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    I assumed the same at first too but its not an automatic plus +3. Speed is always limited to the slowest troop, including hero itself. So hero needs to be 19 in order for him to encourage the horses to go as fast as him.
    Another analogy:

    The hero is a bucket 1L in volume. Water is the speed. You could have 5 L of water but it'll never fill all of it in the 1 L bucket. So you need a bigger bucket..

    That’s definitely not how it works. It’s plus three to the slowest cavalry unit including the hero itself. A speed 14 hero with Steppes travels faster than the Steppes do by themselves, that’s easily tested. A speed 17 hero with a Spotter will travel at speed 20.

    It's not quite perfect though. It doesn't take into account your village population when it figures your wheat production. So for a 700 population village, it will overestimate your wheat production by 700.

    As to why they work differently, hero xp sharing has been in the game forever, but defense point sharing is a recent addition. So I’m not surprised they didn’t mess with the old code when they added defense sharing. Especially as they couldn’t use the same calculations as the defense distribution since some people send defense without a hero.
    I’m perfectly happy with it staying the way it is since the teams I play on usually encourage heroes be sent to help level them faster. For example leveling offense heroes as much as possible before artifacts. But I also wouldn't complain if it changed.

    The most recent US server is 3 weeks old, both .com and UK had servers start a week and a half ago, but the most recent English server is AU a day ago. So while it may be awhile before the next one considering they all have recent starts, there are plenty of recent options to jump on.

    ʹ makes a pretty good stand in for an apostrophe in village names. I’ve even had people message me in game asking how I managed to use an apostrophe.

    Just to be clear, the amount chiefs reduce is random, so the best you can determine is a range. I'll echo the recommendation of others to use the calculator on kirilloid. Plugging in a 18k pop roman vs a 7k pop target, with large parties for the Roman and none for the target, you see the potential loyalty for the first wave of three chiefs is 62% to 86% . Both your attacks were in that range. It's also worth remembering that if both chiefings were against the same player, their population will be lower on the second one, while yours is higher (and thus a higher morale bonus). So if you took a 700 population village from them, it would be 18700 vs 6300 population for the second one, which lowers your potential range to 60-84.

    The second one is the level of the building, which controls how long it takes to complete the upgrades.

    While I’m two months away from my 10 year anniversary, I don’t qualify for any medals anymore because I lost my original email account when I moved in 2015. But that brings a question to mind. This forum account shows a May 24, 2008 start date, is there anyway TG could manually set start dates based on forum account start dates associated with the same email address?

    Oh I forgot :) Thank you. It was used a lot. Any chance you plan to update it for Egyptians?

    I will admit one reason I didn’t want to play Egyptian is I would feel compelled to try to update it. It’s not mine originally, but I am the one who updated it for 4.4. That was a fairly easy change, but adding Waterworks is more complicated.

    The time changes based on what timezone you have set. If your timezone is set to America/New York it changed two weeks ago. If your time zone is set to UK or Central Europe it changed today. But if your timezone is set to one of the general time zones in the bottom half of the list, it's an absolute time and will not change. It's fairly seamless, all displayed times are adjusted automatically, even those for future events that will happen on the other side of the summer time change.

    My first alliance (10 years ago) was a newb alliance that had the slogan "A friend is better than a farm". Let me tell you, you get a whole other level of angry messages from your farms with that kind of slogan. I had a boilerplate response of "If you learn to protect your resources, I'd happily invite you to the alliance to be a friend, but if your resources are going to available to raiders I am going to come pick up my share." And I did recruit a few that way.
    Eventually though, our leader stopped logging in. His sitter reported that he had applied to the top alliance and had been rejected, and hadn't logged in since. I decided that since our alliance was dying and, I had a better account than our leader, that I should apply and see if I could get in. Not only did I get in, one of the leaders noticed I was online during the overnight and asked me to be his sitter. That eventually led to be being the night sitter on one of our World Wonders a few months later. It was very educational experiencing the extreme differences in alliances. I had spent the beginning of the server afraid of the top players, but at the end they were my peers.

    While it's fairly useless for 24/7 accounts, it's useful for solo accounts to start a building (and spend down resources) while they are offline. Remember that it's not just useful for starting when your building queue runs out, it also can start as soon as you have the required resources.

    That does not matter. When it takes 3hrs for 140 fields then it also takes less time to travel 5, 10 or 15 fields. Sure, tsq calculations are a little different cause of the 20+ fields speed, but the basic concept is the same.
    Simply a model.

    TS most definitely matters. While 10 tiles is half as efficient as 5, and 20 is half as efficient as 10, because of the the ROA TS, 120 tiles is half as efficient as 20 tiles. On a regular server you can only go 80 tiles at that efficiency. Sure the model still applies, but the troop movement is so much faster on RoA that you can farm a lot more farms with the same number of troops. And that’s before factoring in that steppes are 14% faster than EI.