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    Answer : red bottle

    Start by assuming they are all false (made by menes).
    We know this isn't possible, because the red bottle cannot be false in this case.

    Now we know 1 or more bottles must be true.

    Next assume all bottles are true.
    This isn't possible because red says at least two bottles must be made by menes.

    Now we know 1 or more bottles must be false.

    Next assume exactly 2 bottles are true.
    Both yellow and blue cannot be true because two bottles contain virus.
    This would mean for 2 bottles to be true it would mean the red bottle must be true, which cannot happen.

    Therefore we must have 2 false bottles, and 1 true bottle.
    If the true bottle is yellow or blue, that would make the red bottle false, which isn't possible.

    Therefore the true bottle must be red, and the yellow and blue bottles must be false.
    This means the cure is in the red bottle.

    Answer: up, right, up, right, down, right, up, up, up, right, right.

    Honestly this puzzle is brutal.

    My best guesses on symbols
    Up arrow - up
    + any direction
    - left or right
    T any direction but down
    square designates a trap somehow
    Triton must mean right is possible

    This puzzle confuses me a lot, because most of the puzzles given on this forum only have one correct answer, but it appears this has multiple.

    I made an assumption that serving a deity and being a priestesses is the same thing.

    My answer is:
    All four of them, including Nefertari are priestesses.

    I can come up with several answers that also meet all the rules above and do not have all four being priestesses, so I believe there are multiple answers to this question.