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    Saf, I don't think you're allowed to do Giveaways.

    Stellamini is a bit uptight about that kinda thing.

    I do as I am supposed to do with those vouchers. I got them from Martina last year to use as give aways. I could have used the resting ones myself but instead I have bought my own gold =). I'm really is a too honest person :P

    I don't have wildcards to give away this year but I found 30gold vouchers that I had forgotten that I had. They are valid to 31 December so it was lucky I suddenly reminded them.

    You can check here the top10 banners from last year (I'm too lazy to try to find them on forum).…al-contest-top10-banners/

    You can tell me to use the old ones or make new. If my Corner team don't get to involved making their owns they will act as jury.

    The banner that gets most votes will get 5x 30 gold, the second will get 3x, the third 2x 30 gold. 4 to 10 will get one 30 gold each.

    Only one banner per player and I prefer the format 400x1100. It shall be possible to scale them down to 100x300 and still be readable. They don't need to be exactly that size, it is most to give you an idea how they shall look.

    The contest ends the 21 November at midnight.


    But why in every server we can saw many claim from account which dont use anything (for example one meta dont play after that in previous TT) and why "TG system dont have any error" is a old mem in community?

    If they delete 25k bots and 10 high tier player which wake up with alarm every day its not effective system.

    bearenok my dear, those devoted high skilled players have such a floating handling of the game. They are so sure of how to do that all movements goes automatic, they do it better than the bots and scripts. They are too active - it's their own fault they got banned.

    You have to see it from the other side. When the best players have left it gives the less skilled players a chance to show themselves.

    It is a the wildcard topic for this tread. All in all it is a sad story. We got information, maybe it wasn't planned , maybe Ridder Huma only thought he should give us info that would be interesting, maybe TG got blinded about the high numbers and forgot how deceptive we players are when it comes to produce emails.

    One thing is sure, TG will be very cautious about sharing info with us again. Our reaction when from our point of view a promise have been broken will guarantee that.

    But why do we care, most players are after all ignorant about this.

    • How many players will play Tournament Finals? - 7387
    • How many points will top-1 hero have? 5634
    • How many players will settle second villages? 1393

    No account yet, waiting for Final but account name will be Safiren

    Maybe I can answer the questions :)

    1. Tournament Qualification Statistics

    I do it every year so it should be no secret for anyone if you simple read my Corner :P

    2. I havent added this to my post above. If it's to hard for you to count yourself I can tell you it is 13 WW on every server x5x6 and 100 keys for Top10 off/deff x6 too.

    I don't like the off/deff rewards the only they do is encouraging players to bend the rules to get them - which leads the ones that think they should have them because their points was fair to do the same thing to keep their ranks. I have no solution on the problem but it makes a lot of unsatisfied players every year.

    3. The bot detection system have been effective, which can be seen on the arabian qual server firsthanded.


    Skip the wildcard lottery by email. Give them away by Facebook and Forum where there are real ppl behind the accounts.

    Same as Safiren asked you (your official travian reporter)

    I'm not official reporter any longer and the reason you can read here: Tournament Qualification Statistics

    Safiren TG will pay for your review TT this year? :)

    No, I have tired on all players cheating and bending the rules. I'm disappointed that so many of my friends think it is ok (and you're one of them). I can interview a player and next week it shows up he is one of the rule benders.

    In short - I don't enjoy this any more. I told TG that already in the beginning of last Final but I had a contract and I fulfilled it. They haven't asked me for this year.

    I want to see what happens with the new confed system so I stay for this Final. I will do some writings but not on a regular basis.

    Ridder Huma_COM

    Oh dear, 300 would have been more adequate..

    3000 keys is half of the amount that qualified so why play qual if it will be so easy to get a wildcard? Especially that most of them will be used for multies or tech or for selling keys. 200.000 submissions... what it tells us is that ppl have made a great effort to get keys for cheating.

    It is not what we asked for I have to say.

    We thought you finally had listened on us and now you show you haven't at all.

    Last statistics

    All winning WW accounts was Egyptians.


    I have chosen to only show alliances Top20 because so many of Top20 players have bend the rules to get the awards and why glorify them?

    This year we will be able to transfer remaining gold from Qualifications to Final. If you have saved your resting gold from last Final you shall be able to use it on this Final.

    Conditions of the Tournament

    2. Termination

    b) Unused Credits will not be paid out in cash. However, any Credits that have not been used by the end of the qualification round can be transferred to another respective game world with name “COM” under Unused credits can be transferred from a qualification

    server to the final server. Should a player abort his/her participation in the final, or when the final ends, unused Credits cannot be transferred to a national game server.

    International ended 13 October


    This is the server for those domains that wasn’t drawn to play in Group A-D (of course they still are free to play where they want). Uollas meta from Final played here minus Turks. Exodus from Romania. CUP that is a mixed meta. Mordor from Thailand, to mention some.

    As expected the meta in SouthWest won, G&V was the chosen alliance to take the victory – and I was surprised that it wasn’t Natassa that built the WW. NewOrder was second and NØA third. All 3 belonging to the big Italian/Arab meta.

    Exodus got a plan from Vietnam and bravely challenged the bigger meta but was quite outnumbered.

    Vietnam that formed a bigger meta after artefacts didn’t succeeded to fulfill their intentions. It looks as they had internal problems as they ended up not being able to build after level 49.

    Mordor got 2 planst from CUP after their WW was down and ended up as rank 4.

    Time to confess that I played here, I started late - the night before they closed the servers. It wasn’t easy to catch up at first but I ended up with 12 villages and cp for 8 more. I need to be better building troops though. I’m a bit rusty after 4 years with only one village for observation.

    It wasn’t easy to find an alliance. Most didn’t even answer my tries to contact.




    Arabia ended 10 October


    A server for players that speaks arabic.

    This year two metas equally in size but the winners, Arab, has more experience from earlier Tournaments. TS have a bit to go before they can be a real opponent. Arab ended the server with chiefing all except one WW from TS.

    After the new bot detection system was implemented last year the surviving accounts has dwindled in a high degree, from being the biggest server to be the smallest. A section af arab players took their bad habits to International – and got a lot of accounts deleted.

    I had an account here too. I like this server – the players are always so polite. I was invited to an alliance but translater don’t work well with arabic so I had trouble to understand the MMs, most didn’t make any sense at all. I stopped on 12 villages here too and also qualified by def – not so hard – lol.

    I had a quarrel with a neighbor, was lucky to be online most of the times he sent catas or raids and to snipe his catas was no problem. So more action here than on International.

    One thing that fascinated me was that so many sent 21+1 as fakes and when I tried to talk about that they was convinced that it was minimum to send.





    Group A ended 11 october


    All invited domains played here. The Chinese seems to have dominated the server and won. Turks was second and Latinos third. Netherlands was represented by the alliance Kluns.

    Turks was less than in past rounds, for example COF was missing, many can’t afford to pay for gold due to the bad exchange rate and it‘s not fun to play without when you are used to it.

    This is the first time Turks haven’t won their own server.





    Group B ended 11 October


    I couldn’t find any trace of players from Anglospere. The closest to an alliance from Anglo is SH that played on International.

    B have had a similar development. Old alliances as BAD and Cerber have chosen to not play. That made it possible for SMURFS to take the lead and win. Winter was second and Energo third.

    Also the first time a non russian alliance won this server.





    Group C ended 11 October


    All invited played and also H.M.B. a mixed alliance that played in the RU meta in Final. I think I saw some Thai too.

    It happen a lot here the last days, I will quote my source from the winning alliance IA:

    We were fourth, then we stole unique Architect of PL, cat PL WW.

    Dacia cat our WW, we cat Dacia WW :D

    Then we stole one BP of CS, CS stole from Dacia, so they could build on and then we stole another one of CS, so they cant build anymore and stay on lvl 93.

    Ah and one bp stolen from L after the robbery of the unique Architect, and yesterday we deffed with it our bp vs PL :D

    And now we are all happy and tired!


    I think it was a while since a German alliance won on this qualification so congrats :)

    PL ended up as second and CS was number 3.





    Group D ended 10 October


    All invited played and also players from Italy. Nordic was represented by IWNL with many from Finland.

    I told about schism in HUN in past Endgame post and it ended as foretold. The small independent Hungarian alliance GS won because the bigger HUN alliance refused to attack a country fellow even if they had parted.

    HUN second and IT third.





    What can we expect in Final? It’s not much talk about who will confed with who, leaders prefer to keep it a secret. The combination the new confed rules and that several alliances have decided to not play will make the startfield a little more unsure than we have been used to the latest years.

    From Internatonal we can discern 4 groups: Uollas/SPQR/G&V/NewOrder/Arabs, CUP plus Mordor?, Exodus, Vietnam- if they solve their internal problems.

    From Arabia we can’t expect many players and some had an account on International too. Not enough coordinated to form a meta on their own.

    On Group A Turks has a similar problem. Leaders has left, players too. But maybe now when they are not so many the resting ones can easily make agreements - but honestly I doubt it.

    Chinese played with Prime last year, Prime isn’t playing as far as I know. China is many enough to go for an own meta.

    From Group B we have SMURFS that played with Dacia last year. I have seen “CS” alliances on at least 3 servers, if they will be able to cooperate I don’t know, probably they will team up with someone else. The Russians that still plays will not be as strong as previous Finals but still very competent to make havoc on other metas.

    The only I’m sure of when it comes to Group C is that Dacia will work together with the other Romanian alliance, Exodus. HMB probably with Russians again. PL might go back and play with CUP. The others – we will see, Germans haven’t been able to cooperate as a meta for years.

    Last is Group D and here we have the French that have the same problem as Germans. They can’t cooperate and many old players have quit. Latinos is many and also split on several servers, some played with CUP last round. HUN usually plays with Dacia in Finals.

    I believe we still will have 4 bigger metas: Uollas, Dacia, Russia and CUP. I think China will be the 5th and maybe Vietnam as a 6th – that is 1500 players within the 3confed system. Probably as many will form a second confederation associated to the primary metas.

    3000 players left including French, Germans, Turks, Latinos, Thai, Balkans, other Italians. They have all possibilities to form new metas. Will they do? Or will they be left without having influence on the game?

    How will the alliances adept to the new system? Maybe they still are caught in the old way to play and will try to form big metas with thousands of players built of several 3confeds working together. Probably it will take a couple of Finals before they have found a new way to handle this. It will be harder to def while the size of hammers still will be the same. A more interesting endgame for sure. The server will not be decided when WWs are on level 20 as it have been in the past.

    Final starts the 14 November and we will get answers how it will work out.

    Qualified 2019

    I’ve counted how many that have qualified. The biggest change was the 10-villages limitation to qualify. You had to be an active player to get your ticket. I also think that it might lessen the amount of multies and tech – it will not be as many accounts for the black market to sell. The wildcards will be limited too.

    6720 players had 10 villages or more. Last year 9774 accounts had finished the server. 7784 of them was active accounts.

    If you don’t have qualified by pop, there are one more chance – to do by off or def points. I looked back to check the difference and hmmm… last year only Turkey had more than 2000 players and 21 off, 14 def qualified on Top1000. 2017 all servers had more than 2000 players and 357off, 416 deff in total qualified.

    This year we have 46 off players and 22 def players in total that have qualified from Top100.

    In total 6788 players have qualified. I use to say that 30% will not play in Final but those has already have been excluded, I still think that not all qualified will start but I think I lower to 10%.

    So everything more than 6000 players in Final will be a bonus. Add wildcards and those that have tickets from 2018 (WW-holders, Top100 off, deff, pop.

    On International 70% of the players qualified, Arabia 55%. A, B and C 62-64%, D 72%.

    In the table below you have the numbers for each server and also how many points needed to be on Top100 for off and def.

    The smallest account to qualify was a chinese on Group A, 604 points 10 villages.


    Any one know about bought gold on qualification round. This gold can transfer to finals or no?


    2. Termination

    b) Unused Credits will not be paid out in cash. However, any Credits that have not been used
    by the end of the qualification round can be transferred to another respective game world
    with name “COM” under Unused credits can be transferred from a qualification
    server to the final server.
    Should a player abort his/her participation in the final, or when the
    final ends, unused Credits cannot be transferred to a national game server.