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    People already knew we are starting with a Dutch/Flemish group on .com1 but as svenie says ... no way there will be 60 to 90 players (accounts).

    And don't underestimate the Dutch/Flemish players ... we only get fanmail from our meta on the TT finals ;)

    Yeah that topic got deleted but I already had my doubts about the 60-90 players. :P

    I heard good things from the finals yes. :thumbup:

    why everyone is so curious about dutch ? :/:/:/:/:/:/

    Alcunha is Belgian so maybe he's one of that group and wants to know how people know there is a group starting! :o

    But yeah they problably only have half the accounts of what they mention. :P

    Did you just get those reports of a century ago? :/

    There are a lot of bold, empty statements coming from the side that has been getting heavily catapulted recently—and hasn’t been able to back it up. All talk

    Shogun alone cost them like 7k dollars!

    whats going on????? Why Phoenix capital's disappearing

    Because they are being blasted to 0. :P

    That's pretty bad.

    Gold doesn't buy skills it seems :/

    You only took the positive things and not the bad things.

    fnx already explained most of it so won't go into it that much.

    It's true that Steppe Riders are a lot cheaper and cost less in crop maintenance.

    You can compare it with EI and EC's in my opinion. You build EC because you want a stronger hammer. It's the same here.

    The reason people took Steppe Riders is because you can start a lot earlier with building them because you farm it back a lot easier and they're cheap so you start your hammer a lot earlier.

    But Marauders give so much more attack power in training time. Now that they nerfed the farming of Steppes they took away a part of that early strength.

    Not everyone will be convinced but a lot more people will build Marauders now.

    Or Marksman as fnx said. :D

    Hey svenie, good to see you’re still around!

    I guess I am a yes, but I believe the Huns deserve it because the playstyle is so much more skillbased.

    Does this balacing mean we will see Egyptians/Huns at next years TT?

    Hey Heintje, likewise!

    Well I personally think the Steppes were the choice that most people made. I mean they're fast, farm very good, are cheap (a lot easier to build in Great Stables), and also just good attack power.

    So you can build them a lot earlier to start raiding and you'll be better off then Marauders.

    Now maybe more people will take Marauders.

    Decent changes IMO.

    Good that they nerfed Egyptians, not sure why they nerfed my favorite tribe the Huns’ Stepperider?

    You must be really biased to not understand that nerf. They are very overpowered, and they're still good even with that nerf.

    I agree with what Wolkenengel says, they actually didn't change anything about the Egyptians.

    I don't see what medals have to do with putting resource fields to 3.

    Those are cheap resources and cp that are profitable even for non gold users.

    I agree with Camelot that you will fall behind heavily in cp.

    The oasis have to create the resources first aswell so you can take a bit of extra time to get to resource fields 3.

    Even because most of the buildings you build before that will be completed with gold (that doesn't change much in your guide).