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    i need more informasion about the first vilage there is a palace there or what ??/ level ?? what hapend if you loose 3settlers or one vilage from this you make from there you can make again settlers ??? you can make only settlers or and senator from the first ??? FOR ME all this are very very important much more than the rest new thinks

    First village does have lvl 5 fields. Nothing more.

    Second and Third village will start with lvl 5 fields aswell.

    If you lose any settler you have to build residence/palace and rebuild them. If your settled village gets destroyed/chiefed it's like on any other server. You have to have residence/palace with the level to build the next settlers.

    You can not settle a 9c/15c before the 4. village.

    Settlers will return when Account is deleted.
    If you free them by yourself you will lose 1 settler.
    You can only free own or allied troops, so it doesn't matter if some random player attacks him. Only if this player is in your alliance aswell he will free your settlers and therefore you will lose one of them.

    Hi guys,

    I have been playing travian for almost 10 years. I have 3 years veteran medal but I didn't receive 5 years medal. I've been using the same email address since I started playing travian. I stopped playing travian for a few years and I come back to the game this year.
    What are the requirements for 5 years veteran medal? Does anyone know why I didn't receive it?
    Sorry for my best English.
    Thanks and regards,

    Hello l0l_flame,

    I'm not 100% sure but it's not the only requirement to play for 5 years with the same email. There was like additional requirements for getting the medal I believe it was like this:

    Who will get it:
    - Players that are playing Travian for at least 5 years with the same email address.
    - Those players should have played Travian (not consecutive) for at least 300 days
    - Those players should have played in the past 6 months

    Not exactly sure about the 300 days and the 6 months, but it was some sort of this limitation.

    So I guess you missed at least one of the requirements then, I'm sorry.

    Best Regards

    I think it was because of the artifacts but I'm not entirely sure about it anymore... Feature was introduced in RoA, maybe you can find something about it in these old threads.
    As a player leaves the alliance it's instant by the way, only if you kick him it's 24h waiting

    Oh I miss classic forums from 1992! They were so user friendly and nice *falls in love*

    Anyways we all loved the old forum and we are for sure not happy to have ... this one. But it won't change any time soon, so we have to live with it.
    Still I wonder about this "you're not able to hit submit an answer", I thought this would be one of the essential functions of a forum.

    If you have any questions about the forum in general, just ask ANY forum stuff member, cause they should all know how their forum works, and about 80% of the team can actually understand and answer in english as it's a world wide language ;)