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    If it is truly a big issue to you, you should post ideas/solutions in the General Discussion section of the forums to help them out instead of bickering and arguing about who killed who.

    I have always been an active forum poster (to little avail). My best channel to TG was BlackBlade , who ended up agreeing with TG in allowing techs - so hardly any avenue for me to express my concern or raise this issue (especially after the .com representative turned out to only care about his tourney concerns (i.e. allowing techs) as expected, tbh).

    techs are legal.

    *Will be. They aren't yet.

    its an unverifiable claim.

    (That's completely untrue, but do you see how claims like this are pointless without some form of evidence?)

    Except it's completely verifiable, I already quoted once, but I'll do it again.

    The culture of techs is certainly ours,

    SGR last round had one tech user, Wolf. Villains had many tech users (I was doing OC after day 130 or so, so I am quite well-aware of the accounts, since Obi and I for sure spent more time on gettermaps, scout reports and looking at accounts than anyone else on the server). This year, SGR have many more tech users too.

    Mads, except they implement the changes (i.e. announce the change, put them on the rulebook), there is no "allowing for techs" yet.

    I know Obi, as I said, not implemented yet, but tbh I wouldn't be surprised if MHs have already been given instructions to not touch tech accounts. On paper, it is still against the rules though, as you say.

    TG knows cheating exists and have even stated that they are working on it.

    Actually, they've decided to just allow everything, except multies. It's not implemented yet, but own benefit part of rule 1.1 is goind down the drain... And we all know how "good" TG are at finding multies. At least the own benefit part of rule 1.1 meant that those obvious multies, which the system wouldn't flag as multies, could be banned for not being played for own benefit. So techs are completely fine, while multies are still disallowed on paper, but it's harder to punish them.

    A lot of blatant hypocrisy here. See above.

    The culture of techs is certainly ours,

    As I said above, SGR is to blame too. But as James points out here, Villains brought the tech culture to com1 (and sadly SGR chose to adopt it. Which is not a wonder if you see those low-risk record-breaking WWKs being built with no raiding, and want to try to stay competitive, but still...). Does it excuse SGR? In my opinion, clearly not. But I do certainly think that SGR's one-upmanship in terms of teching/cheating is a response to Villains teching and cheating.

    Pretty much spot on. I don't blame sgr really either, they observed villains corrupting the game early, and where the mh and villains leaders were unable or unwilling to step in. A couple of sgr players decided to take matters in there own hands.

    Except I do blame SGR too. Rather not stoop to the level of Villains - better to play cleanly and lose (well, now that TG has decided to allow techs, I guess neither side is really dirty... except for multies). I can understand why it's done though - pretty frustrating to see those 800k+ WWKs simming in boonies all round and never doing any raiding. Personally, I wouldn't take that step though.

    Why is it that the nubs in this game turn into cry babies and accuse the other side of cheating when they start to lose?

    Villains had techs and multies last server too, and SGR won that one. Of course SGR also had Wolf with techs. This has nothing to do with anyone winning or losing. You'll see that even months before arties, the cheating discussion started (and, as said, it was going last server too, where SGR won handily in the end).

    Depends on what you want, steppes are a bit cheaper and give more off/time... But marksmen are for sure much better raiders now. If we're solely talking getting up your farm income in a village, for sure marksmen.

    Guess .com MHs are better then SE's then :O Not bad.

    Some of them I guess, and only sometimes..

    comx for example has been having notoriously bad MHing. Two/three rounds ago (I think?) one of the top accounts on the server admitted that they had been running bots and scripts all server, and posted a spreadsheet of their 20 multies. They took it to an extreme level to see if they would get banned... Even reported themselves to MH - and nothing was done.

    There have been other big issues with some .com MHs, but unrelated to the multi/tech discussion, and I better not bring it up here :P

    And well, that .se and .com MHs (and the same goes for other domains) have been acting differently is one of the reasons TG wants that part of rule 1.1 removed. They want uniform MHing/punishing across the domains. The same could still have happened if the spirit of the rule was clarified (e.g. accounts only made to garage for another account/only be raided by other accounts = disallowed), but for TG it is easier to just allow it all outright (and also what most tourney representatives wanted in Munich).

    I know you have seen the outcry against techs on anglo though, and I can tell you there has been a lot of the same here on .com. So it should be clear that a great part of the playerbase does not approve of this change.

    Are you sure this is the case?
    Since MHs are not allowed to share with you why accounts are banned i mean

    Heard it from the multi/tech owners themselves. So yes.

    I think this point is pretty invalid tbh.
    For all the time i've played travian there has always been park accounts for WWKs/Personal deffers & other accounts helping a main one.

    Just beacuse you raid them and get more attention it's causing people to stop playing?

    Full dedicated garages have only come in recent years here on .com (at least in the amounts we see them now). Sure, it was normal (and to me is perfectly fine), to allow someone to park 20-40k troops in your cap later on in the game, because you have spare crop. These are accounts that have one single purpose though - to be garages, and that is their goal from before the server even starts. There's no comparing the two, but the tech proponents always do so to muddle up the discussion.

    Because you raid them + because teams are spamming out 800k+ WWKs that haven't been anywhere near raiding half of the rank 10 raiders at any time during the server.

    It's pretty funny to me how people think everything is allowed on tourney and noone ever gets banned.
    The last 2-3 years insane amounts of tech accounts/multis is being banned for every meta and alot of top accounts getting banned for nonsence.
    MHs over there are way more strict in their punishments & give way harsher punishments.

    100% strawman argument. I didn't say anything about MHs not banning techs on tourney. But techs are used openly by every meta on finals, to an extreme degree compared to anywhere else - and, representatives primarily playing tourney advocated the removal of the rule and full allowance of techs at the Munich meeting with TG. That is what I was refering to.

    Don't you refer me to the meme rule of 1.1 i'm highly doubt a single player got banned for that pathetic writing of a rule.

    A lot of accounts got banned due to that rule :) I personally got 20+ accounts serving some of the most notorious multi-accounters banned (they were banned for not playing to their own benefit, not for being multies) on com2 a few years ago. Heck, just last year, I got obvious tech/multies banned with the same rule on

    To me, (and some of the MH, before TG decided to please the tourney, .ru, and w/e crowd) the spirit of the rule is very clear. An account only made to be raided by another account, or only serving as a parking spot for that account, nothing else = against the rules.

    A lot of players are quitting over this issue. As you say yourself, a lot of players in Villains dislike it too. I blame SGR too, though it was Villains bringing the trend to com1. So yes, great job for making a lot of people quit the game, not as if the player numbers weren't dwindling enough as it was.

    Edit: the rule was also a way to hit obvious multi-accounts, that weren't being detected as multies, but clearly were so. Now there's less chance to punish/delete multi-accounts too.

    Ghost = hmm.... Romans and Huns both I suppose (Huns travel faster, but rebuild time + Fire power of EI is a lot better and EIs raid better too)

    Keep in mind, huns are not only slightly faster than romans... They're actually insanely fast, with the tribe specific hero bonus. So definitely great for ghosting. Basically, faster than gaul, but cheaper and quicker to rebuild.