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    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd create a thread for the purpose of journal entering. If you've had something interesting taking place in your 2019 adventure, why not write it down, enter it in this thread and entertain (or not?) the rest of the community with it :)

    My first entry comes in the form of an amusing sight. In the picture you'll see my neighbourhood... the villages with the orange border are banned accounts. My thoughts on the matter? On the one hand those could have been juicy farms...on the other hand, I suppose they do provide a bit of a cushion between me and any potential enemies. That's all though, don't have any strong feelings toward the sight, but do find it amusing that someone would go to so much effort!

    Rather enjoying the top spot in raiders personally and enjoying the responses to this thread, I'd like to add one or two tips.

    I'm all about start game raiding. Its where I thrive as its the place where you can really get ahead in the game. As such my advice is for starting off.
    The difference between rank 1 raiding, and rank 10 is significant. I generally find to be in the top 10 raiders you simply need to be among the top 10 most active accounts. To stand head and shoulders above the rest, requires a bit more.
    You need to be smart with your raiding. Figure out the production rates of your farms- or the likely production based on their population. You need to time the sending of your farm lists so you hit the closer farms hard and often during the day, and hit the farms further away, less hard but more in quantity, during the night. This can mean sending those lists that send you 100+ fields away, during the daytime hrs... but its pointless waiting till night time, sending them because you're going to sleep, and them landing the following morning after people have already woken up and cleared them.
    You also need to be proficient with your farm lists, maintaining theme very day based on your troops production.

    There's some other things which you can do if you think outside the box, which will really make a difference. I'm not going to name them as I'd rather not share my spoils with the whole community lol.

    And who doesn't like to brag?

    Why else work so hard to stand head and shoulders above everyone else:




    Trista Mok

    A H M A D

    Playing Huns for the first time. Week 3 rank 1 raider. Week 4, raiding double that of 2nd raider who's a teut.

    Suffice to say, I'm loving the Steppes. Having played all tribes in the past, I've always loved teuts and gauls most due to their raiding. Huns for me is the absolute perfect mixture between the tribes. We trained 120 mercenaries at the start, settled 1st, a full 12 hrs before anyone else, and then went full on with steppes. After 18 days we're raiding around 35k an hour. By the end of today, we should be at 1 mill a day. I've not managed that with teuts or gauls within 20 days.