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    Ok, that was mainly just a cheap jab. I've already said no one really cares about finding evidence on cheaters in this game, which is why cheating is so prevalent (again not talking about this server specifically, just in general). Let's just leave it at that.

    You did? Must have missed that, but I thank you for you compliment none the less. Didn't play it perfectly by any means, but did the best I could given the circumstances. :D

    We actually care, and are fairly active in reporting to people to MH who we suspect of cheating.
    If you actually cared about cheating you would do it that way too, but you're just a sore loser, so you go to the forums with your baseless accusations instead.

    Its getting old :rolleyes:

    Sup son, was wondering what happened to you since you used to post all the time in this thread then went AWOL, ;) that gif picture really creeps me out, lol

    Yeah after vicious went afk, We did on bo too. Was mostly the others that carried the win home, so hats off to them.

    And thanks, i picked it for that purpose <3

    You probably already know them.

    No we dont know them, so feel free to put forth any evidence of cheating that is apparently so prevalent in our alliance. We complimented you on your great deff efforts and you still can take the L?
    come on my dude.

    Won’t name names publicly, will share that privately.

    But they are either duplicates or 90s are running a day care centre.

    Sore losers gonna be sore. "If you cant beat em, they cheatin right?"

    Didn't stop you from begging to merge your ally with us, or ditching your ally to be invited solo.

    Does no one read the rules?....

    Does no one understand the rules?

    Friendly farming is (sadly) permitted depending on the MH. It all hinges on how the Mh interprets the "played for own benefit" part. As long as its not a multi account and there is an actual player playing it. Which is why wishmaster included the part in parentheses.
    Been going on for a long time and so far no action from TG brass, so it will continue to be judged on a case by case basis.

    In unrelated news, this weekend vicious officially declared war on 90s.
    Their 2-1 advantage in players not being enough, they naturally confederated with TEAM to even out the odds.


    You guys are 90s right? How hard did you hit them?!??! :thumbup: Got any cool battlereports?

    We have a lot of applications to review tonight it seems :D
    Unfortunately no cool reports. Just a couple skirmishes for now, TEAM imploded all on their own.
    though them losing Delphi to us, might have been the straw that broke the camels back.

    To be honest, we kind of planned for this to happen, since we have been getting a lot of applicants from their ally that weren't happy.
    This is unfortunately one of the byproducts of just recruiting whatever is in the right quad. Especially since players
    have to make some pretty significant sacrifices for the good of the alliance.

    Quality over quantity. That still goes for this gamemode even though some seem to think its the other way around.

    The problem with Chrome is that you cant just hold down CTRL like in FF and loose time.

    Again, thats the caveat and why some people prefer FF and offline.

    I find, again for me personally, that i can better manage it if I have multiple waves to be sent from multiple different villages using this method.

    Each to their own :)


    Off-line method is obviously easier, hence old firefox version.

    Depends on the person, some games are much more taxing than that.

    If you can successfully execute this consistently, its way easier than firefox offline. :)

    A lesson on sending same second waves in chrome will be greatly appreciated.

    There is a way, but it requires a bit aptitude with a keyboard.
    It simply requires any version of chrome and hotkeys which come prepackaged.

    1. Set up your waves
    2. Go until you hit the final screen before sending
    3. Highlight send, so that when you click enter this button is triggered. Do this for all waves
    4. Go back to the first wave
    5. Hit enter to send your first wave, then hit (CTRL + TAB) to go to the next wave and hit enter again.
    6. Do this rapidly untill all waves are send.

    I like this method since i personally think its easier to hit at exact desired time, and it doesnt require very much setup. (no offline browsing)

    The post that started it has already been removed so you cannot see who actually started it.
    I will say it was not Trouble who started the attacks and leave it at that.

    Unless im missing something his post that started with
    "Automated wave sending should happen."

    was his first and had inflammatory remarks, you'll have to enlighten me again TK but how can commenters on a thread insult someone that hasnt commented yet?

    I gues we'll have to disagree on Travian being only a strategy game. Im curious on what your opinon on chieffing is. This is a purely mechanical manouvre that you cant redo by cancelling and trying again.
    (i would posit that you cant do that with cats either, since youre essentially giving away where your real attack is but w/e)

    Learning to click a button 4 times in rapid succession does not make travian an uneven playing field. I think this is one of the easiest things to do in the game. If youre taking the stand that this should be changed to make it easier for newer players, there are many better ways to go about this. In my opinion thats how gold is implemented right now, but that argument is for another thread.

    I think your argument is hurt by the fact that you havent played in a long time. You dont need a custom browser to send waves anymore, i can 90% of the time send out the 4 waves pr second using only chrome and the prepacked shortcut of CTRL + Tab + enter.
    You cant compare Clash of clans to Travian, not even remotely. They hit two completely different demographics and as you point out are not even on the same platform.
    If travian had a mobile app, it would never have seen the same sucess simply due to being another type of game. 14 year old kids with smartphones dont want to invest 100 days to travian, they want something quick and easy, which clash of clans is.
    TG will never be able to emulate this sucess, unless they drastically change both the purpose and playstyle of travian.
    (they already tried that, remember travian KINGDOMS? neither does anyone else)

    "Doesnt really fit the style of grand stratergy game..."
    As for this, i dont know about you, but i dont play trav to LARP as an emperor.
    I play it cause its the only game where i get to literally destroy someones account that they invested a lot of time and money into.
    A PVP experience more satisfying is hard to find, and its this feeling that travian should nurture, not hurt by making the process easier.

    Sending waves and attacking should be mechanically difficult (which i dont currently think it is), because when you really do land those waves perfectly and destroy your opponent, It should feel good because you did a good job.

    The quote is to hard to deal with, seems you can't chop them up any more.
    "That would completely ruin the game, as it's a strategic game and attacking at night or specific part of day is part of it. " - iRonik
    Im not saying not attack at a spesific part of the tiem or day, the 5 minuet period Im saying here is like, if you would normally send attacks at 15;11;19 right you would have from 15;06;19 to set up that attack, and if you set it within that window it would go without any problem and you could que the attack in 2-3 minuets before launch time and be safe that, think u misunderstood me here.

    Have you considered that using the same reasoning that youre using here, you literally remove the reasoning for mechanically skilled play.
    Sure travian is a strategy game, and one can be mechanically skilled and still fail their attack, even though they did everything right about the attack.

    But i dont think one should translate this as
    "there should be no mechanic gameplay in trav"

    I think a lot of the issues you are attempting to adress dont exist. Most peoples internet are fine for sending 4 waves in one second. Sure back in the old days when you had to fit huge amounts of waves this was an issue, but not anymore.

    If youre not active enough to try again on your waves or to attempt to learn the game, this is not a fault of the game. Its simply that you're not invested enough to learn the mechanics, which you shouldn't be rewarded for.

    Your third point however is that this adds entry barriers to newer players, and on this point we agree. But i doubt the reason a new player doesnt come back, is because they failed that attack. I think its more due to the huge amount of in game knowledge required to play on par with veterans. IE, knowing to build fields only to a certain level to rush settlers, so you can rush that 150% 15cc. Which brings us to an even bigger entry barrier, the fact that you have to spend money to utilise that cropper properly.

    Every feature has to have merit on its own, and simply being convenient isnt enough. The farmlist was implemented because veteran players would have duals that would literally do nothing else but send raids from reports while the others tended to the account. This wasn't fun, and further exacerbated the problems of entry barriers. So they added farmlists.

    I dont see what this adds to the game other than making it more convenient to send waves, which is already with the nerfs to waves/sec, not a very taxing job.

    just wait for second ban ;)

    Considering he is so good, how did he get outraided by someone that started the week with zero troops AND a 50% reduction?

    Seems like one would need some pretty advanced cheats to out raid someone that hard, if he really is as skilled a player as you claim

    Beats me :rolleyes:

    The 4 wave cap came in on the T4 servers. Before then, Skype bragging was about who could get the most in a second.

    Oh i know how it used to work, and i agree that the skill required for sending before was a nice element. I thought you meant that this was not a balance decision but instead a byproduct of updated browser code, and that it was still possible on older browsers.

    But I still think the balance decision made by TG was correct. Not only was 6 waves possible, but with a browser like k-meleon in hand and offline browsing one could fit all the waves required for completely removing a village within one second, two if you were unlucky.

    Being able to completely delete a village with zero recourse for the defender was definitely overpowered. I feel like the balance between attacker/defender is much better now.

    Though i agree automated wave sending is a bad idea.

    To be fair, before browsers overtook the coding for Travian and there was no cap on the number of waves, sending same second waves was a test of skill plus how lucky you were with your internet speed. Now it’s a test of skill to be able to have an out of date browser that can still do them.

    I think it’s something that really needs looking at, it’s integral to the game and at the moment it isn’t working, maybe @Lemon could bring it up on his Munich trip?

    wait is this really how it works? I thought the 4 waves pr sec was a cap set by TG as a balance decision.

    Not that i dont belive you, just curious