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    for others domains is this argument true ^^

    I would be happy to answer more questions, but kindly, read .com thread. I spent a lot of time typing posts there. Believe it or not, it's all in English and people who was interested more in information than flaming even bothered to chrome-translate threads on other forums.

    A lot of topics were left unanswered, we knew we would not have enough time before the meeting. The choice was between discussing small issues (such as "cancel merchants") and more general and bigger issues ( why so many bugs, for example). Several questions were not just answered (why bags) but discussions already had effect: we discussed why patches are released to all servers after significant bugs were found on smaller sample. A few days after the meeting a release was stopped and only resumed after a found bug was fixed. Many question (3.6 for example) were well covered by TG previously and it would be a waste of time to raise them again, imho.

    Generally, my personal goal for this meeting never was to get answers to specific questions but rather establish better communication between gamemakers and players and I believe we achieved a lot, effort on both sides was visible, and was summarized at our last dinner "we expected to see a bunch of stubborn, narrow minded people, which turned out to be as far from reality as possible". That was said by head developer but I can use the same words without hesitation.

    dont forget the edit function in forum <3

    When you got 6 lists for infantry spam, 6 for cav spam. And thats just 1 villa, with 3-5 diff villas raiding lets say, it takes approximately 4-6 mins just to send all those lists.
    And mid-late game if you are one of the top raiders you most likely are sending lists every 5 mins anyway (speed server), which leaves no spare time. It is illogical of them to keep it the way it is. It is simply too hard to manage the account given the situation above ^ There is a reason it is one of the most requested change/update.........

    and it would be harder to find botuser, with delay in her scripts. Becouse you only need one action to send your farmlist.

    Maybe you should look in our Thread of the .de Domain there maybe something for you, you try to find here about some topics.

    You also can read the other Threads it works pretty well with google translator.

    We also discussed some topics at diner for example and not always in the hole group becouse we had not enough time for everything.