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    Merry Christmas, dear players!

    I wish all to have a rest and gain strength and the new game ideas. However, having read all that wrote here and also me in to personal mail, I already think - and whether precisely it is a game? Why about Putin to write and connect him with a game of Olympia? You were not mistaken??? Or on this server senators and congressmen play entirely? What for stereotypes in thinking? Frankly speaking, we already began to regret that we went to this Merged Domain server. Before played several years on the UK servers and was not nothing similar to that hysteria which was developed here. Yes, it is unexpected even for me, our team was much more numerous, than I assumed and announced. Since August I brought together people for a game in our team. Actively agitated at a forum, on social networks, communicated on old contacts with our veterans participating in the previous rounds. As a result to us a large number of new players joined, and the whole group of players preferred to go with us, but not the forthcoming TT.

    As a result in our team there were more than hundred people. And if we could adjust effective team work, then in what here our fault?))

    Think over it while there is time! ;)

    Can we all stop the arguing and huggle against the Russians? I propose one super huggling alliance named B.A.N.E. - Bad *** russiaN Exterminators that I lead to glory over Olympia before they obliterate us all

    It will not save you. I warned - give up, resistance is useless!))

    If you have no ideas of team game, these are your problems. Travian - a game not of singles, this is team game. Think over it. And - it is not absolutely correct to call us Russians. Our players live in the different countries, but the majority - from the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    I have read messages - a Star shocked!)))
    I that always thought that travian - a strategic game, but not some Farm Frenzy. Players battle here, but don't dismiss a snivel that the rival according to them too strong. Can just those who so think - are so weak and helpless, but not others are invincible???

    As for Olympia, we - not professionals, but fans of this game. And we love slow version, a tournament from х2 to us it isn't pleasant because of speed. All have a work/family/study therefore the slow server for us - the fact that it is necessary.

    And in general we were going to go on the British server, but because of combination of domains have appeared here. And - that is called, feel a difference: when we in the very first time have come to the British server, local players have told that they will give hell to us and we will run away from their hammers.

    And here players began to cry - why we come here!?? Oh my God!

    The slow server (x1) starts October 24th, 2018.
    Speed-server (x3) start November 12th, 2018.

    The information we have so far, can be found here!

    And in the section of a forum the Game worlds when to wait for emergence of the new server uk+usa+au? And in what national zone of a forum it will be that to find it?))

    Strange situation. In the middle of October the set of the classical game worlds in various game zones opens: CL, IR, RU, NET, HU, FR, My, TW and many others.
    But only not UK... I think, because of it the server can lose even before opening a part of players.

    Can you please for the love of god stop repeating yourself like a broken clock? Im pretty sure youve already stated the same reasons about 3 times and a few other people as well? Im sure youll get a like from Inky as soon as she sees this as well. Just drop it and wait for the restart and stop being entiteled.

    Just we love an active game with an intrigue. Several game poles, mass offensive and defensive operations. The sea of fire and a heap of broken targets as my mentor on shooting preparation liked to speak. If you accept the server in the "AA against All Server" format and at the same time all server can't make anything against one team, then I feel sincerely sorry for you.

    If so, then it is sad. First, the server even before start won't gather additionally players who will prefer other game worlds. And, secondly, the factor of summer will affect results of a round and the final stage of the server will be followed by falling of game activity. It is a pity.