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    Some additional issues/improvements I would like to see:

    1. There is no longer an indication of if you have enough troops to send your list. Similar to how previously the troop count would be displayed after you would hit 'select all' on the old list. I would like this in the empty header space.

    2. I feel like the Farm list header count should not include deactivated farms. I use this to keep track on how long its been since raids were last sent.

    However I believe the footer should remain the same.

    3. I feel like the 'check all' should exclude deactivated farms.

    I have used the "check all" function on the expanded list several times. Not once have I wanted it to select the deactivated farms. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

    4. I also agree that there needs to be some indication after a raid is sent. Maybe changing the header color or "start button' color would help keep track on which lists had been sent.

    And yes some feedback on this discussion would be great. TY

    GoW brought 2 full wings to settle in the woods. Do BPs spawn at -200 200 on the large map or are they just not playing for WW this round :/

    I dont think any of that matters.

    The Charts don't lie. Their bar is bigger and that means they are winning.

    Some features I'd like to see on it:

    it would be nice to have a sort feature as I tend to like my lists ordered by distance across all lists. Can also sort by total resources raided amount? sort by % capacity(total or last visit)? sort by troop type used? troop amount used? I don't know if this is something others would like, or what sort options others would like to see.

    Also an option to turn off report notifications for farm lists attacks with no losses.

    Auto-deactivate if village changes owners? (except if it turns into natars?)

    Auto-deactivate if there are troop losses? (not sure about this one as sometimes losses are expected)

    Of course if auto-deactivated, send report notification.

    Those are things I'd like to see, but I would like to know others input as well. :)

    players are sacrificing standard game play so account/s can be utilized in the best interests of a wwk/r.

    What is standard game play? Everyone plays differently.

    Yet Verdie has been attacked because He chose to play differently than you? Many people have time struggles.

    Are you really telling someone that they can't play a game with their friends if they don't have the time to play the way you expect them to?

    the definition of the rule has been twisted to allow many accounts to be used to benefit a single account

    He also defended many people including myself. I don't think that is the definition of 'benefiting a single account'.

    In traditional servers most alliances don't really exploit this type of tactic. To stay competitive with vices means other alliances also need to employ the tech tactic on a large scale, why hasn't it become vastly used by most alliances yet ?

    The idea of Garage accounts has been around since before T3.6. I guarantee there is at least 1 tech being used in every top 5 alliance on every server

    It's just something most players haven't signed up for. Players are opting not to go against vices and teams don't want to play vices anymore because it means having to warp definitions of the game in order to stay competitive

    "i dnt registar on game for tihs. Vice keep halpin each othr. unfair tictacs. i quit" - tonzo 2019

    Wow. This has been the biggest stretch of the interpretation I have seen...



    The rule is crystal clear to me. Tech by definition is not playing for its benefit. We have just seen Verdie's post confessing to not playing for its own benefit. But yes, feel free to spin it around. Either way, why is discussing this issue or disagreeing means being toxic?

    I literally never play for my own benefit. I play for my alliance to win. That is the goal, and I do everything I can to accomplish it.

    I hero cleared oasis in the first few days so other members could raid the res. Does that make me a tech?

    I helped clear UD and I never used it. Does that make me a tech?

    I stole LB and gave them to a defender. Does that make me a tech?

    I built up a SH village with TC 20 and let alliance use it for an arti home village. Does that make me a tech?

    I helped feed several Grey zone hammers that had their caps smashed. Does that make me a tech?

    I built up a village and let luke chief it for UD effect for grey zone troops. Does that make me a tech?

    I sent luke crop anytime that village was close to starving. Does that make me a tech?

    I sent defense to other accounts that DC called and let my own account get hit. Does that make me a tech?

    I pushed resources/let people raid me when they had Trainer** artis. Does that make me a tech?

    I sent attacks on several players that I was in no danger of being attacked by. Does that make me a tech?

    All of these are very normal things that players do. I guarantee 90% of players have done something that benefits an alliance member over their own.

    Where is the line here?

    Oh, you do have problems grasping it! Interesting.

    It was supposed to be WWK, but not necessarily a record breaking WWK. If we were obsessed with troop count as you are trying to spin this whole time, we would not be risking so much and raiding the whole map. We avoided only "inactives" close to Vices because they tend to be spiked more often than the rest. The fact that the server was so under raided helped massively with queuing and sharing resources with others. And after we unexpectedly got small diet close to the end, it became too easy.

    The fact that we never were attacked, never starved and managed to stay until the end proves that it's invincible.

    Another thing you can't seem to grasp is that not everything on the forum revolves around Vices. The post was made for everyone to read. For a group that keeps stressing that raiding isn't one of their interests, you guys are paying too much attention to a hard core raiding account that could not be of any help for your future plans.

    It is difficult to grasp when it seems all players involved in the account(s) have differing statements.

    You say "we were never trying to be a record breaking WWK" and the other says "YOU FOOLS YOU NEVER DID AN OP BECAUSE WE ARE SUCH A BIG THREAT THAT WE DID 6 LEVELS TO WW!!1!11!"

    Because we realized you weren't a threat, you think you're invincible? How delusional can you be?

    And with your logic, I am even more invincible than you. I had 20x more villages than you that managed to stay until the end.

    Anyone who isn't dumb/doesn't make a mistake can have a hammer until the end. It doesn't prove anything.

    And as for raiding, I was hard raiding every 3 minutes all inactive except natars while I was online. I tracked defensive points of most spiked villages. There was only ONE time when it was tracked to be a Vices player, and he had meant to send a large raid and hit reinforce on accident. There were a few Rest players, but the biggest spikers came from SW and Mayhem alliance. C2I and LL took care of most of them in their massive killing spree. :thumbsup:

    This thread was an attempt at autofellatio but it just ended up being sad/funny because things... didn't quite measure up..

    If you had made an ops ever - which it seems you didn't - and if you claim that you did, I'd say the pre-requisite of such an op is a zeroing op fake on Anomander

    Sorry, this is just the dumbest statement I've seen on these forums and I had to point it out.

    Its basically saying "Since I wasn't attacked, you basically attacked nobody ever". And that idiotic mindset is based on a preconceived notion of how you think an enemy op should be run? Do you not realize we noticed the account early on and saw that beyond raid score, it wasn't performing well... at anything? It is easy to track pop, and its easy to assume massive raid losses.(I lost 18.6k total EI from spikes this round)Everything has a cost/benefit ratio, and anomander account was "feeder Ops on day 220" levels of low on our charts.

    Also, I don't think pre-requisite means what you think it means...

    Anomander settled so close to WW, just like No One and Lady Winter, because Gal Gadot was part of the original set up. The idea was to help support WW. WWK was never the primary goal. But people left, for various reasons and those who remained decided that they just can't cover WW madness too. But we offered full support to the new ww holder.

    So... a thread called "invincible WWK"... was never supposed to be a WWK... but was meant to help feed WW? And you keep saying since Vices never attacked it, it was a perfectly executed plan? Make up your mind...

    I was playing on Stardust Dragon. The one that took Unique Confusion away from Untouchable before you guys could take it. :P

    I was on the way to pick up UC. Had 23 minutes until I landed when you picked it up :P

    you guys never did any OPs and that's why no one wants to play against you. same bs 2 rounds in a row. enjoy your victory that has 0 value to anyone outside of your team.

    Last year - "You lost because you didn't do OPs."

    This year - "You won because you didn't do OPs."

    10/10 logic.

    Harsh truth is, Op hammers and defense were all we needed to win this server. OPs took a large amount of arties mid-game and then proceeded to zero your WWs end-game. There were many successful ghosts, and huge WWR/WWKs, but supermeta WWKs were lacking and did minimal damage. Our defense team did amazing and deserve the honors. <3

    This post is so cringe. I can see creating it if there was actually something to brag about... but it is like "Look at how much work we put into doing nothing. Now tell me I'm pretty!"

    Imagine how we felt when your friend Tinky made that little post and screamed cheaters. I see it's deleted now. I guess mods decided that it didn't contain the proof you claimed you had. Tinky, thank you again for pointing out publicly the absurdity of this server <3

    That's fine too. We are all free to think whatever we want.

    Even when everything is explained to us.

    Send my love to Tinky. He's been awfully quiet lately. This server would have had a much different ending without him.

    Why are you so obsessed with me? There seems to be a lot of salt after getting your ass handed to you this round.


    Also, I'm a mom of three with a full time job who ran a solo account that had a 130k EI ghost hammer that crippled your biggest WWR. GG.

    Also, entire vices skype agrees that TEN was hands down a more formidable opponent than SGR.

    Thank you, Ridder Huma . Do you have an estimated time on how long it will take? Since we are in active end-game every second matters.

    Ticker This is a serious thread involving an in-game bug. You have stated many times that you do not play on the server. I do not see that you have anything to contribute here. Please take your trolling to the other thread.

    I agree with the requests above.

    I also would like a formal explanation/investigation with information on how each WW on the game world was effected by the bug.

    And I would also like appropriate action to rectify the issues caused by the bug including any violation of Terms that are found.

    On Com1 we have found that when WW reaches 0 crop, no starvation occurs.

    We have reported the issue in game 15 days ago with no action yet taken. The bug is now being actively exploited by others.

    I believe this has been posted on other gameworlds and has something to do with this update:

    Change to starvation system

    Can we please get a speedy resolution to this?

    Ameno  Ridder Huma


    The architects unique secret

    - This artefact gives your village additional protection against catapults and rams. It makes buildings and walls ‭‭5‬×‬ more stable.

    please check this from your tc. UA effected buildings too. not only walls.

    WW is excluded. It works for wall and other buildings in the WW village, but not WW itself.

    This is the third time you bring up the same issue and the answer is yes, I did if anyone was offended. Please read the posts more carefully before repeating yourself and move to the other thread.

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