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    Each faction should have access to the same early small arties to balance it out ... i like that most of the unique arties have changed locations and the big vp region ...

    i get that this is in part designed to work against premade alliances, but trying to understand how factions affect alliances, knowing if 2 alliances in the same faction are automatically confeds, ... so many questions that need clarification.

    I like it mostly so far, but the information is so vague that no one will know what they are doing. Even returning players are likely scratching their heads trying to figure out what is going on. Some discussion about the idea behind factions would help give insight a to how to play this server.

    If veteran regional players are scratching their heads, new players will be even more lost.

    First, I disagree with the terminology used in your topic title ... abuse of duals insinuates that there is rules being broken or side stepped.

    Then somehow you equate duals to running bots or scripts and that they should be allowed to even out the playing field which by currently rules is a bannable offense, and who wants to play a game they only have to log into once a week?

    There is a learning curve to this game that is dramatic the instant beginners protection drops. One of the best ways to learn how to play is to find someone with skill, knowledge and patience in the game and dual with them. You learn the ebb and flow of the game. what to build, when to build it, what troops to train in which village and why. When to attack, when to raid, when to defend, when to dodge and spend down.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to maybe have a mentorship program of some type and maybe have a reward based on the experience a new player has learning to play the game? It may not be plausable but it might encourage new people to play or existing players to continue to playing.

    I have played other games like League of Legends, League of Angels, and then other war games all having some features not too far off Travian. Not one have I gone back to after stepping away for any length of time. Travian is the game I keep coming back to because it is NOT LIKE ANY OTHER GAME OUT THERE. I keep coming back to Travian for the community and for the challenge. Don't try to be like other games. They are not more successful and actually have a higher rate of one time players and fewer long term players. Travian is different, don't try to make it just another game.

    I would like to see maybe an option of a throwback server. Even if there is a poll to vote on previous version possibilities once a year.

    But please, whatever choice you make going forward, don't become just another game like all the rest.