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    good evening everyone, I'm the leader of the HiT Confederacy.

    I would like to congratulate all our players who decided to be part of this dream. I would like to congratulate all those players who believed in a impossible dream and made it possible.

    Thanks to our first friend, hungarian players,we met each an other during the qualification. nothing could be possible withouth them, they are really strong group and we fought together against a lot of enemy by all side.

    Congratulation also to ML leaders . In ML we found a good allied and in sultan we found a very good friend and honorable leader.

    I would like to give my compliment also to Chine Group they are one of the most strong group that i saw on this tournament.

    thanks to all the player who partecipated to this beatifull server.







    ITUR W@R



    I warn other metas do not play with the poland in the next championship. Real weak players who need a strong ally just to stay afloat not to mention victory.
    Look how chinese just moved them for two weeks before BP.

    You are talking about 2 very strong group according to me: chine and poland
    Chine team looks like a very good group with a very strong leader, they did a good map and a good agreement with us and with russian that allowe them to destroy poland. According to me a good map could really change all the game.
    We fought against poland for 70 days and i can say you that poland ppl earned our respect but they had too much enemy in this server and also if they did a lot of defensive troups they were not enought for all these enemies

    I accept the flame, we can flame we are good in its we are italian like you :)

    we aren't the only who attacked other italian, you did the same.

    You started in 23, now i saw that all the alliance that you had in alliance in -|+ are no more so important to be on the first page maybe they did their work :osd:

    Like i said i m not here to "flame you" so i will not answer about the only silence that this community would need :)

    Good end game for all and good night

    I think you should check your leading skills, and sometimes is better to stay in silence, thinking about the same old humiliation you received. Do like your friends, who always talked a lot, and it s from day 20 they stay in silence, a silence like the one of today.

    We said to pattanza " congratulation the same, off operation well executed, but not well organized ", sometimes you can do the same, or at least, stay in silence.

    You did 3 off operations on us, you crashed every hammer in all of the 3, ask some questions, try also to image how we could wall you if we had only a war against you, you crashed when uollas fought 2 border wars + thai in NE, who knows how your crashes would be if we had to fight ONLY against you.

    i prefer silence because our italian players didn't deserve this stupid flame, between italians group.

    i prefer silence because i think that 1 italian group that scream on international forum is enought :)

    I prefer talk less and do more, will be our action to talk :)

    Like you said you fought 2 border, with 28 alliance and a free quarter (according to me a good war) , meanwhile we fought a quarter with a war on the border ( a good war too), who know what would have happened if we had to fight only against you.

    Anyway Compliment for these wall and i would like to say to all the groups good luck for the end game i m sure will be a very thrilling ending :)

    thanks sasa, i am happy for this server.

    Compliment for your account and compliment for your player. It's the best for team like us play against a strong confederation like yours.

    I hope we can stay in contact for the future.

    Simone - Taequiero