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    Really nice statistics! Thank you for the work.

    The german speaking meta is satisfied with this server and proud of the results especially off and deff per team member :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    and we still have a few leaders left. ;)

    Yestarday and today:

    Buddy seems sad

    Really sad but understandable after 6 weeks of permanent russian attacks. And Undertaker can still be proud that he burried one of the unknown offs in his main village. where is the third one? ;)

    yes, we loose villages, but tonight less than expected. one russian off walled and several chieftains killed. we are proud of almost 8 mio deff points. and still a lot of deff to come from our side. 8)

    Vala Morgulis!

    Concerning my capital. Yes, it was almost zeroed. but the reports aren't that interesting.

    and it was not the first succesfull deff. some offs have been buried by the undertaker last friday. otherwise you cannot explain almost 6 million german deff points.

    but relax. it's just a game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. that's life. :saint: