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    1) very critical, especially mid/late game

    2) depends, but often enough to call it critical

    3) as others mentioned : fix the bug and restart taking DAILY backups of the servers, thing that you stopped doing entirely to save pennies...

    So, I'm told that we risk that this is forced down our throats ( with a time limit of 8h for alternatives ).

    I can say only 2 things :

    NO CHANGE AT ALL in respect to this (preferred). It happened once... lets wait to see "if" it happens again before running in circles removing hairs.

    I think we are all adults ( is part of the rules that we confirm being of age ) and we can take our own risks knowingly.


    Now, given that this "bug" never happened in years ... I doubt it's going to happen so easily again (so all this on their part is a "the sky is falling" imho, for no real reason. unless they changed the scheduler in the past months and managed to actually do a very bad job at it. If this is the case, do your job and fix your code and demonstrate professionalism instead of this "BAD" pr stunt )

    Ah, the average reaction to "THIS" change from my players ( >200 ) is " (facepalm) whenever I think they deserve another chance "

    TG ... you ARE losing credibility, and I am not joking (not that there was a lot of credibility to begin with, but it goes down more). With "this" change , no way in hell that I ask someone to pay to play this game only to get raped without a single chance of countering it due to "this" change.

    This "feature" is utter crap and looks done just to avoid fixing a bug that happened on com1 ( a capital that was switched got chiefed ).

    Well sorry, we are not lambs and I think we yelled quite a lot the last time some absurd changes were going to be pushed on us ( some weeks ago ).

    Time for complaints again...

    Hint to the programmers : do your job and fix the bugs YOU introduced in the game due to your bad code , instead of trying to push it under the carpet by disabling entirely the feature.

    The change for picking up the artifacts I suspect is done for the SAME reason ( another bug that happened on com1 and that I suspect they have no clue nor will to correct ).

    I say I don't see a reason for us to restart playing this game if we are prevented from changing capital whenever we want.

    I'm not understanding why I'm being mentioned here, when on that server nothing happened of strange at all from the moment I joined that account.

    But what can I say, it's easier to just write made up things, than to actually stick to facts, I guess.

    Ah, by the way... for someone so high and mighty about integrity, i see you ( agrona ) instead have no issues about team betraying and zeroing a wwk from the same team ( hint.. cwl server )

    Well, I guess I've to write too, and not be a slacker/lurker.

    But I "am" a slacker, so instead of writing, I will simply post what I wrote to Another Player (name hidden) just some minutes ago on skype, while discussing this "change"

    Another Player, 15:13 just checking if you read anything

    ME, 15:13 I did read it before posting, lol

    I see a small issue with what's written there

    lets say in 48h the ban solves on auto, I hope that pressing the button to manually discuss = freezing that

    plus I see that tg keeps ignoring captchas

    it's required to avoid a bot to be able to accept

    Another Player, 15:15 no, it does not freeze

    ME, 15:15 well, if is not frozen I hope that the customer service answers in real time

    because 48h are not a lot, and we know their timings

    this will cause more people pissed than people happy

    especially considering that there's a reasonable percentage of bans that are reversed due to errors

    but the discussion can take days with frequent data

    I prefer to fight while banned, than get unbanned and still have to fight with the risk of being actually ignored at that point

    because I've no real proof that at that point my case has any priority, since unbanned .. aka can be pushed under the rug

    and trust me, if i'm getting a % when not guilty, and is not reversed , I'm quitting the game for good

    and I think I'm not the only one with this mentality

    We had already examples of people, this round, that were wrongly (auto or not I dunno) banned and got the thing reversed after a few days of active discussion...

    Another Player, 15:20 mazzi, we are on the same page

    ME, 15:20 the majority of who got a ban that they considered wrong and could not reverse always preferred to keep banned. to make a statement

    well... is there any way to make them understand that a 48h timer is only good for bots ?

    now bots can auto unban ...

    Since the feature to prevent "spiking" from RoA is being mentioned, I would like to make a comment.

    Fine to implement it on normal servers ( would solve this "issue" ), but in this case I would ask to remove the limit of just 3 confeds / 3 naps.

    Sorry guys, but I think we should be able to have the option to send defenses to all our allies, so if we have 3 wings and 3 wings of allies , we should be able to send defs to all of them ( just an example ).

    So as I'm saying, fine to add this change, but remove totally the limit to 3 confeds/naps/wars at the same time.

    hehehe I miss the days of the good ol chest beating, players would get creative and edit you tube vids relating to the server.

    This is an old vid I dragged up battles btw Eximus and AOW from an old com1 many,many moons ago. I wonder how many players are still around from those good old days :)

    nice to remember, I was Swat - sg :)

    Anyway it would be nice it someone could shed some light about this restart. Is it going to be com1 ( just ended ), or is it going to be com7 (waiting to be restarted since over one year) ?

    i feel sorry for you nigga

    Well, if you say that you don't have skype, in this case I must sadly say you are not Prajwol, given I spoke with him various times on his skype account.

    Maybe do a bit better your homework, given we require a skype contact and chats from everyone joining, at the very least

    "Yet there's a way to bypass that rule, simply by setting trade routes to a villa without waterworks full of granaries and you'd just feed foreign troops there"

    I know, it's something that for sure requires a bit of thinking. Or maybe just make all "offensive" troops located on an Egyptian account and not belonging to the account itself consume 1.5x as you suggested ( as proportion ).
    All in all, parked troops are off troops at the moment. This allows to send defs to the Egyptian player without any malus.

    "I believe it was said the other 2 tribes will NOT become a regular part of all Legends servers, so for an audience such as you there will always be normal 3 tribe server."

    I was never referring to this ( I was referring to what Ciliatus wrote, so please don't shift the focus away from what was being made for ). Actually I think we likely ALL want ( on Legends ) to have the whole 5 tribes on every server. I will let all comment on this point, but I think that this will be the consensus.
    All the people I spoke with in the past months all are looking forward to have Huns and Egyptians added.

    "But" it's true that we do have some concerns at the way Egyptians can be misused as parkings for 3rd party armies. Concerns that could be quieted by some change like dunno ... if the waterwork building is present in the village, foreign troops eat 2x crops ( thus offsetting the oasis boost ), maybe.

    The decision (assuming it is already made) was made even without consulting the forum. People, generally, are resistant to change so consulting whole players base not necessarily will give you reliable result. Or the result you want for that matter, because you also don't represent all players.
    I want to remind you that change first will be rolled out on special servers and, I will take a liberty to speak for majority if not all of special servers crowd, we welcome it. Not because everyone admires specific change but because we like to try new things and poke around with new strategies, by definition of annual special server

    The problem is that who plays the special servers not necessarily represent the playerbase of Legends.
    Lot of people play Legends because they like it.
    Who decided that wanted something new went to Kingdom or special servers.
    Who is only on Legends don't care about the other 2 utterly.

    What the special server that has a lower playerbase than Legends think about the changes has nothing to do with Legends.
    I don't want that Legends is forced a change that Kingdoms or Special likes , as I would not want that Special is forced a change that Legends etc etc.

    KEEP THE 3 SEPARATE, they are DIFFERENT GAMES played by people that , with exceptions, do not like the other formats.

    Also, we are at the point we are now due to repeatedly, years after years, having decisions made even without consulting.

    About this, I fully support what slow ciliatus / promter wrote above. I doubt I could say it better than the way she just did.

    I can add a small thing worth reflecting anyway. The forums have just a small number of players active on it... the majority do not visit the forums even if they have an account... so beware to take any decision based on just a few "I like it" that hardly represent the majority of the playerbase.

    Forums are not that popular since a while... and honestly speaking "we" learnt over the years that complaining or discussing something important here was = to be ignored or silenced.
    Majority just ignore the forum... start to accept it.

    You want to know how people think: contact by igm every account, TG can do it. This can be a good start...

    Implement a change that the majority will hate and get pissed, and be ready for a storm of cataclysmic proportions. Be warned, seriously

    I don't recall people using War feature, kinda pointless.

    it is, but apparently I saw some guys that are fond to use it ( no, not me, I find it pointless... was simply making a point ).
    And I agree that the bonuses now added make having more wings less practical. Still I don't see a problem in allowing it.

    Well, maybe I'm for real. I've always been against the imposed limit of 3 naps, 3 confeds , 3 wars. I want to be free to decide if I want to have 4 confeds, 10 naps , 100 wars, and if I want to have 40 wings of 10 people each.

    It used to be free, and we had max 5 wings, but remember that maybe I want to have a ww wing , a small training wing with just those players, and 3 not full wings. It's something we were able to decide and handle based on our needs.

    It's not that I want to have 600 players, but I want back the right to do my own business and have 130 people split in as many groups as I want if I so choose. and I want to have as many naps as I want , too.

    Maybe you don't feel it, but I do with every added limitation that was introduced. And I'm for freedom of creativity... if I decide to have 5 defensive local groups of 20 people, one group with just the offs, and one group with just the ww related guys... is my own business, and I want to be able to do it if I so choose.

    As I said, we were able to it.

    the intent was to nerf big metas for normal servers.

    Not a good move

    Firstly, there are some groups with friends / teammates playing since years, and no way in hell we can put in the situation of "oh, i need to decide who of the ones that have always been part or the team cannot play this time"

    Secondly, we need to have the option (assuming that hopefully enough farms start on a server ) to TRAIN new promising players. For that we need space to invite them.
    This game is very unfriendly towards training new promising players (especially with the current low numbers. "big" guys need farms, and the more we take away, be even one, the more they rage).

    Better would do TG to actually add TG BOTS ( not natars, a variant ) that just grow 5 or 6k accounts to be used as farms.
    Or Natars should be a LOT more abundant, and actually actively growing.

    We need resources, we need farms. we need to take those resources from somewhere... but we need to be able also to train new players if we want to HAVE more players on this game. And we can train players if we can avoid to look at them like a piece of meat...
    (and no, pretty please... hope nobody will suggest simming.... )