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    Oh well. We have all seen these dark-gold-pms. We have seen your techs. We saw small boots.

    The uni fool was a nice move. Low risk, some dilligence and team play (assumed) and you got your reward. Cheers for that.

    Yet, the bottom line is: The play style shown by all those metas is poor. And unfortunately ILS fits perfectly into their pattern. Maybe more skilled (but thats not a huge difficulty, is it?) and still can't shine.

    Congratz to the NAP with ISTanbul btw. Birds of a feather flock together, uh?

    Is that yelling for attention, TurkC? Biggest Babo on the schoolyard?

    Yes, we see your attacks and we see you guys dump hammer after hammer straight into walls. Looks you guys use more muscles than any brains in your OPs. Just noone here appreciates this way to play the game. It's .... apology for the word... dumb. And annoying to read Istanbul's self-praise.

    If you are seeking respect (or admiration even) come back w/o your tech sh****. Raid fair, attack smart, challenge whoever you like. And if your alliance survives till artis you can be sure everyone will respect you :)

    In other words: with your hands dirty you can not pretend to be a shiny white knight. Change your style or live with the reputation. You cannot talk people into being blind.


    I have never (in almost 10 years of Travian, 8 of them on tx3-servers) seen this amount of multi-/tech-/bot-/goldfish-usage.

    We have two groups here who do not only ruin the stats but also the game. And others will *cough* learn from it and come back to future servers just like this.

    Unfortunately, they aren't aware they'll leave nothing but scorched earth. Or they just don't care. The fair players will leave, newcomers won't stand a chance.

    This is what I was afraid would happen when TG decided to drop rule 1.1 and declared "teching" an appropriate way to play. In an odd way, I do approve ML and ISTANBUL show us the destructive consequences of this decision in such amount and 'quality'.

    I'd just wish TG represenatives take a deep look into the mess and understand what demons they have set free by their decision.

    It's a well-known reaction to facts that make someone feel uncomfortable:

    If you have nothing to say better call others out as 'stupid' or 'cry-babies'.

    Curious how much skill you guys can add to your multis and forum flames. I doubt it's much tho.

    I realize with deep disappointment that my favorite ML-wing has been left out of this vivid discussion so far:


    So what's this? Your pre-school-team? Or can we assume if it looks like sh** and smells like sh** it's probably.... you get my point?

    This also really wasn't the request.

    Sorry to correct you there, BB. From what I remember it has been suggested by one of the participants (.fr or .ru, I don't remember exactly) and everyone else who spoke considered it a good idea. Some stayed quiet, noone spoke against it.

    The rest of your post I would not like to comment on here in this thread. Just let me add that I am for sure noone who defends TG beyond reason or talks ' "be patient, TG is struggling" nonsense'. And still, I fail to understand what caused this "they are all against us, they do what they like, they won't listen" perception of yours. Imo thats not at all what conversations and discussions with them are like, neither on LoT nor in the discussions after.