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    That is a discussion for the other thread. Isn't it? =)

    If you have forgot:

    Building plans coords.

    North West= (-18|30) (-35|4) (-45|37)

    South West= (-26|-25) (-10|-57) (-55| -20)

    North East= (33|12) (12|33) (10|56) (55|20)

    South East= (30|-20) (4|-35) (44|-37)

    The defense have been the same for several years


    hello. Can you explain which alliances from vietname were with Uollas&co?:/Info from italians? i think you wrote wrong info

    I think she meant Vietnamese ally in the grey zone. From what I know that VN just had NAP with the Italians so they can focus on fighting CUP. No reinforcement, no coordinated attack, no artefacts exchageging between VN and Uollas meta. So I would not say that VN was a part of that Meta!

    I read on alliance profiles and then the alliances was called Danger, Newface and Deff VN, but it is a month ago.


    As this took a month to finish and I haven't had time to double-check let's start with a WW list.


    All WWs are now taken, you get 5 keys to Final for each WW and the wildcards will be limited.

    Who builds serious? And who have the best chance to win?

    My bet:

    1. Natassa or Orion for SW meta. They have a lot of backup.
    2. Dolongdao for VTU. They have the Unique and a fair amount of players.
    3. Mordor, CUP, Exodus and SH. Mordor has an architect and will probably get a plan or two too. I haven't checked if the BP coords is in reach for CUP but both SH and Exodus will have trouble getting one - if they don't manage to conquer.

    Feel free to add your bets! I still have gifts left from Final I can share if you comes up with an own analysis :)


    One meta in this quad and several independent alliances. NewOrder belongs to the SW-meta but have had a strong influence on this quad. They don't look as overwhelming/ strong as in last qual on Germany. They also have lost players due to the bad endgame in last Final. But they are still strong enough to make havoc on the other alliances in this area.

    Neworder has a tight grip on the inner area in NW. Many are the villages they have conquered from their opponents.

    57 players

    Small boots, 2 eyes, storage, fool

    Great eyes, 2 confusion

    Unique boots


    SH, WeGa

    Many former members in SH and HS has deleted. SH is new to the Tournament. Wega is, so far, the only vietnamese alliance that haven’t joined the VNF meta.

    Strongholds outside Neworders area.

    167 players

    Small architect and 2 confusion

    Great boots, diet, trainer.

    WoW -100/100



    Ottomans, many former members deleted.


    Interview with Thomas from NewOrder

    S: A short update about you and your alliance please :)

    T: I was playing some region servers next to finals and also during the break to get some new experiences and I really like those kind of servers. However, I’m missing competition so I came back to the recent TT together with our alliance „NewOrder“. Due to the „desaster“ of last finals we lost several member and we are here to reform a new team and to prepare our style of gaming for the next finals. We’re a quite mixed team now with friends from France (former Poilus), Germany, Netherlands and some more people from all over the world. Build-up a team with so many

    S: Did you play in a meta last Final and which? Are you going to play with them again?

    T: We have played the last finals together with our friends of „Uollas-Meta“. I’m not sure, if we’re going to play together again since there need to be talks about some stuff, which needs to be solved for first. But whatever will happen, I’m loving my italian friends!

    S: Why did you chose to start in NW?

    T: We’re here in the end with mostly all alliances of our former Meta. Our friends are primarly playing for tickets so we decided to go to a neighbour-sector to have some more competition and some fights and dont just sim and cluster in safe zone.

    S: What do you think of your opponents as SH and Wega?

    T: WeGa seems to be some kind of serious enemy since theyre attacking coordinated and so on. However, they use a lot of Multi so we want to punish them for this ;)

    SH seems to be not that coordinated. They attack a lot randomly and so on. But we’re also fighting with Newface and AOTW-Meta so it’s kinda busy sector.

    S: I have counted your meta to 980 accounts, some of them as you (NewOrder) in NW and Vietnam in SE. Why have you joined such a big meta already in qualification?

    T: Our decision was to play for tickets as meta, so it’s not a decision for this server only It was made before and could last fort he next servers.. We decided to keep together and don’t fight, since a lot of players wants to enjoy the summer. As already explained before, that was the reason to go for NW. Some subgroups within our meta are playing in an active way, so probably we will also see a wonder of the world.

    3. S: Your thoughts about the new rules to qualify? 10 villages or top100 off or deff.

    T: Maybe let me extend this question. First, I think that qualifications is a filling server only. Yes, it could be nice to form alliances for finals and also to recruit new players. But in the end, the most alliances and metas are fixed, which result in mostly playing for tickets for several big groups which do not want to invest time to organise such a server if finals will follow directly after the qualifying servers. I can understand this. 10 villages or top100 off/deff may reduce multis for finals. That’s all. Even with less efforts in outback area it’s easy to get a ticket. In the end I only see medium benefits by the new rules.

    4. S: The new confederations system? Good or bad.

    T: Very good! I hope it will support more competition. Anyways, the metas probably won’t change in composition, but new strategies and tactics are necessary which could be exciting and also those mass deffense in wonder of the world will be significantly lower, which results in the opportunity to also do damage at higher levels. I didnt calculate untill now, but maybe there will be also a comeback of ww ram hammers. Furthermore, as a raider, I enjoy that any kind of systematically farm defending is not possible anymore.

    5. S: The new ban system?

    T: In early on this server a lot of players seems to get banned for absolutely no reason (thanks to TG btw for the great communications). Furthermore, hardcore abusing with mass multis like we saw for those arabs, especially the ex PWR alliance, is still possible and TG is reacting too slow here. I mean, if they can use like 500 gaul multi to boost for 2 weeks untill they got banned/deleted, it is pointless.

    6. S: If you could choose freely among the alliances in tournament. How should your dream team for next Final look like?

    Maybe a boring answer, but I’m absolutely happy playing together with the people I’m playing at the moment.


    Two metas here too, AOTW a CS alliance and Mordor&Co from Thailand.

    AOTW has a stronghold near center but also a lot of players spread in the quad. Have lost members.

    Small boots and a fool.

    (2 great trainers lost to Mordor.)

    Unique trainer

    194 accounts


    Mordor&Co are spread in a big area.

    FF-TH: Small architect

    Arnor: Small eyes

    Mordor: Small diet, confusion and 2 fools.

    Great architect, boots, confusion, 2 trainers

    Unique diet

    WW 100/100

    132 players


    Summary: Mordor have been able to capture more artefacts and also holds a WW. AOTW seems to have had a hard server and been target for both VTU, NewOrder and Mordor.


    In this quad we have 2 metas that was friends in the beginning but have split up now.

    My numbers/architects is still 1 week old and I don't claim that this is absolute correct :)

    CUP is forming a compact area in the middle but didn't get an architect. They have members from several domains, Russia, Latin and mixed international.

    CUP: Small architect, eyes, trainer, storage, confusion and fool.

    Great boots, 2 Eyes, 1 diet and storage.

    Unique confusion.

    WoW 100/-100

    CUP-BL look as a alliance for multies. A lot of accounts deleted the 26 July.

    CUP M’s profile says that VNF are friends.

    328 players


    VTU a pure vietnamese meta that have won this qualification once before.

    VTU: Small eyes, trainer, diet and fool, 2 storage. 2 small boots, 1 small trainer, 1 confusion.

    Great architect and diet.

    Unique eyes

    WoW 100/0 and 11/6

    343 players.


    Summary: The 2 metas is equal in size. VTU is known to build big hammers. CUP is missing the polacks, but have the Russians that are very good players. We will know if they still have a hidden nap when the hammers begin to run vs WW.


    Mönke from DT who got me to start with the maps, together with Canis Lupus.

    S: A short update about you and your alliance please :) Did you play in a meta last Final and which? Are you going to play with them again?

    M- We played with the Russian. In Bad International. About the finals we have to see. Its way to early, to decide who we will join. But we will join a big Meta again. We got some offers and will make a voting before the finals.

    S: Why did you chose to start in SW?

    M: It was random - We just picked one

    S: What was your reaction when you saw how overcrowded that quad was?

    M - We are up for the challenge ;-)

    Maybe the natars will help us !!

    S: I have counted them to 1070 accounts, some of them as NewOrder in NW and Vietnam in SE. How is it to play against such an overwhelming amount of players?

    Edit: This was the first interview, some things changed.

    M- We choose not to be in a big Meta but play as a small elite team because we wanted more action. I guess we got it ;-)

    We choose our own destiny and we don't cry about it. Its the name of the game. You win - you loose. BUT we have not lost, we will still continue to put up a good fight even if the odds is against us. That is how we play in DT.

    S: Your thoughts about the new rules to qualify? 10 villages or top100 off or deff.

    M - The 10 village limit is obvious a good rule because it makes it harder for the cheaters to get a farming account or fake account into the finals. It will be very time consuming if they need to build at least 10 village pr account and keep them above the limit. Another point is that the rule reduce the number of inactive accounts on the finals,,,Is more fun to play against other players who is active than to be in a area filled with inactive accounts.

    S: The new confederations system? Good or bad.

    M- its bad from our point of view. It makes it very hard to play in small Elite Alliances. One big problem is when we put pressure on a Confed by making off plans the targets under attack just jump in a new Confed in their Meta and receive deffensive troops from a new Confed and after the attacks the jump back. It kills the game. Travian should make a rule if under attack - the account can't receive troops from a new Confed if jumping alliance within 12 hours.

    S: The new ban system?

    M- Its seems to work better than the old one

    S: If you could choose freely among the alliances. How should your dream team for next Final look like?

    M- We haven't got time to look around ;-)

    But if we could find a small tight groups of friends like in DT with a great spirit and teamwork then it would be great.

    We haven't got time to look around ;-)

    on this qualification. But if we could find a small tight group of friends like in DT with a great spirit and teamwork then we could together create a Dream Team. In the last final 2018 , we had a very good relationship with the Russian Meta and Bad International. One of their leaders was Ekaterina aka "Promter". She is currently taking a break for Travian, but we think she would have been a great head coach for a dream team with DT.

    Emerik from Exodus

    1.Hello everyone, I am Sex Pistols, leader of Exodus alliance, on group International, tournament 2019. It's a new nickname, probably just for the summer, people know me as Emerik aka Teutonic Steel, one of Dacia main leaders.

    I have played with Dacia for many years, had the chance to be part of leadership and with the help of my players we've made Dacia a reputable and strong meta alliance, with 2 victories under the belt, in world cup finals, actually 3 wins, if we count 2013-2014, when we worked together with Uollas and EU Meta.

    However the future is a bit uncertain, there's to many old grudges between myself and other Dacia leaders and on top of that we have the new confederation system who limits teams at 240 accounts to support WW, so there's no incentive to play with a huge meta anymore.

    Maybe it's time for small elite teams to show strength, it's a shift from quantity to quality, a big change in strategy, that I will embrace. I think the next finals will be a very dynamic server with at least 5 or 6 competitors in WW race :)I decided to start qualification server on groupINT , SW quadrant with the purpose to make new friends, look for potential allies and stay away from Arab-Italian meta that I heard will play in NE, so I went opposite quad. Not because I was afraid, but because it's summer time and all players have families and more outdoor activities in this season. Seemed the best choice at that moment :)

    2.We are all veterans and fought so many battles already, we had absolutely no problem seeing SW overcrowded. We like a challenge :)

    Because I only have 100 accounts in my team, together with my council we decided to settle a bit further from central area in order to avoid being surrounded from all sides and beeing overwhelmed by sheer numbers, so we extablished a stronghold in -130|-120 area. Only a bunch of arabs and just a few italians arrived close to us, so I can't say we had to much trouble :)

    Probably after artefacts, things will change, but it will turn into a nice training exercise nevertheless.

    3. In order to qualify, one needs to finish in top 100 attack / defence OR have minimum 10 villages. I think it's great ! It was far to easy to get into the finals in the past years and world cup is not really for all noobs of travian planet :)

    If you cant build 10 villages in a 2x server, your activity is not good enough and it's probably better to play other servers anyway :)

    4. New confederation system = Good. No more spiking, defence can only be organised inside confederation, so if we attack a big meta from another quadrant, they cant bring defence to all targets from their 1k-2k accounts :)

    And World Wonders need very strong confederation and more strategy and planning than before, while in the past big metas were always favorite to win, things are different now, so yes, pretty cool :)

    5. The new ban system has a few issues, it seems to me that the number of false positives is bigger than usual, but i know TG is working hard and making adjustments on a daily basis, overall is good have the auto-ban system in place to stop obvious cheaters fast. If you are dealing with a ban and you are innocent, you can always talk with TG and they can revert the penalty. Just remember to be nice and provide evidence that can help you :)

    Together we are helping TG to adjust the ban system for a better travian.

    6. Dream Team for tournament finals will be Uollas + HYPE (ex Mafia) and for hammers hmm arab team E.S / checkersB is pro, also Cerber and lately even Vietnam is proving to have a strong hammer team. But who knows, next tournament finals could provide surprises in terms of top alliances, there's definitely a lot of potential amongst russians, romanians, polish, lithuanians and many more :)

    Orion leader SPQR

    1 My ally will still continue to play the finals and will try to do a good job for the meta.

    Last year we was in the Uollas meta, but after the roll back a big part of them deleted,,,not spqr,, I hope for another way this year.

    2 We just start there, without a nice reason.

    No reaction to see the quad, I was happy to see the Dacia next to us.

    It is not easy to say,,,whit the new rules about the confederation ecc ecc the game will be more different,,, for me Mordor can win the server.

    3 good idea,,, now the players have to play and the server became a little bit fun.

    4 Nice question,,,we will see, but I like some restriction.

    5 A shit

    6 I like my meta, but I would like to have all the italian players in one meta and not in 2 3 4 meta ecc ecc.


    I haven't double-checked the numbers/artefacts. They are a week old.

    I had to do a lot of maps for SW because it is so crowded. Let's start with the Italians.

    2 small boots, 1 small storage, 1 small fool.

    Great architect, boots, eyes, confusion.

    Unique fool.

    WoW 0/-100 and -5/11.

    Two strongholds, one close to center and the other around -150 at the border to NW.

    346 accounts.


    The second big part of this meta is the Arabs.

    2 small diet, 2 small trainers, I small storage, 1 small confusion, 2 small fools.

    Great diet and storage.

    Most Arabs have settled far out. Notable is that Power-full that have hold the top raider position with the double amount raided compared to the others until now have dropped down. Can it have something to do with that the second alliance around him, PWR-B has got most of their members deleted? And a lot of accounts in his area have been turned to natars...

    281 accounts.


    The third part of this meta is G&V, and NewOrder.

    NewOrder: 1 small boots, 2 small eyes,1 storage and 1 fool.

    Great eyes, Confusion.

    Unique boots.

    G&V: small diet and trainer.

    Great architect, trainer

    Unique architect

    WoW -100/0

    G&V is situated in SW on the border to NW, NewOrder in NW.

    151 accounts.


    This map contained 3 Vietnamese alliances but they joined their meta in SE. Left is NKRI and Fr.

    NKRI: small artefact.

    Several NKRI-players have settled as far out as you can go. There is a small Russian ally named Fr that also have settled far out.

    73 players


    Summary: After that the Vietnamese left this meta is down to 851 accounts, still biggest on the server. Seems at a bit overkill for a meta in qualification. Ofc favorites to win the server due to the amount of players – if they cooperate and not only use the meta to sim trough the server :D

    Natassa in G&V holds as usual a WW. Will she finally be the winner of a qualification?

    Together they hold a great amount of architects even though they lost not so few when the Vietnamese changed side.

    The opponents on the last map from SW is Exodus and DT.

    Exodus: Small architect, eyes, trainer and fool.

    Great storage and confusion.

    Booth have formed strongholds a little bit out between Italians and Arabs but close enough to have some fun.

    Even though their low number, 159/18 they don’t seems to be worried to fight against the meta with 5x as many players.


    The World

    It's time for maps :) I started to do maps the 31 July, there have been changes, alliances have changed name and Vietnam has formed an own meta. With exception for Wega that seems satisfied to continue their confed with SH.

    I don't claim that my maps, numbers, artefacts are absolute correct ^^ but they should give a good picture of the server.

    First a short look on the whole map. 3062 players today, I have placed 2300 of them in alliances.

    In NorthEast We have AOTW and Mordor/Arnor. Thai and CS-players.

    SouthEast is housing Vietnam and CUP - that is a meta with players from several domains.

    SouthWest is the most populated quad. 2 metas and a lonely alliance. 1. Italians/Arabs/G&V, 2. Exodus, 3. DT.

    Exodus is a new constellation lead by Emerik and DT has many players from Denmark.

    Finally in NorthWest we have NewOrder and SH/Wega. NewOrder was originally an german alliance but have had an reorganisation. SH is new to tournament and Wega is as mentioned above from Vietnam.

    Vietnam is also represented here by VTU-NF

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 19QWorld26.8.png

    I would like to but discussions about bans are forbidden :P

    Artefact def

    Any more reports? It's a difference between Group B and International.

    Small from group C (France)


    Large from B (Russia)


    Large from International


    Unique from B


    To be continued..

    In fact it is no hosts at all this year, only groups. The domains is listed in the order they was drawn, I asked about it. But for some reason Turkey, Russia, France and Germany was drawn in different groups ^^

    Maybe next year a couple of them will be drawn in the same group? Or the drawing isn't that random :P

    And I am a bit conservative so to keep in mind which server is which I call them as I am used to..

    About to qualify

    In the end of July I started to wonder about how many that will qualify by the new rules. Short thereafter a player from DT contacted me about how their little ally could survive in SW that was so crowded – so I started to do maps. And then the artefacts arrived so I asked for reports.

    Two weeks later I had time to continue, finished my maps and start to look for interviews. So this grow bigger and bigger and now it’s the end of August and I need to get this done, Kingdoms test starts again on Wednesday :D

    Let’s start with how many that will qualify so far. I believe that you at this moment need to have at least 5-6 villages if you shall be able to get 10 before end. If you have less now you probably are to lazy to be done in time. Don’t forget the risk that you can loose villages too.

    I think this the 10-villages rule is good and that it will lead to more motivated players that qualifies to Final and hopefully plays the Final too.

    About the limit Top100 in off or def. I doubt that will give more than a handfull players on every server that qualifies. As many years as I have counted the qualifiers it has been rare to find players on Top100 that not have qualified by pop.

    The table includes how many players that have 5-6 villages or more. The off/def points on Top100 for the moment.

    International is the biggest server this year and also has the most players that will qualify. The Arabia server has had a remarkable decrease in the amount of players after the new bot/multies detection system has been set in function.

    Edit: Turkey corrected - similar to Germany and France.

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 19qualifymidgame-1.png

    To be continued...

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    BAD isn't playing but you have players from that meta in Power&Co and they are used to win this qualification. Winter is a worthy opponent and it should be fun if they manage to take the victory.