike the above poster, is an intelligent educated man, who teaches school. I.E. He can spell, and compose a gramatically correct sentence.

    3. He was in a classroom when this post was uploaded. Unable to post.

    It is really sad when you have to impersonate someone just to post on the forum. No real content, nothing of value, not even funny. Just a fake post.

    Maybe someone should ask Embla about his hammer?

    No, it's been enjoyable. People laughing, making jokes, people coming back to chat who hadn't been there in a while....tom even wrote us a song.
    Zombie could come back if he ever learned how to conduct himself in public. I actually kind of like him, one on one. Its only when he has an audience that things go down hill.

    I've never said you were a bad player Maria, stop twisting words.
    You are a drama queen and pretty much impossible to deal with or require more time to keep happy then the whole ally combined.

    I've had some real drama queens over the years....the infamous Kimmie comes to mind, as well as Evony who joined then demanded I run things her way...She didn't last long, a couple of Canadian brothers who were too stupid to figure out the defense tool and cursed at ME over, it, and then we have at least one this round, who shall remain nameless for now. After 10 years, I ve seen considerable drama.

    But in this case, it must have been the company she was in... Cause Maria has been nothing but friendly, cooperative, and very much a team player. need resources to rebuild? Maria. need a push to complete a bonus? Maria. need an over night sitter? Maria.

    She's enjoyable in chat, and with a bit of experience, we have no trouble understanding her. Well except Tiko, but that was more a case of the immaturity of childhood. Thinks picking on someone makes him a big man.

    if you consider Maria to be a drama Queen, it may have been a case of the company she was in.

    Dude, let me introduce you to will learn the difference!!!

    I will pass this along to Akumetsu and Stan Gaska and their team. And before Marksy comes in here with his nonstop ".us servers are garbage" , these guys are experienced .com players as well. But you know the old saying, "no rest for the wicked". I'm moving him to another account. No way am I letting his kind of talent get away!!

    Marksy, when I said "sitter run" it simply meant that the chief kills were sitter done. the account owner was still active or there would have been no cap switch. SHEEESH!!!

    Marksey, all spin aside.

    Quelaana, 8:46 AM

    He couldn't even chief a villa in an account that only had a sitter on it? 8 dead chiefs? And the account deleted, intact.

    Do you guys need help in "how to chief a villa in dead account?

    LOL> got your extremely large posterior fluffy unicorned!! For shame!

    I would happily post the entire conversation, verbatum. Let me grab MY BFF Tom for permission.

    See, you guys missed the point. I could provide complete transcripts, but we will summarize:

    tom: Hey, Q, I bet I could get into Cereals!
    Q: Why would you want to??t
    tom: for fun! It'd be a blast!
    Q; (knowing once an idea gets in his head, he goes full speed ahead): I doubt they are that gullible, but if you want to play, go for it. How are you gonna explain leaving us?
    tom: I left for chiefing, and the oasis trade. I can tell them you wouldn't let me have the oasis!
    Q: I'm thinking you underestimate them. I mean, you've been on my team for how many years? And you were listed in my "most valuable player" posts last round If they do any minute bit of research, they will know you and I are buddies, and you would never.

    tom: But it'll be so much fun!!t

    I failed to allow for the marvelous personality that is tom, who can sell ice to Eskimos, and, apparently, a plant to Cereals.

    Have mercy cmon :*(

    Petition to zero all his villages so he has no will to play and post any longer?

    I rarely post here, but just wanted to let you know, I've known him for some time...he's one of those former enemies Marksy mentioned? Killing him off the server won't shut him up. He's been known to leave accounts to his duals, and continue harrassing people on the server. You poked the bear. He will never quit.

    PS. Bet you won't like MY siggy either.

    Think we've nearly compiled them all for both sides. Quite a lot of cuts so you may actually have to look past the first wave... Sorry :(

    Daegon will probably be writing a ridiculously long forum post about it that you won't read as well which will take some time

    You're so fond of the forums, we decided to let you show whatever you chose, so you could put your own spin on it. Figured you'd get around to it after you arranged pushes for your people.

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