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    “Primus pilus, what news?”

    “Hail Caesar! Your legions have wona great victory!”

    Caesar casts a baleful eye along the road. Battered and bloodied menlimp toward the city, broken lances used as make-shift crutches.

    “Where are the men, Centurion?Where is my centuria?!”

    “But great Caesar, we return with 20% ofthe men. Are we not victorious?” the man gurgled as his throat was slit.

    If you wanna go with a historical reference, you could at least use Pyrrhus, as in.. Pyrrhic victory - which is an actual term for the above (ironically fighting against the romans, not the other way around).

    Anyway, that aside - can you give us a dramatic recount from your own side then? I'd like to see your take on "We won a great victory! All of ours troops were slain and our food supply set ablaze".

    Not even playing, so I'm not here to spin and say catching 80% of a hammer can't be good - if it's a very good size, or if it's only done little damage (hit few times), or if you splat several other hammers at the same time.. But if it's only caught after multiple cap hits, or in an OP were several caps were hit succesfully without other splats... Really not so much.

    But yeah, don't know the exact situation, just thought it funny that you had to set up a cute little stage play to make it look good, when the exact same situation from the other side would be called a tragedy if it was shown in a theater.

    Moving them out of the grey area made said area useless and very unattractive.

    As everything was again scattered across the entire map.

    There was a very brief period, I believe, where WWs in grey were the only one with ½ consumption. I might be wrong though.

    These days, those in grey have less natar defense.. But obviously it doesn't make enough of a difference to make them worth taking.

    An additional suggestion was to disable farm list sending initially, possibly until week 3. Obviously, all the big raiders howled that down despite the fact that many people agreed the massive farming is what causes new players to delete.

    Tbh, I often raid mostly from reports the first week or two, since you don't have enough troops to send at set intervals, and what I want to raid depends on the last bounty the target gave. This limitation won't really stop new players from becoming farms - we used to raid with excel sheets before the farmlist was implemented - and the constant raids don't start until later than week 3, when several raiders have enough troops to send in regular intervals (sub-1 hour).

    Not that I don't agree that new players are discouraged because they become farms, but just saying I don't think this solution will help it. I think a better way is to provide a way for new players to learn the game basics before being thrown in at the deep end. I do also think that there should be some risk though - I think all of us had to cranny up and settle in boonies to be safe on our first couple of servers - but new players have to realize that it's a way to avoid getting completely smashed right out the gate (which is also why I wrote a guide for new players here on the forum which, amongst other things, included that).

    In regards to the croppers, I think the issue is exaggerated. While something like only 5 150% per quad is a bit extreme, it kinda feels like people seem to think that everyone as a minimum should be able to get a 125% 15c. A 100% or 75% is perfectly viable too, unless you plan to sim 500k+ troops or w/e and never raid.

    I know the special servers are a bit different from normal servers, but I managed to have one of the top accounts on the F&S beta server with a 9c 25% cap - of course the same is not easily possible on normal servers, but then a 75% 15c is still a lot better than a 9c 25%.

    In regards to new players not getting croppers - chances are, they wouldn't know how to properly utilize a good % 15c on their first run anyway.

    On top of that - for players with no/low gold usage, a 9c is quite often a better choice for cap, since developing the 15c will be too slow (and even if somehow managing to develop it properly, then not being able to utilize the production of it) - and I guess new players often play with limited gold usage the first round or two at least.

    I do completely agree that they should look at distribution of those croppers though - one quad having 12 while another has 5 is completely insane.

    3. Get a damn black or fluid black theme for the forums! It's high time and TG needs to keep up with the cool kids.

    I miss the fluid black theme :(

    My gripe with the server is power consolidation. There use to be multi server alliances in the past, but never such consolidation. It may be the game mode forcing it upon us for any chance of winning. Back on 400x400 you would have 2-3-4 ally per quad fighting, and then inter-quad warfare later on. That is at least 8 main alliances. This round felt like 4 or 5?

    Has nothing to do with map size, it's simply the player base that has become much smaller since 2012 (7 years ago, so not really a surprise).

    As for the changes to the game. Not sure if you realize, but there are still regular legends servers with WWs and the three tribes. PtP is a special birthday server.

    Now, I don't play, care about speed but..

    Three speed servers were merged into anglox (usx, ukx, aux). Before, there was a relatively high chance of an English speaking speed server starting relatively soon if you were looking to start (4 servers including comx). Now, there's only comx and anglox, which means starts will be more infrequent.

    I saw some suggesting running multiple speed servers on anglo. I'm not sure I agree. But I agree that as a minimum, anglox should have frequent starts after ending (i.e. something like max 2 weeks), and not about 2 months, which is the current wait.

    (a sample thread complaining about it, there are multiple others: Time between servers )

    This will be my first reply here - I might/will probably post more later on with additional topics/issues.

    FIrst off, I will refer to my post in the LoT discussion thread, in regards to the TO, TS and brewery buffs. Here:

    [Discussion] Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

    Secondly, the other topic I will adress in this post is one that some of the previous participants in the event discussed with a few others and I already last year - helping new players. I am actually not sure if it was brought up on the tour last year so here goes.

    Currently, new players are lamb to the slaughter, unless they're super lucky and get picked up by a proper team/veteran players. But they won't be if they're already farms. Back in the day with a smaller browser game market (and no phone app market), people would still stick around - but atm there are so many other options that people are likely to quit.

    Some different options were discussed:

    • The tutorial/quest system needs to be reworked/extended to better prepare new players.
    • Have a "newbie" server, were people can learn the very basics of the game (problem is, how do you make sure it's only newbies? We all know that some scumbags would go there to beat up noobs).
    • Alternatively/additionally to above, the special beginner's server could have extended BP, with further guidance by the system to explain the basics (basically just simming up somewhat properly, i.e. building your village, maybe with a specific goal to settling 2nd), and limited interaction with other players, or even just natars (have the system send an attack to the player, to teach them what to do in regards to defense and such).
    • Having some kind of extended BP on the regular servers for new players, but with limits to what you can do inside it (maybe it will break if you settle 2nd, if you reach a certain pop etc. - and of course you should be unable to interact with other players in every way (no troop actions, no res transfers)).
    • Have special ingame guides that new players will be directed to with their questions - these could be regular players (ofc need to be vetted properly), who would maybe recieve some amount of gold for their help.

    I think some more options were suggested, but I can't remember them now. ELE   Final Word   Lemon   Schmitz' Katze might remember.

    Of course, this only applies if there is actually an influx of new players. I know ELE with her Sunday school for newbies had rather limited replies - but this might simply be because it's not something directly implemented on the servers.

    I'll return here if I have more to add on other topics.

    Endgame hammer. I think it's pretty synonymous with "wwk," but I don't remember seeing "wwk" when I started playing this game 10,000 millennia ago.

    EGH is a .us term. WWK/WWR has always been the term used on .com (and I think .uk, but not completely sure).

    wrong, printscreens and statistic tabs tell others. And because opening this talk, UK3 had more? , if you answer to this post, i will comeback with numbers from AU2.

    good luck,


    Idk, I only read UK/US/AU (or well, nothing to read on AU forum) to laugh at the drama, don't play any of them. But I did have some friends who made an account on .au F&S x3 and then needed some account coverage for a day or two.. Not sure how it looked by the end, but I remember seeing like only 120 players on the server, way before endgame too - and I guessed ordinary servers would be even more dead.

    77 is not 50...

    This really says it all doesn't it? 50 or 70, either is dead :P Also, I don't think MH (14 pop) should be included in the count, nor the 900 pop guy being inactive in his own alliance. So that leaves us at 74 already, if you wanna be nitpicky - and those are simply people who are in alliances - doesn't say how many of those were active or inactive. So I'd say the 50 players estimate, without having played on AU, was pretty good.

    and the gaul with 119 pop and 2nd village with 24 pop...not in top 10 raiders

    It's a bug. TG rolled out a supposed fix for it, but it still happens. The 2nd village should be removed when it's noticed. They're too lazy to fix it in the general stats tab though, so it will look like that player was the first to settle rest of the server most likely.

    Barely enough for a battle group, let alone a whole team..

    Then we're talking about different groups :P

    Hmm. 2nd village already? Would have to agree with the com comments earlier. Either blatant cheating, or a glitch that someone is taking advantage of. Which is also cheating if I remember right.

    It's a glitch. The village will be removed. TG rolled out a fix for this already, but apparently it didn't work.