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    Mazzi, are you for real? We are talking about 240 accounts - an alliance and 3 confeds. Are you telling me 240 accounts will not have enough room for your group of friends and new blood? You don't even have enough contacts to put 2 duals on average on 240 account and not all contacts are friends.

    240 Players are more than enough for a normal server....i mean you see also on Fire&Sand Servers big metas what the hell xD

    But the intent wasnt to nerf spying. No one has made a thread about how spies NEED to be removed. This change is obviously an attempt to target multi users, which it doesnt even do very well. So you have a balance update that misses its target and instead hits something that isnt a problem. If the intention had been to bring down spies then i might have disagreed, but those decisions are made by TG.But its just stupid to try and target multies, and then completely miss the target and hit something else.

    the intent was to nerf big metas for normal servers.

    Wait what?
    Spies have been an integral part of the game since its conception. Which is now being removed partly because you "dont like" them?
    Well i dont like sending my farmlists every 5 minutes, but thats part of the game too.

    This was probably done moreso to adress multies, but I feel like this doesnt at all affect how the current multies are being used, so they primarily target legitimate players using in game mechanics. Removing intelligence from a wargame is just silly imo.

    Why you need a spies? There is no need for it.
    You can also use spies with this "content for ressources and reinforcmet between confidents" the only different the spy is not so strong anymore.