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    Wel im glad i duge the bulet who wuld wish to ply whit you? you are arogant, selfish, and the male kind of a karen. and i wuld have flipt oute on youre narow -hede and prejudicednes. :* God who whish to play whit a team that is full off pink unicorns? I will not thank god i got kickt.

    Quite a lot of people wish to play with me. Seeing as gunners has over 200 members. :D

    Yeah thank god you got kicked, because you couldn't see yourself how horrible gunners was until there was no way back in. :/

    wel if i what in com2 chatt i culd beskribe him more in-depth that is alowd in this forum but acctaly all he is acusing me of being he is lika a person him self. :) god you sooooo deserv that and kabby and than you got sponge on that what a grate team you got... :D

    Your words don't hold much value anyways. As you wouldn't join com2 chat even if you would get payed and within 2 weeks you joined anyways..

    I'm glad you agree about our great team! It has less mental nutjobs than TEN has, so that's already a nice win. :D

    I basically said what you said, minus the whole nonsense about Khabby "shittalking" you. We've had this conversation many times xD and you still choose to believe what you want to believe because then you're not at fault and its more convenient. All Khabby did was admit that playing with you was not the easiest thing. She was only asked because of the drama you caused when you first left, which led to people in gunners believing stuff about the drama you caused in previous severs. She didn't shittalk you. Infact, she was speaking in favour of you and trying to convince people they were wrong about you, when you decided to prove her wrong by launching at her on com1 xD So yeah, congats :kek: Eitherway, i guess i should stop pointing this out and let you say the nonsense you want to say :)

    Khabby wanted to talk to me on her behalf, but before I even answered Maria already attacked her. :D

    My favourite Gunners song

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    Kinda surprised you only got 3 dislikes on it so far. :huh:

    Ooo its essy the yer i playde whit vices/ villans/ cusins and now have become DND Batie her was a thing alrady but he was on the side of yee you dont gona belive it. SRG. :rolleyes: Just folow the trece der whatsson. Batie her culd only be ehiter verdie ore Packie. But verdie i have plyed whit and packie i havent plyde whit. that is evidenesn a and b. evideve c that flickt me over and finde ouse the suspect. was somting so elemntar Verdi is actaly a rel smart person...... :rolleyes:Der Batie her can only be one person. case solvd.

    Trying to insult me by calling Verdie smart. :D

    Anyways can't be me (I am Packie for your information) because I only played last com1 starting in a dutch meta called Lowlands who merged with TEN after day 100 against VICES in 2019.

    Bat Man was already talking about Villains and gunners long before that and I didn't know any of those 2 groups at that time.

    It's fine that you hate me, but keep those delusional lies to yourself, it's exactly the reason you got yeeted from Gunners.


    We are sharpening our blades on ne, don’t forget Gow are the ones that ran away to the boonies scared, you ran away from us afraid Gow to the boonies, fearful from Gunners red swords,but you can’t hide from Gunners, and as soon as we’re done with ne meta, Gunners will go to the far reaches of the map and beyond to reach Gow capitals and non cap hammers ;)

    You said it man 8)