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    Oh I agree a lot of it is outdated, however alot of it isn't, and some of it is core, which once understood, can allow a player to adapt to the new game mechanics themselves. Also I don't personally have the time/desire to build another guide- it takes a lot of time believe it or this will have to do.

    Show use how to play Huns as defenders Chris. I want to learn.

    Lmao anyone thats ever played with me will tell you, even when playing Gaul, I don't build defense. I'm an offense player through and through, always have been, probably always will be. One of the reasons why Huns is perfectly suited to me. I would be quite ok destroying for 6 months and then finally being destroyed myself- story of my trav career basically xD

    See and thats the problem isn't it? We would have needed to put in the effort we're doing with our account, to then combat A.A as well. And if you look at our positioning... all A.A would have needed to do is remove us and then everyone will have lost their hope again. I fully agree that its fairly cowardly... but my team all have a RL, its why we need a team in the first place. Atm I'm running to become president of my uni's student council, and stand a good chance. To then be involved in leadership, would be unfair to either the people in RL or the people in this game... see what I'm getting at?

    I certainly agree about our account joining A.A etc.

    My usual response to A.A would have been to organize and lead an alliance myself... or join an alliance and end up being drawn into leadership. I'm studying full-time though and don't have the time... therefore to not join A.A would basically be suicide.

    So as to not continue hijacking the other uk29 chats, I'll bring some of the chat here.

    I want to say welcome to Badegg! Those that know me from the old days will tell you that your experience of me thus far is very common. I see the forum as my playground, a place to have fun, do great banter, humiliate myself, humiliate others and overall, have a great bonding experience. Believe it or not, Travian used to be played on the forum! The UK forums used to be buzzing, wars were started and even ended on the forum lol.
    Do I have an ego? You bet! Do I know I have an ego? Sure do! Does it matter? Not a jot, as long as it ends up adding to the community, I'll keep displaying it in all its glory ;)

    Did Blaze make a bit of a fool of himself? Sure! Does it matter? Sure does! He'll learn from the experience and it will actually end up benefiting him in RL when people push his buttons! Win win, we've had a laugh, there's been some entertainment in the conflict, and he'll learn from the experience :)

    This is brilliant!

    First of all, it was me that was acting all high and mighty... because it was an act! I was making fun of them in jest! We were invited to join A.A before the server even started. We like starting out on our own, so that's what we did. But we've been on the waiting list long before I started "acting" all high and mighty.

    I believe most of them knew it was an act, which is why they didn't really respond lol... you have though, which means the joke's on you ;)

    Naturally my comments are lighthearted, or meant to be perceived as such at any rate.

    That being said... the alliance formerly known as Solo, has advanced to the next level. Now known as META, clearly challenging A.A, should surely qualify for an analyses! Can analyze their ego if nothing else ;)





    Actually, in football, for your team to come out with a win, does not always mean having more goals than the other team. Sometimes to simply prevent the other team from scoring would mean achieving success. Success is not determined by any particular result, but rather is determined on whether or not you achieved your aims.
    I'm suggesting you change your aim, because for you to build a WW to lvl 100, would be rather dull to everyone else's eyes. If you were to come to us and say you want to... I don't know, have all 60 of your members being in the top 100 at game end... now that would be an achievement. If you managed that, but didnt build a lvl 100 WW, we would still class it as success because thats what you set out to do.