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    I am trying to open the expansion slot in my palace. The palace is at level 10 and I have 20000 culture points it allowed me to train the the settlers but it will not give me the piece to make the expansion. All I am trying to do is make my village a city,

    Thanks for any help!8o

    As Sove said - wrong forum, you want to go here for Kingdoms:

    However, you don't need culture points in neither game to TRAIN settlers or chiefs. TRAINING is unlocked by palace/residence levels, USING is unlocked by culture points.

    (Kingdoms only:) Also, upgrading a village to a city is only possible in the main building and will occupy a culture point slot aswell, so you have to decide: Upgrade OR settle another one.

    I have send 4 tickets and all got no answer. Just general answer to be patience patience and patience

    Did you try drinking a cup of tea and being patient? They don't get more guys at support/plus support/and so on out of thin air, it's the same staff, but having to deal with probably 50x+ the amount of regular requests.

    Putting aside legal problems - if I had to pay money, even if it's only 1 $, before I can even access the game ... I would never have started playing travian. And I think many players think alike. Also not everyone can pay (U18 players for instance).

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    In some forums edited posts count as unread - which means if somebody edits his post to add an insult or whatever the thread is marked as unread for everyone, including moderators, and they will see the insult. Would this be an appropiate (editlimitless) solution?

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    On .de Forum it definitely was without any limit, I could edit a formula collection of mine even until the forum merge - and it was posted in 2012.
    For such cases it was actually pretty useful to keep the thread tidy and grand a good overview.

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    Ah, sitter accounts, okay. I usually use incog mode / second browser for them. Thanks for enlightening me.

    All the time. It's an obsessive thing. It's the same as walking by the fridge and having to check it or a mirror and having to look.

    I never logout so I can satisfy my obsession without permanently logging in. :saint:

    Well, if you don't extend your granary to save resources for the crop fields you obviously have to use npc trader far more often. If you buy a lot of items in the auctions you obviously have to invest a lot of gold in silver. If you finish every single cropland instantly you obviously spend way more gold than by waiting the first levels and finishing the later croplands in pairs. If you play alone having a granary that holds around 8 times your production feels right (except you're a cyborg that never sleeps ... or just have matching sitters) which would result in roughly 270 gold for npc trader in the first month, for the rest kit's calculation seems pretty good (620 gold in total, 680 gold with instant finish everything above level 10 in pairs until level 18). If you include hero's mansion, grain mill, backery, warehouses and granaries to the instant completion list it's a bit more, but likely not more than 100.

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