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    Bat Man

    do you need a hug ?
    I think all of forum by now know, that you are massive underdogs, and you are winning, or was it whining ?? can't remember, but pls stop your crying... it sad to see how much you cry.. I thought you guys was the best, better then all other, but now your best at crying..

    Imagine coming to a server forums in which you don't even play in. On a scale of 1 to 10, how sad must your life be?

    I've been chewing on this for a few hours, and I must ask you this Saravan... do you need a hug ?
    C'mon having a legend following a thread on a forum, in a game called legends, is kinda legendary, but to you it's an insult... ?

    Seams to me like you need a shoulder to cry at...

    so far I only come across two things that is hard for me to wrap my brain around..
    1) why is the task of getting residens to level 12 ?
    Makes no sence as it's only needet in lvl 10 to settle 2nd village

    2) not as much an issue as a question...
    when clicking the forum page link IG, a new tab with the same screen is just opened

    else the new system works great, and the new tasks with citywalls and crannys are excelent for new players, as the old tasks only told one to build them, and not to witch lvl that might have fooled ppl to thing a cranny in lvl 1 was enough

    All I read is the same Sh**t all over again, just put in a new and "shiny" way...

    Y'll know what your problems are, it's your ego's... I've seen it time and time again.. You are bringing this upon yourself all over the travian domains...

    if you feel insulted good if you don't maybe you should be, and let me explain...

    You cheat.. you all do, IKEA, GUNNERS, DUAT, all of you, and it's your ego's who F's thing up for you every time...

    If you didn't use techs, bought ress, use tor, share passwords etc. all the other shit you do, but just BELIVED in your own capabilities there would be no need for this constant screaming about who is the best at cheating without getting caught...

    I wrote it earlier, many times over many many years by now.... : play fair, respect the game, and just maybe the rest of travian players will follow...

    All the dirty moves that are being used comes from somewhere.. Using plants... com'n how low can you go... this is not a limbo competetion, this is real life people spending hours and hours every day on this game, and I really hate how this game brings out the worst in ppl.

    I'm not playing on a high lvl I tend to not spend more then 250 gold pr month, been doing that for years, I've played several years not using gold at all, and still I think I've played more exciting accounts then most.
    I can mention 19 arti steals on one server just to justify my 50 cent's..

    So stop crying and be little babies, and play the game without any cheating.. else you will end up old and angry, alone without friends... and die... alone... with a stamp on your forehead saying CHEATER

    tbh I haven't bothered reading these 3 pages....

    But seams like you big shot players who is constantly "calling wolf" have no idea what you are talking about..

    This is not a mega meta.. you guy's should have been playing travian back in the day's when there was 15-30k players on .com server.. even local domain servers had more active players then this super hyped server..

    N00b post alert!!

    Well I can see that things havn't changed much over the past X years...

    I have a suggestions to all you Big Boss leaders... If your players are using Tech, kick em... (if you as leader use them, shame on you, you absolute moron .. You are showing new/smallers player that you condole the use of them)
    End of story.. the past 10 years Y'll been complaining about the same thing.. first it was the introduction of T4, with Hero inventory, then it was sending ress to farms, now it's the use of Tech accounts...

    If YOU leaders, show that you wont accept that your players are using Tech account's then you have nothing to worry about.. We all know that WE only use them cuz THEY do... Grow up ppl...

    And tbh... I know that ALL of you guy's at some point have bended the rules just a wee bit, so stop crying, and prove you can play this game...

    My grandmom also cheats when se is doing her solitary with a deck of cards... she makes the cabal work EVERY time, she dosn't cheat, she just looks through the deck of cards, and sometimes rearrange them a wee bit... :rofl:
    Like her a 95 year old woman, tell your self your a winner ;o)

    Being a bit slow, and don't fully understand this game..

    So what you are all saying, is that the small n00b allaince, with No friends are holding the grounds against the winner of several servers in TEN.

    And that the rest of the server is just NAP'ing it Till artefact spawn 😲

    That the n00b alliance 2.01 is in fact

    #1 in defence & offence..

    I don't get why y'll spend so Much time chasing 🦇's.. And 🦄..

    Funny to follow argument from several different servers, being setteled once and for all or... 🙄

    Well I'm looking forwards to following this server 🤪

    They way I read this thread, it would make more sence if you (the players Who wrote all theese posts about past servers) asked travian to make a private server just for y'll.

    No gold and No techs. Just the 10-20'ish of you batteling via livestreaming for 1 week. With all your combined skills, it should not be impossibel, for one of you to have zeroed everyone else within 7 days..

    I would deffently watch it 24/7 with popcorn on twitch..



    I Guess what seam to be the misunderstanding about this very particular "change" is that with this New tool in TG toolbelt, it is no longer just the tech accounts that will be banned/punished/deletet.

    Further more, it clearly states in the rule's that it's reason to be banned/delete/punished if TG finds that you are using TOR/VPN/modified browsers.

    So it's not only all the tech/multi accounts that risk a delete/punishment/ban, it is ALL that have benefitted from it... Keep that in mind..

    No I have no idea about your personal gold spending, but judging from your experience I have a hard time imagine you have newer spend a $ ;o)

    okay *cute*

    No not in any way. I newer target anyone.

    Brother Bulldozer_DK rule 1.1. is removed. Moral bonus for WW account is removed. Makes your arguments kinda empty.

    My point exactly.. they were removed, because they didn't do the job that it was intended to do. Main reason begin that there will always be some one who will try to "bend the rules".
    Making new rules on how to behave in a game is impossible.

    Nerfing artifacts, nerfing tech acc's, etc etc is impossible to do, so it benefit's the SMALL travian player, I'm pretty sure Y'll have ways to work around these things, when you see them.

    But unless you want to stop playing this game, I think there should be a much higher focus on how to help the players who don't have 300$ to spare the first few times he/she plays.

    Else it just becomes nepotism, and how to make sure your not behind in the "art of cheating"