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    dont think the other ones come close to them

    that said TC was probably the best meta to defend a title back to back and uk3 round 1 TC was massive, and could probably take down pretty much any one cos they had 10+ wings of decent players

    I definitely understand not wanting people to charge back. In my experience though, the reason most people create an account and delete it after buying gold is that Travian fairly consistently has a gold sale shortly before the beginning of speed servers, so we know that we won't have one for 2/3 of the server.

    or for the start of a normal server

    Ok 1st era

    TC was : TST Templars Wolfpack (Although running wolf's lot might have been templars) And Angles + some extras and several of them had wings.

    Pretty sure it was more of a colaboration than u make out though don't seen RW or Magnus as people who folow blithly
    Might have mentioned Bennyblanco that guy was there no.1 attacker I think, but yakuza defo had the advantage in offensive

    NMS was the re-branding of "Yakuza" and some other alliances Dark angles might have been one of them

    Maleorderbride was the rank 1 player, and I was young enough then to read his name "meldorbride"

    My WWK at that server was like 2 swords and phals + 70 cata, and I multi accounted I played both mine and "my brother's" accounts and never got banned for it, not even a message from the MH.

    2nd Era
    Idk if NMS and DA teamed up or its just the name of NMS flagship wing
    Angles were NE NMS NW Abso SW and TC SE, NW and NE teamed up in the end I think
    before quads weren't a big deal L.A was rank 1 with lords for a little while with top accounts in all regions but it fell to peices ofc
    idk if its 3rd or 4th tbh kinda blurry around then

    Most importanly TC has 10 pretty much full wings, on a uk server.
    Just leave that here, and no one knew how to play back then, people were still developing stuff I think there was no meta etc I dont really know tho cos I was a noob on uk3 r1, 2nd ever server :)

    I gues we'll have to disagree on Travian being only a strategy game. #

    I play it cause its the only game where i get to literally destroy someones account that they invested a lot of time and money into.
    A PVP experience more satisfying is hard to find, and its this feeling that travian should nurture, not hurt by making the process easier.

    Sending waves and attacking should be mechanically difficult (which i dont currently think it is), because when you really do land those waves perfectly and destroy your opponent, It should feel good because you did a good job.

    yes, this mechanic where you can destroy some one elses game is why it is superior to the game like clash of clans

    Actaully they are very similar they are online MMO RTS

    And u think 14 year olds wont play, 14

    2ndly I'd like to adress "larping as emporer"
    Most of my alliances have set out with ambitous PvP goals
    And the GMC which will be talked about later, was a follow up to a time when I was banned for the 1st time for a browser fault. At that point my account was number 1 for offensive with 3 active armies.. It was a good server and we fought a war vs an admitely inferior foe running many opps on them.

    The other GMC I seem to get bad press cos I had to coble together an alliance from nothing and a bunch of complete noobs (Some from "goats" on uk1 who refused my stratergy talk on

    This title is awarded back to you.

    its not, you tried to discredit me without mentioning any generes

    they are the same genre

    People play travian on moblie too so you cant even diretiate with that

    Hahahaha. Even when I did play with you in Goats we didn't win because YOU messed up, no-one else. Anyway, it has been good not having you around for a while, why don't we keep it that way?

    I maybe mis targetd the WW, but the Monkies produced more armies than us, they had better players

    For hammer builders we outnumbered them, but they had more armies. I guess you can say that but its misrepresentation to say its the only reason we lost for sure.
    mistakes would be like this:
    1.) Losing great wall because not spliting def
    2.) Should have split the WWKs given the def level on that server
    3.) Should have captured

    asides from that we played a pretty text book end game

    and if u look at the FLG Wars + amount of hammers enemy outclassed us

    First you say that being able to send same-second waves has no value in OPs, but then you go on to say that you need people to know how to do it to plan OPs... What??

    Says the guy who thinks it's impossible to accomodate to internet speed :p People with slow/unstable connections, heck, even I sometimes even though my internet is usually good, will do some test runs to see if there's any delay on their browser/internet when they prepare to send timed waves. Same goes for people sniping. Then you take into account the expected delay when you send.

    I never said sending same second waves has no value in ops.

    its not impossible i never said that either
    its just incovienent
    and its not my main point either
    And I actaully already said all of the stuff u just said earlier. SO IDK where u are getting this from

    Lemon sure is a great representative for uk server

    Gona talk about mods for forums n stuff gud gud

    never mind the game dying

    yeah I agree
    not saying this will fix the game on its own

    but it would bring it firmly into the mobile market since moblie users can use it and play at the higest level

    i.e expanding the number of potential players

    and yeah tutorial should be better

    they should pay L.A to do it that way every one will be happy, new players will become decent at the game

    and all the old miserable veterans can have a winge about how its a tutorial made by a noob


    Travian isnt a mechanically skilled game.

    Its a stratergy game.
    And I would be happy to still play it if there were no mechanical requirements.

    If youre not active enough to try again on your waves or to attempt to learn the game, this is not a fault of the game. Its simply that you're not invested enough to learn the mechanics, which you shouldn't be rewarded for.

    So your arguing here that mechanics that were not intended to be in the game in the first place (Hence the nerf) Must be learnt, and how must u learn them "only from other players"

    Its hardly an even playing feild. Most of my point concerns new players, in particular those that dont want to become buddy buddy and suck up to experienced players to learn things, they should be able to comete, rather than face the elitism here.
    Games like "Clash of clans" etc are exploding, loads of people play them, why dont they play here..
    Well clash of clans is a very simple game, and probably they do a great job of guides etc, the combat is fun and engading

    Vs here, Install a custom brower or else u are unable to play the game.

    Right thats a great feature love that thats gona make every one want to play isnt it.

    Thing is its even worse, to have a chance u must first get the knowledge from a player to get it to work, maybe even alter your PC settings.. Its just completly wack imo.

    Thirdly I have to disagree again, people with math brain will see there will be an optimal route and try to find it, probabyl stumple on a guide. Or a guide can be provided.

    Travian should do a lot more to reach and attaine new players for its game.

    And this "mechanics" u call it which btw.. IDK I just think its really clunky, mechanics is usually like position or timing in a fighting game, this is like making an army land some place to 1 seconds. Imagine 10,000 guys all leaving a village at 1 seconds.. its kinda b.s in other games its like sure thats a mechanic its skill here its just kinda gimped IMO.

    Doesnt really fit the style of grand stratergy game, sitting there timing things to a second, sure thats the way the game has to run, but the fact that u cant tell ur guys or pass the orderss to a liutenant or something when ur comander of a vast empire of 1000s of people its just not really within the games theme.. but thats my opinion

    If you think comanders where waiting untill a precise second to give comands for armies to "MOVE OUT" not when to fire or any of that travian hasn't got any in battle mechanics, your just sat there and u have to micro this stuff... Just dont think it adds to the game at all.

    So there is skill in sending 4 waves per second now? Make up your mind.

    No, I'm just sliping into saying it the way you are, the skill I mean is like stratergy etc.

    Its kinda a "skill" to do it, but I don't think that having to get the knoweldge to do that skill is a good way for the game to work since for new player they have to go and learn it from an experienced player, AND as I said before the outcome of it isn't dependant on skill mostly on other factors.

    If you really think hammering your keyboard to get waves to line up is a skill still then be my guest

    So automating things would abuse the defenders lack of knowledge on how to properly snipe waves... I'll try tagging along with your logic.

    No, automating things would also give the defender the oportunity to "snipe" attacks since they are limited to 4 in a second, but wouldn't let defenders abuse new players who dont know how to send same second waves they have not obtained that "skill"

    For the internet issues your right lag can effect you in other games of course, but other games dont run as long as this, not many games take weeks to build up something that can be undone in a moment because of an internet error, and since its easily prevetable why should it still be in the game


    Actualyl yes I have
    And every time I have to teach people how to do the same thing

    its tiresome "donwload some browser that no body uses" "It didnt work ok check if your keyboard setting are alright"

    its a bunch of stuff thats outside of the game, and some times people join this game in groups like a group of friends or whatever.
    New alliance leaders new players get 0 chance because they are at a disadvantage, not because they dont have brains to fight because the games core mechanics are not taught to you as a new player instead you have to get some one to teach you.

    2ndly I refer you all once again to my main point, which you seem to have missed.
    Mobile users cannot use this.
    AND that is the larget demographic of potential new travian players.

    And more importantly these mechanics are not suited to new players and even to old players it eventaully gets pretty tiresome that the game functions like that its not an inteligence or a skill to do it its more like a menial task..

    (BTW before u say "but what about picking which wave is the hammer wave etc" u can still do that, just the person on the other end and yourself wont have to worry about internet speeds and newer players will be able to bring themselves up to speed and be able to play the game to its fullest level using whatever device they chose.

    The quote is to hard to deal with, seems you can't chop them up any more.
    "That would completely ruin the game, as it's a strategic game and attacking at night or specific part of day is part of it. " - iRonik
    Im not saying not attack at a spesific part of the tiem or day, the 5 minuet period Im saying here is like, if you would normally send attacks at 15;11;19 right you would have from 15;06;19 to set up that attack, and if you set it within that window it would go without any problem and you could que the attack in 2-3 minuets before launch time and be safe that, think u misunderstood me here.

    "Where's the fun in automating that exactly? It does make things easier, but that would simply make the game boring for defenders so they can't catch the waves. It's nothing uncommon for one to let the main wave through, but catch all catapults. You lose 2 buildings max, but the enemy loses a lot of siege, which isn't really expensive, but takes a LOT of time to train."

    Ok so basics here, the defender in travian always has the advantage. Simply in numbers and the speed of production mostly, the advantage of the attacker is the initiative, the planning more or less, good attackers aim to confuse the opponant, none of that skill has anything to do with being able to send good quality multiple wave attacks, except for the fact that its not taught to new players so alliance of noobs have absolutly no chance against even moderate or average players.

    The fun in automating is more people rather than just the "elite" veterans who have been playing the game continously for a long period of time and are privy to its secrets/tactics could actually do well in attacking, maybe u wana rolf stomp noobs untill the game is completly dead, but if its its to grow it must be appealing and useable by new players, no all who will join top alliances and recive tutoring from those in the know, that shouldn't be a game mechanic.

    Right so you will catch some ones catapults, was that person a skilled player? - No, if they were they would have canceld and tried again untill it went perfectly, maybe they were a skilled player but they have a life and couldn't waste the time trying more than once.

    The point here is very simple, the cutting of wave on expossed catapults is not a skilled act, its abusing some one elses mistake or lack of knowledge. Sure its nice battle reports, but its not skilled, any "skilled" opponant will not offer you such an oportunity.

    If waves are 20min apart as a defensive player you can just leave the def there or send def and crop to survive those long everlasting 20min.

    It was to cut waves, 1st set had hammer 2nd set had a smaller hammer and cut onto the 2nd set thus killing the hammer, defence was not in sufficent number to kill both.

    I dont think anything to do with wave timing is to do with skill, its mostly just experience and knowledge crapping on noobs.
    4-waving isn't hard, but it is a skill you need to learn.
    Right exactly, its not requiring skill, but it requires tools and knolwedge not provided by the game.

    So seems obvious to me that its an issue.

    You guys can keep on with a game thats been dying for years and say it needs no changes cos you personally have no issues with it now that your "in the know" or whatever.

    But think for a second about newer players and how offputing it is that there is no official stratergy guide on this, and they are at a signficant knowledge disadvantage that can only be rectified by colaberating with the games existing player base.

    Seems kinde gimped out to me, I'd rather have groups of new people join the game and have a fighting chance without having to join and be mentored by some body, its much more fun that way and much more condusive to growth.

    Thats one of the main issues the game has btw, its stagnant and recdeeding, Maybe u cant see that, but from the sounds of things u think you are skilled players with ur "fur wavez in a secondz im teh" and "cutting wave is skills, if i wasnt able to abuse a new player for lack of game mechanics knoweledge I just dont think It'd be fun any more" attitudes.

    Its kinda disugsting, no wonder the game shrinks

    Automated wave sending should happen.

    So should queing up attacks/defence to land at a certain time, as many as you want I want my phalanx to land in this village at 10;10;10 and I want them to land there In groups of 250 betwee 10;10;10 - 10;10;14

    Within a 5 min period is enough I think so you can go put the kettle on, or set it up while your in a car and continue driving, don't even need the wifi to do it as long as village doesn't change.

    Travian is a stratergy game, with descision making being the "skill" not some b.s u lot are on about

    Cant be setting this stuff up hours in advance though, thats not fair, travian is about consistency throught the day throught the months and cant be having attacks set up days or hours in advace, its too estranged from its core mechanics

    Moblie users is a large potential user base, and Ive actually seen the number of people who play like that grow despite travian having nearly no response to a change in its market demographic it seems.

    The game isnt fair if its not a level playing feild.. And its not but if you are progressing then it should be.
    Progress looks like:
    Streamlining game features, growing user base, fair game.

    Automated wave sending is obviously a good idea, no one wants to fiddle around with the response speed of your keyboard or be let down cos granda is watching hanky panky up stairs and as a result poor mickies hammer is now left without a clear..

    Thats just not a good mechanic, there is no skill involved with sending the waves, its a very basic procedure that is a hassle to set up, whats more even with the most perfect of timing either the travian server or your own internet can simply have a paddy and leave you out by a few seconds..

    2ndly is it really skill that you sit there waiting for the time, ok sure caclulating the time, and remembering to be there, thats something should be rewarded, but srsly figuring out your internet response time and clicking the send buttong 4 seconds early while the game/internet loads so u land on that second "skill"... It just sucks and it alienaites people who are new to the game, of which there are increasling fewer THANKS TRAVIAN.

    Not an issue if your not doing anything complicated, but in complicated situations stuff happens, so Automated timing of waves is a no brainer for me, gives people who have stuff to do the oportunity to play the game and as long as they time it to withing say 5 minuets and they showed up, they shouldn't have to contend with internet speeds browesers that no one uses and sometimes contain features that can get ya banned, whats the point in that? Nostalgia.. Its not really "stratergy" its more like I kow how to faff around.. I don't think its skill, skill is in the decision making and the deception of a properly co-ordinated offence, not i being diligent enough to snipe some ones waves who was in a hurry and had to leave it at that and hope for the best cos he didnt have time to muck around with a browser at his designated send time.

    IDK how these out dated mechanics can be interpeted as skill, I was a pretty good player at one point, I could not send any waves, because the machinotosh tech I had would't run a bootcamp w.e.
    Now take the fact that there is a huge and growing market for "mobile games" and u wana sit around here talking about how u are skilled in a dying game cos u can be arsed to download kmelon or w.e u use which btw they are all terible browsers that no one with any sense would use on a day to day basis. In the mean time 1000s of potential players are barred from competing in your "skillz" game because of it..

    Cmon man pull yourself together and think about it logically, the game wont live long if its designed aroud its aging and depleting player base of "skilled veterans" sooner or later it'll just be you lot spawning into game together, no farms, no new players, just 1 big slugging match betwee sim city players who thik its the pinicle of skill to wait utill 4 in the morning and pick apart some ones waves lol, all ruining there lives with night attacks again and again.

    BTW m'boy moonie did 8 waves in a second back in them days when I had a mac so I couldn't do any at all! And Ive heard of as high as 14.. So there, I AM WELL GUD AT THE GAME UNO!
    And btw I cut a fair few waves up in my day, also had my brothers ruin a few perfectly good offesnive operations by making me lag out randomly for 4 seconds, I've also had travian server me over on a few occasions (with lag), and I find your assertians that these mechanics require skill to be absolutely ridiclous

    I mean sometimes I remember trying to cut up waves, and not jsut "1 or 2 wave" like u maybe do if your a speed server, but like lots of them spannig multiple hours. Id stay up all night and do stuff like demolish and instant build tourney squares (on sitter accounts aswell as mine)
    And u wana tell me that every time I was sat there and my iternet scufffed a second or for whatever reason the game behaved differently cos of something I cant controll im less skilled player.. >.<
    , Still should be keping me up at night but let me set up my cut and go back to bed, instead of having to get up again in 20 mins to do the same thing its not skill its called "TEDIUM"
    Again for those of u from demark may now be confused tedium is another word for being danish
    See ; boring, dull, annoying , irritating sort of a mixture of those words.

    PS Mods I dont consider this to be insults I consider this teasing, I duno if u are down with it

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    Hi Lonestar,

    I am just sending you a message to see if you would be interested in joining LOS, we would love for you to come and join our alliance.

    We are seeking to create a strong team of players who are active daily and willing to work together in both offense and defense.

    Our leadership team is highly active. We will have at a leader online 24 / 7. All we ask is that you work with us, and hopefully we can both learn from each other.

    We exist primarily in the NE Quadrant but players close to the border or those migrating towards this region are also welcome.

    If you have any questions, or even if your not interested in joining the alliance, please let us know

    This message is sent to all of my players :D :D :D :D

    And the following is the allainces policy targets;
    "Have greater than the alliance average population"
    If u cant see an issue with this..

    Re take math GCSE


    For this reasons and for others, decided to declare war on these noobs..

    We'll see how it goes