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    But it was always the practice, that someone else wrote 50, so why not just go with that? ^^

    that’s only since the last two or three WW’s. Akor made the first post of the game with level 51, and the second WW immediately went to 49 right after it was destroyed. Throughout the game this was consistent, so no, it wasn’t always the practice.
    I won’t mind any other way, but that’s just how it’s been played all this time.


    [...]just saying that you have access to all the behind the scene logs [...]

    Looks like a clear answer to me: even TG can't see who voted for what if poll is made anonymous.
    Just repeating your own statement doesn't suddenly make it true.

    As for ideas to bring to HQ:
    Inactivity marks on the map. If a player is inactive for over 2 weeks, mark his villages automatically.