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    You came with a personal attack on me, claiming that I only talked about garages and no one cares about garages - when I literally spent a single line talking about garaging, and then 10 lines talking about private farms. I will quote it to make it even easier for you, since you refused to just go back and actually read my post:

    You might want to consider that in that 1 line, you referred to your opening post in this thread that was 80% text about garages?

    This just shows you didn't read my latest post on the subject at all. Pointless to have a discussion if you don't read. If you do decide to actually read, feel free to reply again.

    Pointless to have discussion with you, as you seem to know it all and only focus on your opinion.

    if you dont care about getting a good 2nd village spot....

    you will end up spending too much ress on units, then see that 80% uses extension on protection and settle way before you do.

    If you raid a private farm for 200k per hour, or park 200k troops in your garage, it comes out to exactly the same. So pointless to only address raiding.

    Let me see, most teching is done where 1 player raids 20-40 accounts privately. Some teams get easily to 400-600 of these acconts, just to benefit 10-15 accounts.

    Personal or alliance garage accounts you might find 1 or 2 or not at all as it is easier to park in village holding diet plan.

    You want to debate about techs, but forget that some players actually agree on playing with litttle defense on account and offering free crop to park troops from alliance. If they had to play as farm, they wouldn't even register on a server because they simply refuse to play as farm. It is their choice and it is not forbidden by rules, so no point to forbid them to garage any kind of troops as they choose to do so.

    As 2nd remark, you only want to limit garaging for WWK. If you think that is only troops garaged, well....

    And if you plan to go to LOT as ambassador and present your personal ideas and vision on a subject only, you better skip it as you should be representing community.

    Your post is 80% about forbidding WWK to be garaged on few accounts where the general tech issues are 95% about massive numbers of accounts set up to be raided. All you write about that is having a limit on raiding in alliance? Wake up, real teching is done outside alliance by creating alliances full of tech accounts so there is no limit on raiding at all.

    that only applies if you register immediatly after server opens, if you register 2-3 days later there is only limited time left to use the stategy

    for raiding oasis in protection, i suggest to stick to legionairs. The investment for EI is too expensive (77.5 legionairs) which makes you raiding nothing for too long compared to raiding with legionairs only.

    77.5 ~ 78/2 = 39 in/outgoing raids on oasis just at costs you would make on investing resources in EI.

    Not included in simple math, legionairs also take bounty with them which you could use to upgrade barracks lvl and number of legionairs ;)

    The issue about techs are only those who are raided by 1 specific account? That is general opinion.

    so why change even garaging? When i want to garage 100k army and someone is fine, it should stay that way. It is called teamplay ;)

    Pushing and raiding alliance and sitters is already limited by hard coded percetages and that is fine and more then enough. So no more limits please!

    Do you really want servers to go into even worse state then they are already? Adding more and more calculations every second, minute or hour will only harm uptime (which already is lousy). That will be result when you ask for more and more controlled situations which need to be calculated and force actions by game.

    but again:

    The issue about techs are only those who are raided by 1 specific account? That is general opinion.

    That should be only point to discuss and solve.

    it depends on how many culture points villages produce and if you have CP helmet very early (about when you settle 2nd) to boost cp production and not having to spend resources on townhall and celebrations.

    other then that, if you have decent raiding can also do more on construction/celebration earlier on

    and 3rd, if you spend a lot of gold, your 2nd village should have fields 10/11 or even more as crop is the cheapers resource to build and it gives you higher total production.

    anyway, this suits me the server i play now:


    google sheets can also help, then you can add calculations to the list as well... so you can plan days ahead and share with duals and sitters.

    Question: why?

    Server functioning on highly populated servers is already poor and this will have consequence that a lot of calculations in database will be running extra non stop to check for every village and automate removal from these lists.... Causing even more lag and 404's....

    It is still your choice to raid, how often you raid and how often you check your reports and lists....