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    Oh yeah I know you probably wanted a list that you could keep clicking on to expand more and more, or pages of players - was just asking if e.g. top 20 would be enough, since that's probably easier to implement.

    But yeah I see the interest here, so will bring it forward.

    Do you want literally all contributors to be visible, or would it be acceptable with just, say, top 20? top 30? Just thinking maybe having 90 entries popping up, including contributions of a few k by someone who deleted at week 10 might not be very useful.

    I do think it's a reasonable change, but I guess I am right to assume that it would be low priority? (just considering development resources here)

    So when you say Cousins had USSR and bAD, i must ask you, what in heaven's name are you talking about?

    I mean... Literally ~20 BAD hammers splat on SGR. But I guess they were just friendly and giving def points? Might as well tell the whole thing - as far as I know, BAD was with SGR - then had internal fallout and some decided to hit SGR, some didn't. Then those who didn't hit SGR cooperated with SGR loosly in end game. And of course the biggest WWK in BAD backstabbed them and joined USSR and hit the BAD WW.

    I don't think its fair to blame SGR for bAD splats since from what i understand bAD was only working with SGR, and didn't have SGR planning the OP.

    I wasn't on the server, but I lurked in the SGR chat, so I got to see some examples of BAD planning for that OP - it consisted of sending players an IGM with 1 real target and 2 fakes... So yeah, that was on BAD themselves.

    I don't think a lot of people on com1 believe that Cousins and USSR had no agreements prior to the server start - but of course, could be the case.

    I think it will still be a long time until they can deal with techs efficiently. It will be really tough to be able to fairly detect and get rid of accounts that only feeds diet villas/garages troops/boosts at the start and so on without massive effort of the devs. So many different ways to tech that I can not see how they would be able to implement rules that covers it all without potentially screwing over a lot of regular accounts as well at this point

    Especially considering that the community has largely "devolved" to hunting for every possible exploit. I.e. as soon as the private farm announcement was made, I had someone contacting me to find out how they could continue private farming without risking bans. Some communities still strongly dislike techs and police themselves (.fr and .de), but that is certainly no longer the case for .com.

    Depends on if you're playing offense or defense. If offense, it could be your hammer village (if you aren't using spawn for that - depends on distance between spawn and cap). If hammer village, I'd settle it very close to cap. If not, I'd make it an ordinary support/def village, settle a 6c within 5-10 fields of cap, preferably with access to an oasis or two. Then for later villages, you can look to settle additional croppers if you lack crop, but in the early game after you've settled your cap, crop should be abundant.

    and it is hard to set all these attacks individually as some players maybe sleeping or working ..etc at the launching time.

    Hence why any proper team playing legitimately will make sure to plan attacks according to each player's online times. It's not rocket science.

    But here, we are talking about punishment. I find it very disturbing that players cannot defend themselves. They are never given a chance to : TG found them guilty, so TG punishes them without providing the slightest shred of evidence.

    - TG bans

    - TG judges

    - TG punishes.

    In IRL, this would NEVER be tolerated, even in dictaturial countries

    Any game developer reserves the exact same rights to punish accounts. Go to any game, and the same will be the case.

    TG is the first one to break the rules, since it is stated in their rules not to use a modified browser when TG themselves do modify the browser's behavior.

    For example,

    1) the auto-completion was enabled before last change, it is not anymore, hence everyone must type coords for villages when sitting an account without Gold Club if they want to ship res. to another village. Why is that, if not to urge players to buy the damn Gold Club?

    2) Before, it was possible to get out of BP and raid, hence losing BP. Now, it is not possible to choose to end BP, and the only things you can raid during this time are oasis, which require either big buying on auctions, or cheating with techs / multiaccounts.

    3) Before you got 500 CP holding a small celebration in townhall, now it is much less at start, and yet some players get their 2nd village faster than BP ends.

    :? This has nothing to do with you browser's behaviour. You can complain about the later things, but yea, nothing to do with browser.

    To those complaining that nothing is specified in the announcement post: what punishments are for various infractions has never been made public, and will never be. What you can focus on though is:

    Please be aware that repeated offenses for password sharing and multiaccounts will be punished more severely and can now lead to the deletion of all the accounts that are linked to the violation, without the possibility to choose which account to keep.

    i.e. punishments are harsher than they were before, and now multi account owners can lose their primary account too (this was never the case before).

    Last Birthday 2x server on .COM (the one that just ended) there was a player who was banned and lost ALL troops (whilst holding the biggest hammer in server) & 50% of all pop, and all warehouse/granary removed on his second offense.

    Yet there were players who were banned 3x times, and didnt have deletion of troops, and had total of 30% pop removed doing the EXACT same offense. (one of which was banned until thursday and was back to #1 raider by end of week due to this cheating BECAUSE he kept his troops after ban)

    Even his sitter who was doing the exact same time got nowhere near the same punishment.

    Only thing I can think of would be if one account did whatever offense it did more severely than the other account. Otherwise punishments are indeed standarized (which was also a big part of TG changing to the new RET setup instead of MH system before).

    This change is solely meant to make alliance and confed limits the same. Later rule changes will address private farms.

    I, and other ambassadors, are well aware that techs are being used for garaging too, and especially I have brought it up with TG. For now though, they first wanted to focus on private farming. But they agreed to look at other ways of teching too later on.

    If these res sellers make new accounts and a new alliance, report it ingame asap. I believe RET should be extra alert now, but if you find that nothing happens (give it at least 2-3 days), feel free to poke me.

    They are liking each others posts, thats all i needed to see.


    We just need Natars to post then, and whole server can sim together if it gets likes.

    btw what makes cwl so different from a goat when all players that have come forward here all have goat and cwl lineage ?

    By that logic I guess half the teams still playing travian are Wild, Infamous, SGR, IM or MDS lol. Actually thought all of them but SGR had retired, but good to know if any of their players play in another team, it's still the old team!

    Why do you keep calling Villains something else then though? It's the same players, so it's still Villains, no matter what.

    I asked and got, "they will check into it and let me know the next time the metals go out", while my partners (that they could check and see) have had theirs for over a year, It makes me look bad.

    You have to have used the same e-mail continuously in order to be eligible. If you've been dualing people, and they registered the account, it doesn't count. They have to have some check for giving it out, and sure, it means some old players won't get it. I don't have any veteran medals, but I started playing back in 2005/06. Also, no serious players or alliances will look at a profile, and determine its worth based on veteran medals, only newbies might be impressed. In fact, if you have a veteran medal, and your account looks mediocre or bad, it just makes you seem a worse player.

    Do not like that you have to spend 100 gold to evade. I get that you are giving me 100 gold but if that is what it will cost, I am done and me and my partners will no longer play. I play several servers mostly at one time and that is a little steep. You are getting enough from me and I am getting nothing in return.

    You pay 100 gold for gold club - which you will then have for the rest of the round. Evasion has no additional cost, and is just one feature of gold club.

    I do not like that your resources go to your hero. I like that nothing gets wasted but you are always having to click and make several moves to get those resources. It is time consuming having to calculate what you can transfer. Why not fill your warehouse with the resources that will fit and then over flow goes to your hero and then you can draw from it? Less steps and time.

    Generally, people love this. It gives you freedom to decide in what village you want the resources, and at what time you want to spend them.