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    I would prefer, personally, that troops info are kept restricted to things like gettertools, because we need players to have their troop data there anyway. Getter is used to create attack plans, and to do it, troops data are needed >> leaders would still need to ask people to keep things updated.

    What instead I would like, maybe, is to see if someone is getting attacked. If it's a raid or a normal attack ( and the time would be the cherry on top )... this would allow def officers to actually arrange a blind defense even if the one under attack is offline or online too late to ask for an effective help.

    the 2nd point would cause big unbalance

    it's already bad if one side is strong enough to have a lot of plans.. it would not be nice to give them an extra prize based on that.
    So I would remove completely this point OR at worst I would say do the opposite : any plan past the first 2 would cause delays in building ( if one side is overwhelming strong, give them an handicap, not a bonus )

    About the first point ( ww location ) , why not simply go back to how the WWs used to be once upon a time, at that point ?

    Any account could promote one of their villages, wherever it was, to WW village

    I'm not usually writing on the forum, but given I'm being informed that some misleading information is going on...

    Goats is NOT joining hands with anyone against Gunners

    Ten , same.

    If you let yourself believe otherwise, means you are getting lead by vices (misinformation + manipulation) to think along those lines.


    lot to read. Even in my case I think I expressed things on skype, but anyway the so called iwwk issue is central to Finals, not to normal servers.

    And unless one on purpose has just 2 villages all the round while getting pushed bigtime all the time to get the wwk using techs / friends / whatever, I don't see anything bad in one player growing a normal account ( 15 18 25 30 villages ) and on an emergency case get them all chiefed to avoid wasting a whole round.

    There's a difference between "argh they will manage to chief , we are out of enough defs.. lets implement the emergency plan .. please chief all and lets hope nobody does an error" and "ok, lets get an easy stroll by being fed all the time with just 2 or 3 villages, and dropping the extras on need".

    Would I punish the first ? (big account) No. This account team doesn't deserve to lose their troops if their last precious village is zeroed.

    Would I punish the second ? (2-3 villages account kept static all the round) Yes.

    If the problem is the 2nd case ( the complains are from .ru about the tournament >> are all those just accounts kept at 2 villages ? ), just add back the 1.1 rule that should have NEVER been removed.

    And let the MHs do their job because the removal of 1.1 caused a tech abuse and allowed unbalance that cannot be kept in check or contained.

    I'm fairly sure it existed since before that date ( maybe not as 1.1 but that line was present )

    And simming massively without even raiding at coordinates so isolated that make taking any action ( attack ) pointless, you call that helping having fighting ?

    I call that putting more nails in the coffin.

    To raid inactives you have to be relatively close to them if you want to have resources back quick enough to try to grow a big army. So if you are relatively close = you can be attacked.

    Or your idea of how this game has to become is just 1 fortress at 280/280 with all the wwks / supports and pds, for each team, and just spend 9 months doing nothing and risking nothing ?.

    Why would someone have even the interest to join such a static game ? Put back 1.1 , remove the static variable that the absence of 1.1 is creating/allowing

    A simple solution to a lot of this would just be adding back the 1.1 rule that was removed recently.

    Put back that rule, and let the mh handle abuses as they always did...

    nowhere is written that there is only one way to build a WWk and this way is raiding inactive (it is your way I know).

    nop true, but without 1.1 now is legalized abusing of techs to sim wwk. I don't know if you realized it, but it turns it into a very static game of simming a wwk in the most safest place that cannot be touched ever and it makes everything a quite pointless and boring game.

    This is a wargame, fighting should be a key element ... not just simming without a single risk in a location that nobody can touch. At that point I don't see even why playing this game.

    There's quite the difference between saying "I obtained this, my best, due to my own sweat , tears, and taking risks" and "I obtained this, my best, without taking a single risk and without efforts".

    There's no motivation in playing such kind of game. It's boring, it's pointless... and it's driving people away from the game, because is no more a competition.

    Lets put back rule 1.1 "all accounts MUST play for their OWN benefit" , and lets limit back techs as they should have been kept limited. Removing this , is just causing a domino effect of issues.

    I will think and write more later, but I can start with one thing.

    I don't see the merit of doubling the production of an account going inactive, because that would just encourage people to make extra accounts, grow them a bit and let them go inactive to have a farming base.

    Sorry, someone stops playing / has problems of any kind and goes grey for a day or a month, should simply produce the same amount is now producing.

    Moreover I don't feel right to have someone playing for months, reinforcing maybe the ww or a wwk, then vanishing ( we all experienced this situation caused by personal issues of some player at least once in our gaming time ) and that resulting in all his team effort ( troops sent to defend someone ) being removed on auto.

    I can agree if, due to the current changes, he is removed from the wing/confed... but I don't see a reason otherwise to punish his efforts to help the team.

    Somehow, fnx, I think that adding an higher wall just means they need slightly more troops. But those troops are expendable... wouldn't be just a matter of a bigger push to the "helping" accounts ?

    If you're up to go to the effort of getting an account registered on purpose, pushing it a bit more would be sort of relative.

    Personally i would still prefer a randomization of the coordinates, this way if such account is made , at least would need luck to be actually near an arty, thus limiting its usage and purpose.

    Ah my bad... probably I should have worded it differently.

    "This includes the artifacts, that should be totally random in quadrant vs having fix locations."

    I wrote "random IN QUADRANT" meaning that the 1/4th of the total artifacts spawning in the quadrant should be randomly spawning instead of being on fix locations.

    I never meant it like having all artifacts be randomly distributed.

    Right now we have N artifacts that are split equally (when possible, since some are uniques) in each quadrant, and then placed at fix locations. This allows some not so sportive tactics that take advantage of registering "friendly accounts" at the right time to get out of protection just before the arties are unbanned, thus allowing close catas and giving an unfair advantage.

    I just want to get rid of this, and having the 1/4 in a quadrant spawning at any coordinate (minus grey or such) means a clean and fair game for their conquest.

    Let me know if it's common opinion that I need a better wording / clarification about that part, and I will edit the intro in the other thread accordingly

    Well, looks like I'm the last to the party... so I guess I should start writing, too.

    Some know me as mazzi, some know me as marduk, while some I guess know me as one of the duals of Tiberius or Nexus on com1. I guess there's not a lot to say... I started playing travian around 2005/2006 by chance due to a friend that convinced me to start with him, and it resulted in me keeping playing without a break since then while he stopped some months after instead :P

    Travian related, I've started on com5 and due to some circumstances ( me not being able not to try to help solve issues ) I found myself put in charge of a 2 or 3 wings alliance that lost the leaders. I'm not sure if I did a good enough job, but we didn't disband and we fought until the game ended. It resulted in making quite a few friends I still keep in contact even daily .. and resulted also in me jumping on more servers at the same time.

    That's how I got on com1 with Rep, com4 with a very nice group of portuguese that I had interactions on com5 ( I was the only member of their council not speaking that language :P .. I'm italian, by the way ... and no, if someone wonders , I never played on the italian domain. ), cwl on the next com5 ( as one of hani' secretaries and ww builder ), com6 etc etc.

    And that's how a group of us from Rep founded in 2006 what now is named SGR , initially using swat , then sg and finally sgr. I guess is one of the oldest teams still left playing, and a constant presence on com1 for well... I guess now 14 years.

    I met a lot of inspiring and good people during all these years ( emerik , that was just some squares from me that very first com1, ele in more recent times, qb.. the list is long, so long.. so many memories too ) and in some cases I had the pleasure of meeting them ( a teammate from hong kong, another from macedonia with his to be wife, one from romania, etc ) and definitely share joys and sorrow with people that I consider part of a kind of family.

    I guess I'm digressing now. Back on the current topic... i'm a computer engineer, 48yo (doubt this anyway matters). What I think matters is that I've seen and been involved with all the changes this game had, and I shared some "battles" to try to steer things in a direction more likable for the gamers.

    For this specific event I'm planning to do what I always do... listen to what people truly want ( be it using skype, discord , the forum ), discuss it, brainstorm it, make a list and well... bring to the meeting.

    For sure I've a personal agenda, too. On the top of my hat, for sure to have the WW villages go back to be like they were during T2 ( players decide the location ) or to be fully random in each quadrant. In any case... a change to make the endgame a bit less repetitive with always the same coordinates.

    This includes the artifacts, that should be totally random in quadrant vs having fix locations.

    I think maybe this is enough, to avoid boring you all :P:P

    Should I end with "vote for me" ? :P

    Have fun,


    At the moment Com1 and Com6 are both stopped, and the next restart is scheduled for the 25th of november.

    As com1 players, we had practically no break before the start of the server that just ended... we need a rest now, longer than 45 days, so we request that the next server to restart is not , for the international domain.


    Tiberius ,