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    This change is so unbelievably stupid that I'm actually impressed!

    Quokka already gives a perfect example of how you can just mess someone over so they can never change their capital.

    And also throwing out a tactical skill just doesn't make any sense.

    It would indeed not surprise me if Marduk is right that this is only happening because of some bugs travian is too lazy to fix.

    C&A is not wrong in the fact that the meta f*cked things up for themselves.

    Especially with people like Tonzo who went completely ape shit and blame Vices for everything that happened.

    Many fails were just stupid mistakes made by people, cheating didn't even have anything to do with that. Take all those stolen artefacts for example, they could not have made some hammers easier to catch.

    Also if you break promises, you can expect consequences. That's also a reason a part of the players stopped playing.

    Don't step down to their level, call out lies and bullshit they like to spread on here, but don't make stuff up. We're better than the SGR propaganda/brainwash boys.

    Heart was "self defended" ( as in he used his own defense), but it was a call by the DC (The Grim), Heart recalled troops from multiple places and tsmgo and others sent some additional defense too. It was a solid splat and a good way for the hammer to go out. Still doesn't change the fact they lost a 300k (ex)WWR to 10imp+1cata+3chief 😂

    You're well informed!

    The Grim did well as DC, it was his first time and I already see a lot of improvement compared to the other OPs we had to endure.

    And yeah I think people might actually benefit if they set some SD.. :/

    No, I wasn’t referring to you. Someone in Vices was mentioning that attacks on UT wasn’t even reported on our def tool. Probably someone talking or something out on spam chat, don’t know. Either way, same idea as Agrona is mentioning.

    Something like that will always be known by the other party one way or another.

    It can be because of discord, or because people are frustrated and vent about that against VICES players. It's a heat in the moment thing for some people.

    Happens everywhere.

    We also talked about that noob that sent back my troops after attack, all together with 1 CATAPULT. Seriously? Phalanxes + druids + 1 cata + Hero, all sent back together :D When I told him that next time I want it all sent separetely , as the catapult was just to slow down the troops so they don't arrive too early, he said it was my fault for sending catapult as def :D Shall I defend that noob again in the future? :/

    I have felt this pain some weeks ago aswell.. :P

    Well I don't blame you, it makes good sense tactically to hammer down the side that have so far proved incapable of defending themselves.

    TEN lost artefacts and capitals in ops.

    SGR lost multiple artefacts with one dude just faking a bit.