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    i told them before


    they need a download that can verify its independant to the machine and has a unique encrypted id for each machine
    Then it need to record the supply of iternet Ip and location etc, from the machie side

    The it should check every time you access travia and automatically remember you

    Doesn't sound so hard, but it probably is harder.. There also might be ways around that if some one can break open the program and tell it the internet supply is incoming from a proxy or something

    Problem is "bigger than travian"

    And it requires something like the abolishion of anonimity online. Which tbh isn't worth giving up for this game

    Not with rising voilece and governments shutting down free speach, blindly citing enomic reasons that neither they nor their voters understand and is based on etirely shoddy and incompetent mathematics..

    So in short, dream on boy

    Cos even if I wanted this change rolling it out means main stream idoicy is 2 steps closer to outlawing thought crimes and braiwashing all the lil into blithe servitude..
    And it aint worth it :D

    Travia was broken day 1 broken now still, the solution is to do with anonymity, if progress is made it will only be used to witch hunt the enemies of the political establishment and their banker friends.

    Even if travian thinks they can implement a solution, its not a good idea. Sooner or later you'll be telling a joke about smelly gauls and then a copper will come knock on your door and throw u in prison , and then you'll wish that you didn't care so much about 1000s of arab bots ruining tournamets.