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    Tip: Plan your villages layout!

    (Maybe even more important now that village buildings kind of blur into one with our new appearance update, I don't mind it personally but I know others have said)

    Planning village layout of your buildings might not seem important at first, but it can be useful to keep villages look similar if you get yourself 10 or 20 plus villages.

    • It helps you quickly click on the buildings eg Barracks if you don't have gold plus to use the short cut buttons.
    • It also helps any sitters you have, each village all jumbled up can be hard enough for someone new looking at your account and trying to help you.
    • Building slot 19! Saving time when deleting buildings! This is the first building that shows up on the list (don't even have to select it when inside the Main Building) You will need to destroy certain buildings often eg Treasury Chamber if you are sharing with others in your team. Yes this will maybe save you a few clicks each time you need to destroy a building, but it can be annoying scrolling down that long list of buildings to find the one you want. Plan ahead if you will regularly need to destroy the building

    **Couldn't add my images to show which building slot is number 19, its the one right above your Main building.

    Playing on

    Peregrin Took -

    As a defence player don't be afraid to mix things up if you're getting bored:

    • Play something quirky like all gallic horse defence for rapid response times for your team.
    • Play teuton defence, spears are needed more than ever in what feels like a calvary heavy world.
    • Build your first hamville (Hammer+Anvil) and get stuck in clearing the natars or hitting your enemies back
    • Don't just build a few Catapults for team wide fakes, but maybe build 200 or so with a small 1k offence. Then join in with your alliance offence calls, pick your targets wisely and be a pain, damage the enemies smaller villages etc

    It is a great game, don't be afraid to have fun even if it means making a few mistakes!