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    WW spawn:

    1 in grey zone, random

    3 in each quad, random outside grey zone up to 125|125 area or similar

    consider that when WW spawns later, less time to build them so look at date when natars start to build.

    it will not be uncommon that short after spawn/capture they will be zero-popped like in the older versions with random spawn (maybe even 2-3 times)

    Construction plans:

    remove the fixed locations as well and think of a similar spawn system.

    on servers with low player numbers, try with 5 WW max ?

    (this will prevent players for aiming #1 off by cleaning 3 WW not used)

    once upon a time there was a long manual about it on australian forums...

    In genereral: natars build something every hour random; resources, building or troops.

    that i remember of how natars build, but it might have changed as it was for t4.0/4.1 servers


    when a raid on natar villages is done without losses to attacker, it will not show in surroundings reports.

    so maybe 50 others raid it as well and you won't notice

    9. I would suggest a c9 though, focus on troops + wood/clay/iron fields to lvl 14 first (but c7 having 3x oasis with 100%+ crop is ok as well)


    storage to 560k / 320k and keep crop production positive.

    Once crop fields are 11/12 and you have saved up gold from item sales raise the crop fields using the saved gold. Raising fields 13>18 only costs 54 gold

    This suits best for romans as they have extra building to be queud so you can raise fields + storage same time.

    This tip is Roman-specific for early game and applies primarily to active raiders using a farm list.

    While the Teutons and Huns get off to an early start on raiding, you can catch up quickly by leveling your EIs to 4 once you have 100 or more. At this point, a single EI can raid an inactive village without dying, so you can effectively double your raiding income from small inactive villages. This is one case where the calculators showing when it is best to upgrade vs. train more troops are dead wrong.

    upgrading EI to lvl 4 first and be sure to have 5 equites legati as well before producing the 1st unit of EI ;)

    building 100 units is to expensive, when already lvl 4 you only need 50 to send out same number of raids :)

    use the Legati non stop to scan more villages on walls+resources to add more villages to the raidable list, just empty them with the EI you already have by sending on scout reports untill lvl 4 is finished and you can use the EI on 1 horse raids...

    construction of 100 EI = 140.000 resources, plus 28.000 for lvl 4 afterwards --> total 168.000 resources

    lvl 4 costs = 28.000 resources + 50 EI = 70.000 --> total 98.000 resources

    you save 70.000 resources early game to use for more units or anything you'd like

    When chiefing as a gaul, make sure you use at least 1 ram when chiefing enemy

    (speed of chief is higher and when attack is spotted in time it will be obvious that it are chiefs)

    Still havent see one atack report from New Order.

    Are you keeping your hammers to use in next server?

    I rly dont understand why didnt the team whit unique and big trainer since the release havent show even a small hammer:/

    I think everybody is whaiting to see what New Order could did whit such benefit.

    They only posted the little victories they had,

    trainers useless to them as everything was walled or zeroed after use...


    Can you post reports of 17.09 02:00?

    This time you were not given the free pass, but CS got it...

    And eager as you were to post your crop locks when NO was given free pass and CS was walled...

    Maybe you can post them as none of us cares to post them ? :(

    But without feeding/built by tech support Hammers i dont think Russia would have any decent hammer still left.

    I really hope finals will be different so we can fight at sames lvl of balance :)

    We dont see many NewOrder hammers, cause they grow slow, people from NewOrder need to search for inactives everyweek, scout them, farm them and sometimes they kill many of our troops. We cant also have enough resources for Parties and queue Great Stables/Barracks, so it is what is ^^

    We cant even compare built by tech hammers to regular ones, even with UniqueTrainer.

    There are enough inactives on this server to get more then enough resources needed to build anything you want or need.

    And yeah, when having benefit of unique trainer... Crashing 45k units trying to raid some villages does not help armies grow ;)