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    the intent was to nerf big metas for normal servers.

    Not a good move

    Firstly, there are some groups with friends / teammates playing since years, and no way in hell we can put in the situation of "oh, i need to decide who of the ones that have always been part or the team cannot play this time"

    Secondly, we need to have the option (assuming that hopefully enough farms start on a server ) to TRAIN new promising players. For that we need space to invite them.
    This game is very unfriendly towards training new promising players (especially with the current low numbers. "big" guys need farms, and the more we take away, be even one, the more they rage).

    Better would do TG to actually add TG BOTS ( not natars, a variant ) that just grow 5 or 6k accounts to be used as farms.
    Or Natars should be a LOT more abundant, and actually actively growing.

    We need resources, we need farms. we need to take those resources from somewhere... but we need to be able also to train new players if we want to HAVE more players on this game. And we can train players if we can avoid to look at them like a piece of meat...
    (and no, pretty please... hope nobody will suggest simming.... )

    ""Restriction to all resources shipments (except market) and all reinforcements to the members of the same alliance/confederacy. "

    Personally I disagree entirely on putting any limit to sending units or resources to accounts that are outside the alliance/confederation.
    There are tactical aspects in this game, and if we're forbidden to act "under the radar" , it's even one more tactical part that is removed from the game.

    I've started this game in 2006 to play a tactical wargame. The tactical part has been progressively restricted... not going to side myself with a proposal to limit even more what of it is left.

    Well ele, is not that "that time" being able to make up to 100 villages ( or a bit more ) meant that everybody was able to. 1 person or 2 maybe , some would manage 60ish , otherwise 35/40 , then going down (definitely going down, after the first page).

    Who now tops at 25/30 would have 5/10 more villages, that's all ( and the very few ending now with 45/50 could hit 80ish maybe )

    I disagree about the time consuming proposed solutions mentioned above.
    What is greatly needed is an app to play Travian Legends, for ios/android. It would make things more simple and quick for whoever is using a mobile/tablet.
    As for making waves... it should stay as it is. At the moment there's the chance of something going wrong when launching and that's fine, because it's based on luck and it also opens up to a key team effort : defensive inserts.

    By the way, the previous poster wants less villages. I say give us back the cps progression that let us get even 100 villages back on t2, instead

    Small correction about SGR, from an SGR founder and current leader

    We are now in the NE since 2 or 3 full rounds ( long story ).
    Moreover we officially started with the 2007 round ( 2006 , the founders were part of Rep on com1 )
    Original name was SWAT , then changed to SG, and eventually to SGR ( following the shift from sw to nw )

    I can provide some corrections about Rest, too, given I had the privilege of playing with them during their first server on com6 inside NEST. They played 2 rounds on .com, on 2 different servers, and on the 2nd they held the standing record for a standard speed server ww defense, especially impressive given the lack of capitals / trade routes.
    They didn't quit due to the game changes but because they obtained what they wanted... they, like cwl, joined travian coming from another game. They won with the best possible scores, and I think unmatched yet, they demonstrated all they wanted to demonstrate, and went to explore new games.
    A fact not so well known is that the main bulk, over 140 account if I'm not mistaken, were all people meeting in RL as part of a gaming guild.

    I can confirm the same issue relative to the marketplace as fnx wrote.. I'm forced to manually re enter the destination when I hop from one marketplace to the other. Plus the search function now works only from 3 letters upward.... seriously ??

    And yes, I cleared the cookies ( just to make sure )

    I would like to add a comment about the Egyptians.

    Their ability to double the oasis bonus in every village where they add the new building, is easy to be exploited to abuse them as parkings. And this would make the game quite unbalanced...

    Think about the russians , if their tech accounts could keep 2x the troops...

    My suggestion would be :
    if the building is present, if there are reinforced troops belonging to another player, if those troops are OFF (as defined off by TG), they should simply consume double.
    This would negate an exploitation of this bonus.