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    I just got an idear! ^^

    Suggestion: Would it be possible to insert a "take ressources from hero inventory"-button somewhere in the building-screens?

    It would be a quality of life upgrade. ^^ I imagen on mid- or late-game it wouldnt impact anything, but in earlygame it would make fast building a little easier. We wouldnt need to calculate how many ressources are missing to take them from the hero, but could simply click and get them.

    maybe a second quality of life upgrade would be a similar button for "take from another village" where if presst a merchant is sent with the nessesary amount, if present in the other village.
    This could even be a plus-feature or goldclub, but ofcourse i would prefer it as a vanilla-feature. :)

    or should it post this in the real suggestion-threat? :/

    i just noticed:

    My hero is defending one of my villages. I send him as reinforcement without repositioning him. Now I can forward him to another village, but i can not send him on an adventure without pulling him back to his homevillage.

    I dont know if this is intentional or not. But if it is intentional, I dont understand why. ^^

    In my opinion x1 is perfect speed for this type of server.

    i guess this simply comes down to personal preferances. But Travian has large phases of downtime where nothing real is to be done and than other highly stressful times where you can´t keep up with the game. But that has (atleast for me) allways been a problem of the game on all typs of servers.

    So Good News! The Context-Messages now work-ish? The OK-button works! And the messages are closeable. But I dont get real Messages but instead only CSS-Strings to serverlokations where the Messages seem to be stored.

    So... one issue fixt, another one intruduced. :thumbsup:

    Kidding. :) Good Work so far. But i wonder if there will be time to change/rethink some of the gameplay-issues like the tasks-order or the start-buildings.

    it seems that i get some Task-Rewards a second time for the second village. Unless this is intentional it might be a bug. not that i would be complaining :saint:

    Ameno said somewhere that this is intentional, for more than one village.

    right! In the tasks overview a forth categorie appeart for the second village, but you only see this if you open the big task window. in the small overview down right this isnt apperant. this could be made more obvious through renaming the duplicated second village quests slightly.

    If it was made clear for everyone from the start that they can't settle new villages before 5 hours have passed. Then they wouldn't feel like they are in such a rush and can actually pay attention to the actual gameplay first.

    i want to second that! ^^ good idear. I feel very confused and a little stressed about the start, because i have the impression von loosing time while figuring out all the new stuff. And I am a first-time Regions-Player so i get double confused.

    next suggestion:
    A Regions-World-Map.

    I needet way to long to find the Regions-Overview and now i find it unnessesary hard to navigate. A simple, styliesed worldmap where in short (maybe through colors or overlays) is shown witch region is settleable and gives what power would be way more practical than the list we have now.

    Or does somthing like that exist and i didnt find it yet? In this case the menues need a little clean-up. ^^

    one suggestion atleast for the first village:

    faster buildspeed or a higher mainbuilding at the start.

    Lv5 fields are nice and being able to settle two villages imediatly, but it feels as if you cant spend so many ressources in an adequat speed in the beginning. Atleast the first 3 or so levels of the warehouse and the grannery for the first village could build faster than usual or be given at spawn. (and maybe a marketplace lv 1 :saint: ) to put more quickness in this quickstart.

    Little Feedback on the Starting-Tasks:

    The first Battle-Task is : "Use your settlers!"
    The third World-Task is: "Open the map!"

    shouldn´t it be the other way around? You need to open the map in order to send the settlers. Now the "Build an embassy"-Task must be completed befor one can see the Map-Task.

    Its nothing importand, only a little unintuitiv task-order.